Hot Right Now: Somali pirates attempt to board cargo ship, security have other plans (Video)

Nothing will stop the Chinese from taking their daily power nap (35 Photos)

Via Sleepingchinese

  • Just Me, for all your Sino-somnolent needs…

  • Nap

    Ha! Poor chumps. I work at a mattress store. I'm getting paid to nap on a $3500 Tempurpedic and Chive.

  • Oliver Vorian Wang

    As an Ethnic Han Chinese, I personally know that this shit is legit.

  • John

    Because they are too tired to build iphone non stop

  • yeah

    #17 at this point do u really need the brick? the ground will do

  • Osman Chim

    Ahahahahhaha damn I ser this in the city all the time ahahahahaha

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