• jimbozo

    Aaaggghh! Can't view video on mobile site.


      Literally is security footage you don't see

      • http://twitter.com/Asen123 @Asen123


    • Jason

      Me either

    • Emperors new vid

      Yep, no vid. But they make sure the ad banners load don't they? Chive is not improving

    • Kris

      It's on YouTube

    • Chase

      Viewing just fine on RAZR.

  • Gusta

    Good tune but I prefer the bad side of security. Like beat downs and robberies

    • NO Me Gusta

      Don't be a part of the problem…be a part of the solution. Jackass.

      • Common Sense

        Exactly, except that good deeds don't make good news and good news don't sell.
        Unfortunately there are more gustas then no me gustas….
        sad but true

  • YAY

    This made me smiled!
    That's all. Chive On!

    • Bustanut

      You made me laughed

    • Bud

      …and whatever is going on at 1:00 made me LOL. I want in.

      • Dr_StrangePants

        Damn Straight I want to chase a Midget in a Shark costume

    • BigSchem

      I love this commercial! There should be a site that posts more security cam captures like these.

      I'd do it, but I wouldn't know where to start to get feeds like those!

    • Phox

      hmm…im pretty sure there was more to that elevator footage than they were allowed to show.

  • chloe

    lovely video…for some reason just seems a shame that cocacola made it±

    • Moo


    • Static

      why.. because they didnt bash pepsi? Coke has always tried to make the happy feel good ads. Loved it

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=825925444 Mike Keller

        ^^This guy has it right ^^ KKCO

        • amplidudes

          Coke has always the very most money to do such stuff … face it.

    • Bill Fucking murray

      why, whats wrong with them making the world seems a better place

      • Tis Winik

        They are not making the world a better place, they're just improving their image to make us buy their products… They don't seem to behave so nicely with everybody everywhere…. check for example: http://killercoke.org/

  • ithilmor

    faith in humanity restored!!

    • Dr_Fap

      Agreed, and that guy at 1:07 does it like a boss

    • Nate

      I also base my views of humanity on minute long commercials.

  • 21st century called

    iPad NOT friendly format! boooo!

    • DubStu

      Yeah, WTF is up with that?? Someone pressed a button yesterday, and now I can't view ANY Chive videos on my iPad.

      Again; What the actual fuck…?

    • James

      Droid does

      • Ned Flanders

        Yeah you like a pone!!

  • myself

    I wasn't expecting it to be that good. Also I anticipated blatant Coke images in every scene. Some faith in humanity has been restored.

  • Mr. McGibblets

    Smiles all day man!!! KCCO everybody!

  • http://twitter.com/PaulSkoney @PaulSkoney


  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    Awwwww, that's sooooo cute ❤
    It's so cute that it belongs on the Berry o.0

    Meow give us back our humps, burned bras, nipple slips, girls with issues, sideboobs, tattooed chicks, sexy attention whores, chicks in the middle of a civilized environment, drunk chicks, big boobs, gaps, long legs, tummies, see-through clothing, back dimples, chick POV, wet t-shirts, bored chicks, cleavage from all possible directions…
    Oh, and every meow and then a gallery of funny photos. If it's not too much trouble.

    Oh!!!1! and redheads. Most of all: Give! Me! My! REDHEADS!!!!111!!

    – Fan testimonial: "Look at all these noobs asking who Paula is! its funny and yet a bit saddening! Everyone needs to know Paula! – @JDS2041"

    • CaNaDaaa


    • Tek257

      Boobs or GTFO.

    • Secretly hate my job

      For once I actually like what you said… Kinda…

    • Dr_StrangePants


      it took me a sec to realize why Blanky McBlanderson had so many thumbs down.

    • SouthernChiver

      Please submit a hump DAR, side boob or let us mind your gap….or you can head over to CafeMom and join your feminazi friends. It's time you lightened up. Not everything has to be so damned PC.

      • SoutherChiver

        FYI – this message is for Paula 🙂

    • U Do Dis?

      Y u no have creepy monkey-thing profile image anymore?

    • Kyle

      How tedious that you always have to make everything about YOU. STFU.

  • Argh

    I hope those individuals know their actions are appreciated. And Coke, stop trying to act like you are associated with kind people like that. Shame on Coke

    • Mike Duncan

      Yes, shame on Coke for deciding that these people should be recognized, and their stories shared. How dare they try to make us happy! I for one am going to boycott Coke, in favor of Sprite. Or maybe Diet Coke.

      • Frank

        Yes, I hope all those people give a heartfelt thanks to Coke for profiting off of video clips of their friendly and heroic gestures.

        Coke is the real hero here.

        • https://www.facebook.com/jason.brooks.1690 Jason Brooks

          I must have missed the part were we had to pay to watch this video, even a heartfelt video like this has to be turned into a down with the corporations atitude just because it has coco cola on it, why cant you just take the video for what it is, that there are newsworthy stories out there that dont involve murder/rape/death and suffering which is usually what we're fed by news programs.

  • Mike

    Cue Ralphy from A Christmas Story… "A crumby commercial?? sunnuvabitch!"

  • RedRuby131

    Made me tear up a little there, kind people do exist 🙂

  • rickacha

    that was really refreshing

    • http://www.last.fm/user/mutiilator Brand_n

      I see what you did there…

  • Brian P.

    Once it turned out to be a commercial I yelled "Oh god dammit!"

    • Drew

      Corporate presence = lack of trust.
      Half of them very likely staged, unfortunately.

      • Pete

        I reckon the only staged one was the Coke sharing at the end.

  • vaporware2000

    While a blatant display of commercialism, would it be cool to see multiple videos such as this segmented on Chive everyday
    -sponsored by Coca-Cola, of course


  • kim

    Faith in humanity…Temporarily Restored!

    • Frank

      Until you see a you tube video of someone doing something bad….

      Then you will watch a commercial again and it will once again restore your faith in humanity.

      It's depressing to me that people's faith in humanity waxes and wanes dependent on what the 30 second you tube video dictates for them to feel.

      • Red

        agreed. people who say that "faith in humanity…." shit, are dumbasses.

  • Pants

    More feel good bullshit designed to fool you that the day ahead is worth looking forward to.

    • Ryan

      I would give you the hug you need if I could.

    • ckron247

      KCCO brotha!

    • ColaChiver

      Lighten up, Francis.

  • optimus

    Dude who saved that van from the train = balls of steel!

    • who cares

      Unless the car was filled with children he's an idiot. A lucky one at that.

    • ine

      that happened in argentina

  • http://www.facebook.com/Archane Nick Sumpter

    wonder is any of those epic people are chives?!

  • salsa shark

    I hope you guys got paid for that quasi-viral bullshit. If you're post ads as content, please label them as such.

  • OptimisticCapitalist

    For a guy who has seen 60% of the world….this is pure gold

    • Frank

      60% eh?

      How's that mapping the ocean floor going for you?

    • Kodo

      For a guy that has seen .02% of the world… this is still pure gold.

  • Justina

    wow, super lame.

    • Chiver

      agreed. this is for fags.

  • Alex

    Nice post! made me smile! KCCO!

  • drbman

    thanks Chive for that fresh sense of HOPE.

    • Tim

      It's spelled COKE, not Chive.

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