• SpacemanSpiff

    Obligatory "they are all brothers and sisters" joke

  • 54adam

    That looks like so much fun!

  • Dakota Moore

    this is what mormons do instead of drinking

    • john goodboe

      listen to yourself, fuck you.

  • flumpyflumperton

    put a kicker at the end already

  • Errol

    crazy mormons

  • Joe

    Find her. You know who.

  • Brett Butler

    That looks like so much fun!

  • Mike D

    should have stayed with the Karen O

  • Mike D

    For reference

  • Shazi Roxx
  • Rat13M

    You should know that my name is Chris Hanson, and I'm doing a documentary…

  • adonisallan

    Funny thing is that they're all brothers and sisters in that video with maybe one or two cousins in the mix somewhere.

  • Michael

    <img src=>Devil big materialized for the Thrid! <img src=>

  • HawaiiNative

    no matter how hard utah kids spend in the sun…. no can get tan

  • hallucinatingmartyr

    Reblogged this on hallucinatingmartyr.

  • btatman99

    Do college kids actually listen to garbage like the song used for the soundtrack in this video? My how things have changed. Looks like fun though.

  • Tom

    What is this…a ten foot drop? Lame. Try Arizona where I jumped 60. Still waiting to go to Hawaii and try the 80. WOO.

  • Romney

    What lake is this in UT?

    • psych

      willard bay

      • ezekiel1111

        pretty sure that's Hyrum dam, actually.

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