Proud to be Merica!

  • Saskguy26

    #11 Edward 40 Hands
    #22 Gingers United Nation, we're the only thing that can save that backward ass country

  • Jammy

    #12 Damn Right. And never forget the sacrifices it took to have it

    • i

      A patriot cannot understand freedom.

  • Clovis Larry Jewell

    #21 My future ex wife ❤

  • Allen

    #22 Soon

  • Kenny

    #22 You'd rather have Mexicans?

  • reckless

    There is no such thing as a typical American. This country is very diverse. Some states and cities are Worlds apart from each other when it comes to way of life. The only thing in common is Walmart

  • Red

    Wow…different Red posting…the Red who wrote that is not the same one on the Aldi comments. Gonna clear this up so Chivers dont think I'm an American bashing asshole.

  • TheSimonizer

    #33 Patty's Pub! Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

    • Ned Ryerson

      Er, it's Paddy's Pub there superfan.

      • TheSimonizer

        I'm not a superfan lol, just a fan with a good visual memory. Obviously my hearing memory sucks ass tho haha

  • joe shabadoo

    thanks for all the reposts

  • Hiro

    Ron Swanson Approves

  • Guest

    #7 Forever alone on hamburger

  • dan

    #18 is obviously in Ireland

    • dan

      damn meant #8 stupid fat fingers

  • dutch

    Meanwhile, in Ireland…#22

  • DB Conor

    #4 So in 27 states, Matthew Broderick can't have sex with his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker?

  • AkaL

    #18 and hasn't won a single war since.

    • Johny

      Now i think of it. They hav'nt have they…

  • Sheik

    #35 I want to go to there…

    • What?

      What's a "guido?"

  • :DDD


    Heaven or Hell?

  • Durp

    #40 is a Wildland Firefighter, not some crazy asshole with a saw…

  • Kees van Kekem

    # 22 is actually in Holland, redhead day or something in the city Breda.
    Couple of impressions here:

  • Chim Richels

    #11 is clearly English. Skinhead with mutton chops and a Ben Sherman polo? Guarantee you he's wearing oxblood Docs too.

    British skin who is probably drinking and listening to Sham 69, Blitz or the 4 Skins.


  • SadeShadz

    #4 Why? :S
    #38 That ass o.0


    #29 Dumbest. idea. ever. I know when my neighbors arent home. If they leave a new tv box in my yard I will soon there after have a new tv as well.

  • M4jestic

    #25 … what have u done

  • chucklesclown

    #41 Unfortunately, she'll be doing that with singles in a few years.

  • unstablegirl

    #3 I'm straight, but this chick is fucking hot!!!!

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