Apple had a clothing line in 1986 (12 Photos)

We all know that one of Steve Jobs' other major ventures was Pixar, but I think Apple had a homerun on their hands with these badass threads.

  • Luke Talbot

    Not wanting to point out the obvious, but Steve Jobs had already been fired by Apple in 1986, and was in the ill-fated NeXT stage of his career. So this had nothing to do with him. Sorry.

    Also, the photo of him presenting is clearly shopped from one of his later Apple product launches.

  • fdubzou

    #10 is that Mac from It's Always Sunny?

  • Yotapdat


  • Grendel

    Does this mean that Apple is going to start suing Douche Bags?
    That'd be a nice change for once!

  • 4dub

    Don't let the hipsters see this

  • Madcap Laughs

    he must have come up with his idea on an acid trip <—-not that theres anything wrong with that, but the clothing , wowzers

  • VTChivette

    Where in Brooklyn is that? I don't recognize it.

  • MforMadison

    It's just a bunch of hipsters..

    • Zilla

      In the 80's they were commonly called preppies or just preps, but a doubebag by any other name is still a douchebag.

  • RoMo478

    Joke all you want 70% of 18-35 y/o people would wear those outfits…. I know id love those hats!!!

  • Name

    Yellow shirt in #8 = Rocco Siffredi?

  • Freeze_Dirtbag

    These guys are way ahead of their time… Double popped collars and hipster glasses? Clash of the Cliques.

  • Brian

    Dude!!! I want one of those belts!
    #8 looks like an Abercrombie ad. #douchebags

  • Big Scoddie

    Was iApple actually willing to breach patents by making clothes with collars and sleeves? They should have been sued for even thinking that!

  • Mdot

    #2 id wear that.

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