Redheads and sex appeal go together like peas and carrots (38 Photos)

  • babyfartmagizax

    #4 Babe, #36 MOAR of this dirt bike Chivette please!!!

    • DBig

      The dirt bike gal has the most gorgeous eyes. Took me a while to scroll away…and not long to scroll back up.

    • NuffSaid

      "Kick a ginger day" has officially been cancelled

    • Bored soldier

      Damn I'm from southern Cali and yet to see a girl with those eyes in a dirt bike helmet

    • BigSchem

      I wish I lived in South Cali

    • I likes mah dranks

      #33 takes me away to a better place gotta love those gorgeous inoccent corruptible looking ones ;D

      • I likes mah dranks

        Sry #32 ;D

    • Dick Salad

      You're not attracting doucebags (douchebags) you're an attractive female… You will attract everything with a penis. Chances are YOU are attracted to douchebags. If they have a spray tan, constantly check themselves out in the mirror, talk in third person, spend more time getting ready than you…

      • Paula_

        This girl needs… STANDARDS!

        – Fan testimonial: "Paula is the reason why I wake up every morning and am free to dump my waste of last night mozzarella sticks in peace..PAULA GALLERY PLEASE – StupidityAlwaysWins"

        • Imzkid

          Standards are fun on the street but not much fun in the dirt. MX bikes are much more adept.

    • Rick_

      Yes, burning your bra says you're marriage material and will attract a "real man"… lol. We all enjoy it, but rest assured it makes men thing "sex" not anything serious

    • Jeff

      #36 great pictures but, if it says she says she doesn't know why she is attracted to douchebags, why would she say that she is not a douchebag, I don't think that last bit is her.

      • DrtBkeChivette

        Correct, that last part in the green was never in my original post to Chive.

        • BigSchem

          All that matters is that you've got a smokin' bod and gorgeous eyes =)

        • Indeed

          I think Bob is coming onto you…

  • Jak

    #17 o god yes!! Beautiful!!

    • yuri

      chive please find her

    • Bryan

      finally a cute redhead….

    • Jesse

      Stunning absolutely stunning'

    • @BottCity


  • TokyoFace

    #14 … i would like to see alot more of her

    • CanChiver

      Makes me smile that there's a market for girly Star Wars t-shirts.

    • Billy Bop

      As she looks to be about 13, chances are she'll be around a long time for you to see her again.

      • Shearer

        If she looks 13 to you, then you're probably out chasing senior citizens mistaking them for 20-somethings, idiot.

    • banana man

      Lacy Havok NSFW you are wellcome

    • Bryan

      of course the 2nd best on the whole page. very sexy. very not natural redhead of heads are not very attractive. must be the weak gene turnoff

      • Bryan

        btw these redhead posts are blehhhhhhhh

    • cat hammer

      Yes, moar please!!! MOAR!!!!

  • COCHESE kramer

    #28 you're beautiful and I don't care what anyone else thinks

    • Flockhart

      What if someone else thinks she's beautiful as well?

    • limerind

      Kinda fishing for compliments with this one. No worries; happy to oblige. Black will be gray and white will be gray but the hot is still hot. Still not sure what a Londonderry is, though. Sounds like some Britishy equivalent of a Danish to be eaten exclusively at afternoon tea.

      "Ireland is not Britain" shitstorm in 3…2…1…

    • savagecabbage

      Well if she was IRISH she wouldn't call it Londonderry, she'd call it Derry so pretty sure she's English. Nothin wrong with that but lets just get that straight

      • michael1922100

        Bro, Londonderry is a city in Northern Ireland

        • NcouthYouth

          Correct. But many locals call it simply Derry. Though she may have lengthened it in her message so everyone who isn't local would know.. so.. it could go either way I suppose.

          • mattgn

            depends on your view on northern ireland. personally dont care I lived in armagh but nearly been decked when i said londonderry to the wrong guy.

            PS shes a stunner!

      • TutTutTut

        My Irish passport with Londonderry under the place of birth begs to differ. Half my mates call it Derry, the other half call it Londonderry, and no one gives a shit. Call it whatever you like… But there's always some cunt that just has to "correct" other people. Appreciate some fit women and shut the fuck up, mucker.

    • hump

      NH ftw!

      • Crispy

        "Well if she was IRISH she wouldn't call it Londonderry, she'd call it Derry"

        Come to New Hampshire, we have both!

      • Jason

        NH has lots of hidden gems like this Irish Chivette!

    • MaxxxLoad

      Agree with you 100%. She is gorgeous

    • Jack

      "Not a Stunner" … your sexy and you know it, or at least you should.

    • BeerSharks19

      I'm not for Londonderry, NH, but close, we'll give you love!

      • savagecabbage

        eemmm i'm pretty sure she's talking about Londonderry in northern Ireland and not New Hampshire. makes a little bit more sense….

    • Giller

      She's cute but if she's calling it Londonderry then I'm out. It's Derry ffs

      • Richard

        Amen to that

    • DeepestBlue

      Ha, not a stunner… I think you are gorgeous. Irish or not.

    • Matt

      Keep smiling hottie, we all think your really beautiful! 🙂

  • Geo_B

    I'm Irish as well Sexi Lady!! #28

    • Neill

      Its Derry, come on now your hot, be nice 🙂


    #37 Hi. I love you.

    • ciro

      elle alexandra

      • usmc_chiver

        her Google search absolutely NSFW! (Trust me on this one…)

    • Anon


      • Harry

        LOL !! THAT'S GREAT

  • Jak

    #1. She's thick, but that's fine with me

    • Stamos

      How can you tell her iq just by that picture?!

    • Lex Williams

      thick? you mean preggo, right? cause that's what she looks… small arms, belly past boobs…

      • Jak

        Meh..whatever works. Still feels the same

    • yty

      Looks somewhat like Dennis Kucinich's wife.

    • Steve

      Name please?

      • Mark

        Alexandra Bittencourt NSFW

    • bdg


    • Notknowing

      She ain't thick. She's perfect! Need moar pix, babe.

    • LUIS


  • ChaseTheWalker

    #15 That is all.

    • nuccabay

      how are there not more thumbs up for this??

  • Max

    Ugh – kill these freaks with fire! Redheads make me feel nauseous… what kind of sick freaks think that these pale fungus-based monsters are attractive?

    • Shearer

      Fuck yeah! I'm single too, bro!

    • BigBolt

      U are a fucking douche! These women are smoking hot! Go back to your room and wank it because u aint getting laid. That much is obvious.

      • point

        Ignore the troll, you dolt

    • derek

      Your a fag. Keep your gay ass opinions to your self you piece of Shit.

    • Big Tony

      Redheads is in the title, if you don't like redheads why did you even bother scrolling though the gallery? Regardless, you need to learn some manners and keep your mean comments to yourself. F*^king douchebag!

    • Josh

      Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a troll. Trolls feed on intellect and human emotion, as they have neither. Please remember, do not feed the troll it only makes him stronger. That being said, its a damn redhead gallery! Go fap to some Arian porn you dirty Nazi scum.

      • Alowat

        Yeah, didn't you read the sign? It said quite clearly "Don't feed the trolls."

    • down w/ the ging

      right on max, right on

    • discowheels

      You're a fucking idiot. If you don't like it GTFO and stop whining.

    • Chuck Testa

      Fuck you asshole!! If you dont like this, the GTFO fucking bastard!
      We are not whining about you being gay?? So dont whine

    • ADV


  • Billyb221

    I don't know much…but I know I know I love redheads

  • ICUP

    Those eyes on #20 are hypnotizing.

    • Hammerdick

      Yeah, I'd have sex with her if you know what I mean.

      • lols

        yeah, i think i know what you mean. you'd take her out to a nice fancy dinner. show her a good, respectable time. then call her the next day to let her know that you had a good time with her and that you would like to see her again.

        • Hammerdick

          Exactly. Unlike Dorothy Mantooth who I took out for a nice steak dinner and NEVER called her again.

          • lols

            anyways, i have the perfect compliment to her eyes. my jizm on her face.

            • Murray

              she makes me lick peanut butter off her hoo-hoo

    • Dave

      Our wonderful Maggie

  • CanChiver


    I wish I was there so I could have yelled "Hey, what's that on the ceiling?"

  • Vic

    #2 love it…

    • eino

      I wish she would have shown her whole face…..I'm wondering if she has green or blue eyes.

      • showtimedot

        Blue 🙂

        • Vic

          I think you should surprise us with the full package. Thanks 🙂

  • Dan Mac

    I want one.

    • Omegaman

      Super cute!!!

    • Elcastino

      No, just this one please!

  • Muadieb

    #36 Yet another reason I wished I lived in Southern California.

    • Emeperordirt

      This should be the only reason you want to live in SoCal. We are the people that voted for Jerry Brown TWICE!

    • K Mac

      One of the many reasons I LOVE California. I'm tired of douchebag chicks too!

  • Curtis Vineyard

    #14…what a kawinkie dink…I love Star Wars too.

  • Attaxia

    #13 Ariel the little mermaid ???

  • David Lawson

    #36 Hey!!! I live in SoCal too. What a coincidence.

    • Really?

      Same, where do we sign up to show we're not douchebags?

  • IrishFeen

    #28 very pretty girl, but surely she should know that the place is not called Londonderry. Never heard a proud Irish person call it that, as the real name is actually Derry. Still a very attractive lady

    • Craven

      I'm pretty sure that although most people call it Derry, it's legal name is Londonderry.
      And why the fuck are you nit-picking?

    • point

      Londonderry, NH, USA.

    • Stewba

      It is down to religion. Londonderry or Derry is in Northern Ireland which is part of the UK – it is different from the Republic of Ireland.

      The Republic of Ireland is mostly Catholic whereas the North is mostly Protestant. Londonderry is the proper protestant name however the Catholics call it Derry.

      I have been to Northern Ireland a few times and have been corrected when calling the town Derry. There is still religious problems in the country although nowhere near what it used to be. If you want an eye-opener then visit or Google Shankill Road in Belfast – I have walked down this street a few times and cant help but feel nervous and intimidated despite not having a religious bone in my body.

      • Stewba

        Also Google Falls Road Belfast for the Catholic version of Shankill Road.

      • Drunkendave

        Thank you mr. Buzzkillington.

        • Stewba

          Hey drunken dave, go have another can n jerk yourself back to sleep ya redneck! It's called education – I was trying to let people know the difference between derry and londonderry. #turd

    • Brian

      How about she is simply stunning and we just leave it at that?

    • its_forge

      She may be an Irish-American girl from Londonderry, Vermont or Londonderry, New Hampshire.

    • synnful

      More N.E. Chivettes!!!!!

    • NornIron1

      Im from Northern Irelnad and ashamed that people are resorting to the old bigotry here…shes a stunner thats all thats important doesn't matter what she calls stroke city/Londonderry/derry/etc…

    • londonderry worker

      I live beside it and work in it. I've heard people say both. It doesn't matter much to people anymore.

      On a side note, why haven't I seen girls this hot here?

      • Stewba

        I agree, nobody really cares now. I live in Scotland but often visit the North on Business. Love the country.

        Next time i'm in Derry, me and this hot chick should hook up!

  • RealZoo

    #1 #3 #37 …Nice looking ladies.

    • ciro

      #37 elle alexandra

  • Sean

    # 28 Damn girl, stunner for sure. Got any Irish in ya? Would like some?

    • FixerUpper


  • Matt

    #5 – Perfection!

    • G.P.

      Matt i have to agree !!!!!.

    • chris

      Im pretty sure 5, 6, and 7 is the same girl?

  • Sean

    #28 Damn girl, stunner for sure. Got any Irish in ya? Would like some?

    • usmc_chiver

      It wasn't funny the first time you posted it either….


      I'm sure she's all set with seeing your Irish curse lol. You know, the fact that you're all hung like a shot glass.

  • Umpa Lord

    Pardon if I pick a few: 2, 9, 11, 17, 24, 27, 30, 38. Moar of any of these lovelies.

    Ginger womenz are like fresh made almond cinnamon roles and hot coco made with whole milk and a few shots of spicy rum. This addiction is crazy, I hope it'll last.

    • amazed

      #14 you forgot this one #2 #9 #11 #17 #24 #27 #30 #38

  • Chester

    I keep expecting one of these asses to go pbrrrrppfffttttt….

    • lols

      deflate? that's weird

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