So a survivalist’s guide to using tampons exists (24 Photos)

Guide via Artofmanliness

Guide via Artofmanliness

  • Beast

    "How'd you make it out of there alive??"

    "Oh, you know, just pulled some strings."

    • Verbal_Kint

      best comment here. Fucking bravo…

    • Ummagumma

      I second that.

    • mercutio


    • Kiiro_Ranger

      badum tsss!

    • northerner

      Rawtha good one, old chap! Rawtha good! …groooooannnn…lol!

  • dewarz

    Bear Grylls: "Yeah, but can it help you drink your own piss?"

  • Tony Gomez

    #13 Hunger Games?

  • Tommy Bennett

    as with most survival posts, written by someone who probably has never had to really be in a wilderness setting or survived. While all of these probably would work, there are 100s of better ways to do each with a minimal survival pack.

    • B.Grill Us

      ^As with most idiot posts, written by someone who has no idea what he's talking about in the vain hope that he'll appear knowledgeable and 'cool'

      • Frank

        He's right.

        "Man die trying to live off of land with only box of tampons… Last journal entry reads " I don't understand what went wrong, I read it on the internet!"

    • SouthernChivette

      Okay but what if you're unexpectedly stuck in the woods with your gf and all she has is some makeup, lip gloss, and a couple tampons?

  • StevieB

    #16 or you could just blow on the thing.

  • Kyle

    About half way through I realized.. Why am I looking at this.

    • T.Pon

      Well, isn't it obvious? In case you're ever trapped in the wilderness with only a tampon.

  • Bear Grylls

    That's just gross. Excuse me while I go drink my piss.

  • Cleverdouche

    gonna go buy my first pack tomorrow, anyone else?

  • Lopez

    I was deployed to Iraq and I had several tampons in my aid bag. Awesome stopped a gunshot wound to the thorax.

  • Tim Hamilton


  • Scott Steier

    I can't help but to think of the Bolivia special of Top Gear when reading this. True Top Gear fans will get this.

  • Instinct

    I, too, am a big believer in the application of this product (survival application, of course) and other products as he stated. Like the non-lubricated, latex condom. (For survival application, not for sexual endeavors.)

    • phrost

      Yep, I always have a few non-lubricated, latex condoms in my bag when I'm in the woods. Instant waterproofing of anything, 1L water holder, small bag for nuts/berries (lolnuts), etc. I once took some decent underwater photos with a camera in a condom.

  • naluukti

    #1 This is partially true. Tampons go back to the 18th century, but the modern tampon was derived from a wood pulp product (Cellucotton) developed by Johnson&Johnson and used in WWI shell dressings. Nurses working in field hospitals started taking the new bandages, which were far more absorbant than natural cotton, and using them for their menses. Postwar they were refined into disposable pads and tampons.

    Also #13 is hilarious.

  • .Krookz

    I remember an EMT I worked with using these to stop bloody noses. Kids had no clue what they were ^_^

  • AKedz

    My dad had a really nasty nosebleed at a MLB game. Never seen so much blood in my life. The Medic cut a tampon in half, used it to plug his nose and stopped the bleeding until we could get him to the hospital. I put a few in my first aid kid now, just because of that.

  • Dmac

    #8 GAAH!!!

  • Daith_Lee

    Ya know, I just pray to God, i never get in a situation to where I would HAVE to utilize this…Although being a vet, we did utilize #1. but once again, that was a situation I hope I never have to be in again.

  • namestim

    Not sure if amazed…

    or just more scared of women than ever before because they can now hide an entire survival kit in their vagina.

  • Lisa

    I like how this guy assumes that if you ever end up in a survival situation, you will have nothing but boxes and boxes of tampons at your disposal

  • Emilio NotAssigned Perez

    this could come in handy one day……….zombies

  • Climb

    That was actually very informative. I'm really excited to try the tinder trick.

  • The many uses of tampons! « LN Lurie's Blog

    […] this link shows all the amazingly useful ways to use a tampon! […]

  • Big Poppa

    step 1 make sure it has not been used….

  • Kellyklf

    Why the fuck would I have a Tampon in the first place?!

  • PvtDeth

    Tampons actually were a result of military research. A product called cellucotton was developed in WWI as a super absorbent bandage material. After the war, someone figured it had a broader commercial use.

    And as someone already said, medics and corpsmen use them to shove right into a bullet hole in combat. The word tampon actually was used for a bandage that gets pushed into a wound before it was adopted as a product name.

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