Choose your ride (30 HQ Photos)

There are many dream cars out there but these are the dream cars for this week.
So, if you have to take one, which one would ya take?
theCHIVE wants to show off your dream car
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  • kingspade97

    #23 I Have 🙂

  • hmcby

    #2 always wanted, #8 Had, #14 Would Love, #24 Would Love

  • yankfan

    Y U no put sexy Mustang… I am disappoint.

  • anky

    #3 #26

  • Red

    #25 & #30

  • Jeff Ingram

    #3 if it's a DB9 or DBS. I love the Vanquish, but it's just not my first choice.
    Maybe the DB5 in #25, but that thing's old as hell and wouldn't be practical.
    Also, #1, because you're just dumb without it.

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