Get innovative this weekend (20 Photos)

  • Michael Price

    #10 and #13 are actually quite well done.

  • jeff donuts


    not bad

  • Me!

    #5 Forever Alone

    • jjj

      There is nothing wrong with being alone. I cherish my time alone. 🙂

  • Khmer

    #5 looks like Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The biggest temple in the world with perfectly north, east, south, west dimensions and built a thousand years ago. Was fortunate enough to go there two summers ago!

  • Jeramie Nye

    #2, #8, #9 GENIUS

  • Jon

    #16… It's a O|||||||O [Jeep] thing, you wouldn't understand!

  • MattKL

    #10 is pretty smart, actually.

  • Navin R. Johnson

    #18 every guy would pee on the top part..guaranteed

    • Roger

      Reminds me of Earnest Hemingway stealing th urinal from his neighborhood pub, and turned it into a water fountain for his 6 toed cats.

  • Joe Jimminy Bob

    #10 & #13 are actually really smart for apartment dwellers.

  • insanely great

    …very clever security tactics

  • John

    #10 Good idea for those growing something other than weeds.

    #14 Fake.

  • Guy Ford

    #10 bloody brilliant

  • morebeer

  • Ryan

    #2 kinda blew my mind

    • fits


  • Duncan Farmer

    #10 that is so brilliant that I'm going to try and copy it this weekend

  • Sarah


    When I lived alone in the 'hood, I put a chair in front of my door. (To hear my serial killer coming, obviously) My bf and his friends have been making fun of me for it ever since.

    F*ck that. I'm officially vindicated.

  • imbizzle

    #10 seems awesome, but i guess im the only one that is realizing that all the plants are dead.

  • Dan

    #5 Forever alone

  • Andrew Johnson

    #14 welcome to the ocean state. We do what we want

  • Kika Fikelmann

    Balls in all your mouths!
    I shall DESTROY you all!
    Hamsteak and jungle broner!
    Shamp rope!

  • Faolchú

    #10 is an excellent idea, class!

  • Hancock Walter

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  • itsememario

    How can this NOT be tagged with merica?"

  • Lance Mitaro

    #14 COP BAIT

  • Nathaniel Q Drake

    Photos are from absurd to creative to I don't know anymore. I can say that I did my share of do it yourself when I installed my garage door remote control. Very useful every time I go late!

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