Hot ladies of the Electric Daisy Carnival 2012 (37 Photos)

These photos and more via LAWeekly

Via LAWeekly

  • 6KJR


  • Danger

    can i be honest for a sec? I'm 96% unimpressed…

  • Ross Davis

    So much anger. Why do people come on here to argue? I come on here because bewbs.

  • Houdini112

    Find #25,she's chive worthy

  • Solaralien

    Looks like fun! Jus that th gals Seem 2 b new age hippies,Eurotrash or sumtin! Jus hope they're not smelly! LOL!!!

  • Bob

    #36…This turns me on in a weird way.

  • Cabes

    Lol, really torn between agreeing and being creeped out at requests to find more picture of these girls, especially when I find my girlfriend in a chive article.

  • RI Chivette

    "No thanks, I don't do Ecstasy"
    – No one.

    • Jerika

      I'm the girl to the right in number six and I had a great f#cking time completely sober so screw all the haters on this board find something more productive to do with your life!

  • Gabe

    #20 girl, she knocked my glasses off my head I was right next to her to the left. That elbo in the pick is me hahahaha cool

  • Paula Villegas

    I'm sure all these ladies found MOLLY 🙂

  • shorty

    #14 There's always ONE. You know what I'm talking about…

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