Euro girls of 2012: Finally, a reason to care about soccer overseas (42 Photos)

Via Euro2012girls

  • albert

    #1,#6,#16,#20,#22 you know what all of them why am i being picky more posts like this

  • WirelessCable

    #36 is Ukrainian, just saying

  • french chiver

    I'd rather "smell" garlic cause i know how to cook it that eat you'r " british food " lol

  • REid

    #28 ! MOAR MOAR MOAR!

  • troy


  • Philza

    #42 best WAG there is, Schweinsteiger's missus
    Polish girls are the best 😉

  • Houdini112

    A dutch business guy is paying some of these girls 20 euro a day just for making pictures with the soccer fans….damn he's smart.

  • Not true

    #6, #7, #38 Romania do not participate in Euro 2012

  • SeaMoss

    #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #38 's countries didn't qualify for the tourney, but they qualify for us to admire!

  • THAT guy

    As a European, I may not use any, but at least I can spell it, dummy!
    "Ignorant American" comments are more topical thanever…

  • Euro2012fan

    Guys, you have several pictures with Romanian colors. Romania is not playing in this Euro2012… But please keep the pictures in!

  • Gan-san

    #15 #16 #22 are all greek girls… especially the last one is doukisa nomikou google the shit out of her 😛

  • bogdi

    romania is not at the euro's 2012 😛

  • Sven Sić

    it's not soccer, it's football. you have a ball and play with your foot. in american football you have an egg and play with your hands.

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  • Bbooov

    It's football, not soccer. American fags

  • Kurple Push

    #6, #39 & #40. Yum.Viva Italia

  • cheeseSammich

    something about #36 that i just cant stop looking at

  • waty

    #20 and #22 MOAR!

  • noelmarquez

    Thats why i love soccer viva Mexico cabrones

  • ...

    i think you spelled football wrong.
    its a sport played with a ball using feet (as opposed to hand-egg)

  • jake
  • mosaaa

    number 41 and 42 and 1 are the hottest

  • amit

    I like euro socer girl,they are simply awesome.

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