It’s Friday, you could use some photobombs (26 Photos)

  • ChrisDG74

    #1 Rock on, dude.

    • mellow

      Lemmy is God

    • MonkeyMadness

      That's one cool kid!

  • SpacemanSpiff


    "affirmative! painting target like one of my french girls, over"

    • Lil John

      ZING! Great job. Thumbs up for you!

    • AnnieNK

      I literally laughed out loud 🙂 Also awesome user name.

    • HatBomb

      I see what you did there, well done.

    • SGT_Fati

      Well played Spaceman

  • thatguy


    • ColaChiver

      Seriously guy? Does your life revolve around getting your comment on the front page that much to where you have to save it with a "1" then come back and edit?


      • thatguy

        exactly the point I was making. Thanks.

      • albino

        you could probably help him out with that, if you were the charitable sort.

  • hootie

    #18 Holy shit that's freaky

    • Junior

      Family of the Damned?

  • Woww Woo Wee Wah

    Does anyone know how to post a comment with the pic included?

    • ColaChiver

      you put in the numeral sign # then the number right beside it. Welcome to TheChive and Keep Calm and Chive On!

      • ColaChiver

        pound sign whatever you want to call it.

        • hey ho

          it's the hash key

    • Woww Woo Wee Wah

      Tell me how

      • ColaChiver

        …..Don't know if trolling …..or just dumb?

        • Boozer

          Noob…cut 'em some slack.

          • ColaChiver

            I did….. then he asked again …. so me thinks he may be trolling.

            • Woww Woo Wee Wah

              lol sorry guys. not trolling. noob

              • Tom

                As usual, read the f*cking manual! just kidding…

        • Jayb

          What is trolling?

          • placenta_smoothie

            its when you live under a bridge

      • Lisa

        I'm loathe to feed a troll, but on the off chance you're a total newb, you put the # sign and then the numbers of the picture. Like this. #20, all 3 of the main people could be bombers. 😉

    • Skedaddle

      Please refer to Red Forman.

      • Ryan Davis


  • ColaChiver

    #4 …That awkward moment when your mom looks better than you.

    • Trig

      Ive wanted to talk to you about that.

      • Billy

        Keep Calm and Eat Cookies…………….

    • Guest

      Isn't that Goose???

  • hootie

    #20 No wait, THAT'S FREAKY

    • Toby Latham

      The mask or the fact Chris Pontius's doppleganger has been found?

      • hootie


        • Saskguy26

          Party boy from Jackass

          • Toby Latham

            ding ding ding…WINNER haha!

  • Marty


    A wiener wack a wiener wack

    • dantheman7

      that's hilarious

      • nrbenz

        BEST COMMENT!!! LAUGHED out loud for real!

        • UWYO

          Me too…. I can see them dancing through the jungle singing that… haha

  • buttsnstuff

    #1 is probably BFM as a child

  • PhotoPhreak

    #8 took me a minute to realize there was something wrong there…

  • Jason G


    Looks like my neighbor

  • st33

    What's the problem here?…..

    • xbod

      Can't be the boobs.

    • Jigga

      Its Bill Clinton in the background

    • Zlatan

      They're wearing bikinis

  • Jak

    #21 moar of those hotties please!

    • oldboy

      I bet anything that's West Michigan – probably Saugatuck! Don't know the hotties though, sorry – too old 😦

      • Jeremy Sias

        Lake Texoma, Texas!

  • organix85

    #10 pretty bold spot to take a leak…

  • casper

    THUMBS UP if you think that Charlize Theron is way the hell hotter or "fairer" than Kristen Stewart

    • Don

      This may be the worst comment I've ever seen on the Chive. Well done.

    • ColaChiver

      Comment if you think this^ guy is a douche for fishing for upvotes!

  • echogeo

    I'd like to see where this was heading.

    • tebow

      Dear penthouse…

  • CDD

    #12 Evangeline Lilly?

    • kcco

      not even close

      • vinnychase

        i just watched the last episode of lost this morning.

    • _me

      I'd vote for this as the best bomb ever.

    • Don3000

      Hells no, but could this be the Pheasant & Quail in Kelowna, BC?

  • Catman


    This guy is now dead.

    • Stella

      when people yawn, do deaf people think they are screaming?

  • Josh Luna

    #5 "Let me see your war face!"

    • Hart attack

      You don't scare me. Work on it!

    • Mike

      Don't touch my fucking hand! Ha

  • Timmer

    #18 made me laugh!

  • dantheman7

    #7 SOON!

  • Bradyized

    #6 That kid will forever be Awesome.

  • okss

    #7 Soon…

  • @Tim_VB

    #24 … Chive we have FLBP, now let us not ignore the fabulous world of A-cup hotties!

    • gosmallboobs


    • LCC

      Agreed! big tits are not all their cracked up to be.

    • usmc_chiver

      The ittie bittie tittie committee has spoken!

    • SingleBrokeFab

      I agree! Show us some love, too! Small boobs have their "perks" 😉

      • a-nom

        Ahhhhhhh…I agree, a post for you ladies would be rather uplifting?

      • a-nom

        Oh, and can I put my penis in your vagina? Please.

      • Poke4Life

        Prove it!

    • Newb

      Clarify FLBP for a newb please.

      • DUBU2DEATH

        Newb: future lower back problems

  • James

    #24 moar!!

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