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Nothing will stop the Chinese from taking their daily power nap (35 Photos)

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Via Sleepingchinese

  • Bradyized

    #26 Ow? What's up back problems

  • Hannah Fontenot

    I think we as Americans are missing out on some quality nap time!!

  • JensJ

    How could you possibly forget to put this img in?? o.O Best Asian sleep ever:

  • The Chris

    #21 soon

    If i didnt know any better I'd say they are putting us mexicans to shame

  • waltgator

    #16 like a boss

  • .Krookz

    I want nap time back

  • Bob

    Chinese sleep a lot because they have high levels of lead in their system, and the lead makes their slumber even heavier.

  • Jeff

    They're not sleeping, they're meditating.

  • zgl

    #8 –
    "oh hi sally!"
    "dad youre so embarrassing!"

  • Jason

    This isn't funny at all, those people aren't napping, they're all dead. It's how the Chinese honor their dead.

  • oneNonlyjuarez

    #24 for the win.hahaha can you imagine if the truck took off and he was still under there?

  • Gabriel

    If they are all sleeping who was taking the pictures????

  • jim

    oes every fucking person in China suffer from apnea? That would explain the desperate need for a nap…

  • dirty toe nail

    "Dock that Chink a days pay for nappin on the job" – Taggart

  • DollarBillUK

    I think this is a new craze, I was in Barcelona a few weeks ago and this was happening everywhere.

  • SARmedic

    Tip of the iceberg! I googled "sleeping chinese" and went to images, it did not disappoint. (put few of these to shame too, lol)

    I don't know how they do it, I have troubles with a sleep sound machine, foam mattress, nice cool room, and a ton of psych drugs, nothing close to how well these guys/gals are sleeping.

  • Burnt Bay Shore

    for some reason i picture Godzilla some where in all these pictures

  • Aaron Zacheis

    Now we know why their eyes are slanted. Because their always closed. ba-dum ch.

  • Big Poppa

    1billion can't be wrong america

  • Philosofo

    After viewing this gallery I came to a conclusion that they are not genetically disposed to small eyes.
    They are simply always tired.

  • Jeramie Nye

    I think i need a nap

  • Nishtai

    Is there… Like a stipulated time to do this? It'd be awesome to see all of Beijing going on full "Flash Forward" mode

  • discowheels

    I don't know how some of them can possibly be sleeping like that without being shitdrunk passed out.

  • sucker

    Looks like the awful aftermath of some weird sleep bomb, especially #27

  • Joe

    I can't tell if sleeping or just Chinese?

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