Apple had a clothing line in 1986 (12 Photos)

We all know that one of Steve Jobs' other major ventures was Pixar, but I think Apple had a homerun on their hands with these badass threads.

  • Malisa

    <img src=>#10 The kid in this outfit is so cool, Cute+ I wanna my kid do like this<img src=>

  • insanely great

    the rugby crowd in Dublin dress like this all the time..
    collar up check
    80's style floppy hair check
    stupid looking shades check..
    who knew that Apple [the *ahem* fashion moguls] started the trend..:)

  • RFX

    Yet another post ripped DIRECTLY from
    Posted about a day ago.

    • Adam

      Buzzfeed got it from Design Taxi, who got it from Curiosity Counts. It was also posted back in 1986. Welcome to the internet douche, it's for entertainment, not for whining like a bitch. GTFO.

      Also, Buzzfeed takes posts from theCHIVE all the time. No one cares.

    • RascalFucks

      I've seen Buzzfeed rip so many posts from the chive, no one cares dude it's the internet. I bet if you did enough detective work, you'd find this originated from a magazine in 1986! No way!

      Go to pinterest if you want to be a big pussy.

  • KO617

    Find me #5 in a mens L….but don't sell it on the Chivery. That shit will crash faster than a 12 year old on a pixi-stick sugar high.

  • Lil John

    Remember when rainbows were for everyone?

    • Hippie Hipster Not

      Yep…now a days the Unicorns won't even hang with the rainbow

  • NOLA

    #1 and #8 double popped collar has apparently never gone and never will go out of style…

  • electric boogalo

    apple users would buy anything that company makes. just put a pop song in the background and it's cool.

    • electric boogalo

      Oh yeah, and charge double what normal clothes cost. Hook, line, & sinker.

  • Verbal_Kint

    Fuckin' A… I cant believe I lived through that shit (and thought it was cool).

  • Jammy

    #5 Just what I want is a pair of pants that sya "Night Job" on the crotch.

  • bhi2012

    Pretty sure the guy in the pic # played Rube Baker in Major Leauge 2….

  • Mutt

    They were good clothes, lasted longer, but they were more expensive and they didn't go with clothes form other places.

  • shad0wrider

    It doesn't look like Steve Jobs is wearing any of the Apple clothes while introducing them. 🙂

  • dickhead

    #8 These queers look gay as fuck.

  • Tim

    number 5…. perhaps they should sue google?

  • Pat_Bateman1

    hipsters everywhere are assaulting ebay.

  • Shant1k

    Steps to looking like a "cool cat"
    1.Tuck in your Apple polo shirt
    2.Secure your baggy Apple-bottom jeans with the Apple belt at stomach level
    3.Put on Apple aviators
    4.Put on Macintosh baseball cap
    5.Tie Apple sweater or hoodie to waist.


  • LoBugg

    #10 Haha yes.

  • Kevin Mills

    if these clothes got reproduced, people would switch back to PCs, they are that bad!

  • JimmyB

    Did anyone else think Google when they saw #5? Well played Google, well played.

  • MC Bot

    #5 looks an awful lot like the google logo.

  • Chiv3On


    I wonder where Google got their logo from…

  • unstablegirl

    #8 Oh yeah…you pop those collars, baby and then come pop my cherry.

  • adventxero

    SWAG! SWAG! SWAG! ahahaha

  • @nickinwarcal

    Do those glasses block flash?

  • dragon2777

    #5 Looks almost like Google stole the color scheme haha

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