Euro girls of 2012: Finally, a reason to care about soccer overseas (42 Photos)

Via Euro2012girls

  • ladderzombie

    As a European, I actually like American Football. Not as much as soccer, but I do. Just sayin'.

    • USF Bull Rugger

      I like you…I like you a lot…

  • Cardno

    I'm not normally one to complain about hot girls, but Romania and Austria in Euro 2012? First I've heard of it.

  • Kenny

    #12 Winner!

  • Big John Stud

    #16 and #22 need to burn it!

  • meh

    #3, ewwwww! Oh wait, that's her elbow.

  • sotirisk7

    #16 Greece Ρε :p

  • Rasmus

    Soccer?! Don't you mean football? 😉

  • Otto

    #41 #42 #39 #40
    Go Germany & Italy!!

  • Euro

    You dumb asses have no clue whatsoever about soccer. Hell, you even think Portugal and Spain are the same country…. Now go eat a burger and watch the only sport where you rock: American Football.

  • jj decay
  • Plus Ultra



  • Drake

    #33 You can see that dudes (on left) excitement about to see this chick rip her shirt off! haha

  • Pratama

    How come you missed this one?

  • Maximiliaanvdv

    #22 GOAL!!! I mean MOAR!!

  • Anonymous


  • PolishGirl
  • MGS

    Romania is not in the Euro… but don't care!

  • rockets

    Kick ball still sucks.

  • Cheeksquadmonopoly

    MOAR of all especially #28 because of her smile.

  • ian

    #22 is Sylvie Van De Vaart. Enjoy!

  • @M_Deso

    Romania and Finland aren't in #Euro2012! Get you're facts straight…

  • Anonymous

    #1 and #22, yummm

  • Guest

    #22 yummmm

  • arsenalofka

    you didn't post Croatians :although i did send you my photo,oh oh, bad Chive…

  • steve

    #12 simple awesome

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