Proud to be Merica!

  • JediMike

    Rednecks are not cool. They're what's wrong with America.

  • FLRJ

    #16 So misguided and ill-informed

  • grog


    I work with a bunch of cops, the pic is no coincidence, they all do that kinda stuff to break eachothers balls. Best guys you'd wanna spend 8 hours in a cubicle with tho.

  • Tom

    Meanwhile, in picture number 11, man is wearing a Ben Sherman shirt which is a cheap brand of clothing in the UK, not in the US.

  • Bob

    If it was allowed in schools more so than it is now, things would be much much worse

  • Ramone

    No one fucking cares. Straight people don't run around making sure that everyone knows how straight they are. And what the fuck do you want to get married for? The divorce rate is 60+%. Why would you fight for your right to lose half your shit?!?!?

  • Bob H

    #30 . . . I know that ass! Houston, TX

  • Paul

    Is the joke for #18 that 'mericans think its true?

  • TheBill

    I'm pretty sure this dude is Canadian… Although, the guy IS overflowing with swagger.

  • concerned

    #41 Shows like that make me want to puke… veneers, spray tanning, plastic surgery, wigs, bras and weird dancing are fine for a stripper, not a four-year old.

  • FGM | For Guys Mag

    Pig skin. lol

  • HOMO B.S.

    Put religion completely out of the picture…. Nature / evolution / mother gaia or whatever the glbt crowd use for their "god" this week made a MALE and a FEMALE of our species!
    In order to propogate it requires one of each.
    Homosexuality is by its very definition UN-NATURAL.
    Immoral or not , homosexuality is NOT normal! FACT

    • Snuggs

      Actually homosexuality is quite normal in nature, and in no way restricted to humans, just check out:

      and some how these animal species have been around for up to millions of years and are still with us today.

  • Will

    Why can’t paint have spell check?!

  • zjh

    Seriously, Chive? How about the fact that America has more Nobel laureates and Olympic gold metals than any other country? Let's celebrate the things we're proud of, and teach our kids to eat less and study harder.

  • Andrew Johnson

    #31 that's a badass master shake tat. I have one too lol.

  • ToRo

    Mericans have got some real idiots in the gene pool but still an awesome country!

  • OllieWillie

    America, Darwinism at it's worst

  • aussie aussie aussie

    #37 noone messes with the zohan

  • John


    Is not American… 😛

  • Boo

    Fat cunts

  • Tru2thefew


  • Bob

    #22…I ask once again to burn them now that they are all in one place.

  • Coolhand

    #38 This picture does wonders for my sense of proportion…

  • tom

    I believe #4 is wrong it is illegal to perform beastiality in all states. And I don't care what anyone says about America it still beats being from france

  • Davo

    Americans are surprisingly friendly but incredibly stupid

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