Chive Everywhere (79 Photos)

  • lando


    You're adorable

    • USAF

      I grew up in Maine and have never seen such beauty

    • BigSchem


      She is beyond adorable. Could we get moar from her?

      • chris

        Agreed. Find her!

    • Chris Rafferty


    • golflimabravo

      You're not alone! Born and raised… come up north a bit more and you'll find at least a couple more of us

  • thomas b.


    the one on the left isn't bad either

    • 88 cents

      Wait a minute… My left or her left?…

    • Yoga Pants 2012

      Nice photobomb derp.

  • fairy duster


    best Asst. Principal ever

    • localyocal

      LODI HIGH!!!

      • hootie

        banging the hot teacher, incredible…banging the hot principal, LEGENDARY!

        • Bubba


    • Brent Misfeldt

      No doubt! A hottie!

    • iXOredheds

      Asst Principal Chivette! Will you marry me?

    • jreddy23

      Girl that bangs hot male asst. principal…Whore! Boy that bangs hot female asst. principal…Jedi!

    • ronnydump


    • wokka

      I need her!!!!


      Seriously! She needs to submit!

    • smh

      and there goes her career and credibility… hope both those students are 18 for her sake

    • Guy

      Assistant TO THE Principal

  • Danny McNobody

    #10, #48

    John with his hot sister holding a lightsaber, John with a hot blonde holding a bike seat.

    My life is nothing like yours

    • ciera

      the amount of traffic this dudes bedroom must see. i bet he has wear marks in the carpet!

      • Mr_Taco

        Must be why he's in such great shape for all the beer he drinks

    • 88 cents

      I don't believe he is holding anything.

      • Wimpy

        What are you all talking about? who's John?

    • Nickn

      #48 I successfully photobombed John. I am the winner.
      Also…Chive, why have you not had a gallery from the Santa Monica meet up? It was a Blast.

    • Dr. Sidaredes

      Mr. Taco and Ciera – sounds like you would like to blow this gentleman, no?

  • babyfartmagizax

    #56 Does it for me!! Lovely humps ladies, and nothing like a girl that knows how to shot gun a beer!

    • Mike Przewlocki


    • LeroyJenkins

      moar of all them ladies

    • Dylan

      Except, they don't know how to shotgun a beer – half of them are holding the beer sideways.

      • 13Aliens

        and….it's Coors Light, not beer.

    • AlI

      Anyone else notice the nipple and a photoshopped bikini on the left??

      • Munyshot

        I noticed about 4 bums missing from the last shot 😦

  • ColaChiver

    #6 ….Why in the hell didn't my assistant principal look like that?

    • @JDougE09

      That's what I said!!!!!

    • 3monkeys


  • douche baggins

    #79 Nice HUMP!!

  • nepster

    #2 The kid from Up is all grown up!

  • Vegas

    #6 can we get a "bored at work" pic

    • naluukti

      lol that wouldn't be awkward for her students!

      • ColaChiver

        They are graduating… students no longer… They would probably be saving that pic on their computer ..

        • DudeComeOn

          Because they only have one senior class at that school?

    • Bored at work


      • Luke

        My asst principal had bigger tits than this chick… He was also the football coach.

  • El_profe

    #11 got herself a fast pass I believe.

  • ColaChiver

    #9 MOARRRR!!!!!

    • facePlant

      of the one on the right.

    • AnyoneForCoffee



    • liv

      this girl is the cutest i have ever seen! Well done!

    • Beans

      Gorgeous! MOAR please!

  • Anonymous

    #1 find them!

  • ColaChiver

    #10 …Sorry Jon…buuut um your sis is kinda beautiful.

    • ColaChiver


    • Picard

      Hence the lightsaber.

    • yup

      I dunno.. I'm gonna say it's shopped… I still think they are the same person… he just likes dressing in drag for the berry…

      • Pppp

        Who's john ?

    • lulzatyou

      with a chin like Jay Leno.

  • B Dub

    #6 O. M. G. I've decided I'm going back to school and graduating again. Where do I go to sign up? I never had administrators like that!!!

  • tv_paul

    #56 I like this view
    #79 And this one too.

  • yuri

    #1 find them!

    • NcouthYouth

      Start looking in Indiana

      • jreddy23

        At Fuzzy's in Indianapolis…

        • Indy

          No Fuzzy's in Indy…and they probably aren't here (hope I'm wrong on that note). They're promo broads for Fuzzy Zoeller's vodka.

  • whyme1973

    #18 I wouldn't be able to help myself either.
    #56 That is one hell of a lineup. Send plenty more pics, ladies!
    #79 Yet another perfect end to a post.

  • TigerLily2012

    #13 Much love and positive thoughts to you!

    • RAS

      Good Luck

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Get well soon, Nick.

      Beat the crap out of it!

    • AtlChiver

      Keep Calm and Fuck Tumors! Kick it's ass Nick.

    • F3n1x187

      Best of luck!! Chive On and Fuck cancer!!!

    • Tri14

      Best wishis man, I wouldn't wish that tumor to anybody, get well, and when u do submit to the chive to let other chive know.

  • Scott

    #14 nothing flat here!
    #65 he proposed to you because you're beautiful!
    #79 is a great way to end the thread!

    • huskydogs

      Where are the Denver Chivers?

      • slimpups

        In Vegas.

  • tv_paul

    #6 Two words :Pamela Smart

    • NcouthYouth

      Who said she's married?

  • Alex

    #6 I would've liked to have a sexy assistant principal like that when I was in highschool 🙂

    • TTU Chiver

      i would have actually went to school more often just to see her

  • Acesevens

    Nick KCCO brother. Kick its ass.

  • elms

    whats with the hover hand in #18?

    • Axe2Grind

      Now THAT is what you call a hand job…

  • I_am_golf_c0m

    #6 i would be in detention every day if you were my assistant principal

  • Adam F

    #75 Good to see a normally high-strung cat like Sylvester can KCCO

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