• Owen Smithers

    I think people need to get back to work and quit putting Truth or Dare cards around, and then quit reading and doing the dares. Come on, 'Merica!

  • KCJake

    People are so weird in general that no one even looks twice. Even when a girl is quacking.

  • cels0_o

    Truth…this was gay

  • Nick

    Why aren't any of the videos working on the iPhone?

  • The_Dood

    Which one was dancing and which one was swimming?

  • Justin

    I fell asleep, did I miss any good ones?

  • Donigonzo

    Doesn't work on the iPhone chive!! Why?!

  • Clyde

    This is just. I want my 2 mins 24 secs back. With interest,

  • pufffdragon

    If the music was different it could have been one of those pretentious uplifting feel good videos that get shown here quite often. Same shit, different tune

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