Choose your ride (30 HQ Photos)

There are many dream cars out there but these are the dream cars for this week.
So, if you have to take one, which one would ya take?
theCHIVE wants to show off your dream car
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  • COCHESE kramer

    #13 that is one nice beemer

    • RobTalk


      • Not Helping


        • trying again


          • COCHESE kramer

            don't care. got first.

            • babyfartmagizax

              yes, and he would say that waaay after posting…. you're retarded, stop trying to make people look bad…Rucca

              • babyfartmagizax

                Quit being a paranoid little fuck-head twat.

    • Jusi (CH)

      Beamer : M3!!
      Dangerous Addict!

    • NonBrit

      M3 with racing mods?

    • Fred

      How is this a dream car? Shitty 8 year old M3 that some Asian thought he could put in the fast and furious movie. No thanks.

      • wdh

        i agree it's not dream car status, but shitty? clearly you dont know shit about cars and your just hating, and the comment that some asian thought he could put in the FF movie all because of a front mount and a lip which have purpose? You sound stupid Fred. How about a nice cup of shut the fuck up.

      • snakedoc

        and Asians dont rice their cars anymore.. the Mexicans and trailer trash took over in that department.

      • misfit7734

        well its super charged, it has H.R.E. 440 series wheels, coil over suspension and a sick audio system and just about every other mod they had at the time. He was not asian. That was built at a shop I used to work at, Sick car

  • Scoot

    #29 – DIBS!

    • Barf

      Shit! …. Ok I guess I'll have to settle for #1… *sells it and buys* #19 & #26. 😉

  • whosyopapi

    #29 I'll take the Bat-Mobile over my piece of shit Honda Civic any day

    • Shant1k

      that would be the Lamborghini Ankonian (fyi-jussaying-inb4ialreadyknewsowhyareyoutellingmewhatialreadyknow)

  • Lorenzo

    #15 with no second thoughts

    • Blah

      Im with you!

    • Jimbo

      Since there are no Jags… Yeah, I'd have to go with the Merc aswell.

  • Tim Posta

    #6 #19 #22 the Holden, GT40 Or caterham

    • tenesmus

      #6 for sure.. you can drive it and use it to keep doors open

    • map

      GT for me please!

    • Johnny Bloom

      Thats not the Holden Hurricane. I don't know what it is I just know its not the Hurricane.

      • Notorious PIG

        Lancia Stratos Zero, designed by Bertone

  • David

    #2, #20, #26 are great…but I remain a Porsche guy

    • Tim


    • John

      What body style Porsche do you like……. Oh wait that's right, they all look exactly the same

      • misfit7734

        So you think a Boxster, cayman, 911, Cayenne and Panamera look the same?

    • SlimShady

      I bet you wear ankle boots.

    • mike oxlong

      who hates on a porsche?

  • phoenixpwns

    #24 Money can't buy you happiness but I much rather cry in this.

    • Jay

      I concur! Id pick this all day!

    • Guest

      Money also can't buy you class, guy parks like an asshole

    • Ahhhh Yeah

      Doesn't want some jackass to door ding his sweet ride.

      I would get so many tickets in this. And when the officer comes up to the window I would say "I live my life a quarter mile at a time"

  • Jonny English

    Two Alfa Romeos I am surprised !! Though there was no Fiat Panda !

  • gradymedic

    Still have a soft spot for TVR (11) but astons are my true love (25).

    • kidn

      #11 #25

  • TombGuard588

    Definitely #23. I'm a big fan.

    • Mexigun

      Awesome looking Evo IX, I had an VIII and it was a beast. Loved that car!

    • Scaggnettii

      EVO ftw. evo x driver here. love it. SUBURWHO?

      • shitsubishi

        hows your trunk space?

      • Ned_Ryerson

        i'll take my STi's styling and engine with the evo's tranny.

    • Jaba

      Remember the game "One of these is not like the others"? You picked correctly.

    • kingspade97

      i have and my god its a fun ass car!

  • Johnny Snow

    #3 Yes please.

    • John

      The only car that is suitable for a night out with a hot chick.

    • Charles

      If it is good enough for James Bond it is definitely good enough for me!

      The Aston Martin DBS is also probably the best car to roll up in

    • nuccabay

      aston martins 100x > maseratis

  • ken

    #8 #10 #14 #17 #22

    • Tim Gilding

      Indecisive much?

  • Kcruz09

    #20 sexy beast

  • Alex

    #8 #14 #28 All the way! and 8 is by far my favorite!

    • Matt Perez Ŧ

      Some one is a Chevy man

  • ilovelamp

    #7 Keep the cars

    • BigBK

      They can have the cages

    • Tim R

      Why would you want a zx14? Sure you can go fast in a straight line, but every bike is going to blow by you in a corner.

    • wdh

      an Ariel Atom might change your mind.

  • RealZoo


  • @Thogert

    I'll take one of each please.

  • Hanx

    In the real world, probably the DBS or maybe even the DB5

  • cool guy

    anybody else jerk it to Moves Like Jagger?

    • David Bowie

      All the time.

  • F stuf

    #25 Bond, James Bond

  • yuri

    i'll take the GT40

  • JPeg

    Just out of curiosity, why are there so many car posts all of a sudden?

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Because men read this site.

      • Kyle

        Is theThrottle finished? I noticed Rick has been doing the posts and he normally doesnt do any on theChive.

        • Radam3

          I was thinking the same thing…???

        • AnyoneForCoffee

          They should shut down TheBrigade as well, keep them all on here.

          TheBerry is more than welcome to keep the 'hunks' on a separate site. Really, go ahead. No, I insist.

  • BomberMan

    #8 no questions asked.

    • Static

      yes… but would prefer the 69 Yenko

  • Jesse Bongiorno

    need more options for us motorcycle lovers other than #7 #18 and #27.
    lets get some Ducatis or something haha

    • AJG

      Or a hayabusa

      • Vintage gp

        If #18 is a nsr 500, than thats my first choice, def need sure more bike though

        • Bubba

          #27 the only acceptable duckface

      • Cool story bro

        #7 is a busa

    • WIKU

      #7 is my choice.
      Beside some Ducatis I would love to see an MV Agusta F4CC

  • Muadieb

    I've always had a thing for the Sagaris in #11. That said, I'd probably still take the Veyron in #1 or the Aston in #3. Also, #16 a nice Alfa.

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