Redheads and sex appeal go together like peas and carrots (38 Photos)

  • Phil

    #28 I don't know what you're talking about, that's as stunning as it gets 🙂

  • hmcby

    #4, #14 are hard to resist as the force is strong with these two.

  • @robnailer

    #3 chubby cheeks #38 freckles both cute

  • Nathan Timothy Brown

    #36 all i have ever wanted was a woman with her own bike…i love the chive.

  • Bryant

    #28 you are a stunner in my eyes.

  • yosan

    #38 !!moar

  • Damon

    #35 Bella Thorne?

  • nikki

    ohmygosh the chive. this is what i get for leaving abroad for a few weeks. im so happy i made the chive ahhhh!

  • Christopher

    Ok number 36. You have my attention and….I'm a real man!.

  • Stew

    28 you are the stunner. Wish I would have met you… What wouldn't I do

  • Jonathan Michaels

    #1 is my all time favorite.

    so tall and gorgeous without showing off. love to know who she is and see more pics.

  • Themightypig

    25. Fantastic.

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