Love her or hate her, Katy Perry is damn sexy (35 Photos)

  • bkfrijoles

    #5 ASU ASU ASU!!

  • mitchydee

    you know, call me crazy but as much as I love Katy Perry, she wouldn't be as hot without the boobs

  • Travis Excalibur Smith

    Damn Boobs! Why do you have this power over me? It's ridiculous!
    Check this:
    Girl A.) Fit body, perfect personality, small boobs.
    Girl B.) Has a body as must human beings do, totally insane, big boobs.

    Girl A.) wins every time! Unless Girl B.) walks by.

    Being a guy sucks!

  • Ktm

    Did anyone but me catch the nipple glimpse in #27?

  • Dr. Evil

    Katy Perry's music is terrible.

    I'd still shag her like a rug.

  • noelmarquez

    nices boobs

  • Amod Munga

    Either she's a stone cold bitch to live with or Russel Brand has totally screwed the pooch on this one.

  • scary69

    stunning woman wot the fuck was she thinking marrying that arse russell brand

  • ChristophersonofGray

    It is her changing looks with wigs that I really enjoy, could do without the heavy eye make-up though. Thanks for the post theChive.

  • Anonymous

    Dhara vaik geet aepesod

  • Dingo Donger

    No thanks, no way, no how!!

  • Jyobezzie

    Would have loved a keychain but I got a board game that was ptrtey nifty. My sister, fiance and I played it for a few hours later that night! Also, I accidentally took home a pen I had borrowed. Should you read this, kind lady, I will return your pen to you at your request. 😀

  • Vdsvsd
  • Katy Perry Sexy

    Katy Perry is damn sexy, you got that right.

  • Sexy Katy

    I think I love her.

  • celebsnude
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