The NYC Chive Meetup update: Looking for new venue!

 The NYC Chive Meetup update: Looking for new venue!

Last month, we announced we were going to have a grand meetup in NYC at the end of June. The meetup is still on like Donkey Kong, our plane tickets and hotel rooms are booked; we’ve been day drinking for weeks to prepare… but we need your help!

We’ve outgrown the location we booked previously. After thousands of Chivers showed up for our San Diego meetup, we realized we’re going to need a bigger boat. We’re now seeking a location that holds at least 500 people.

I’m going to book the location today and announce it on Monday (I hope) so if you’re a bar or club owner in NYC contact us at thechiverules [at] gmail [dot] com as soon as possible. Your bar must be available on Thursday , June 28th!

Note: Bar owners/ managers only, please don’t email us if you ‘know of a place’ or you have a ‘friend that runs a joint’, we’ve got to finalize this today and we need to talk to somebody who understands what’s about to happen.

This is going to be our biggest meetup ever and we can’t wait to raise a glass with our Chivers. More info when we have it on Monday (fingers crossed).



  • Barnes

    Stillwater Bar And Grill- hand down the best bar in NYC
    It’s at 78th east 4th street.

  • Drew

    "We’re now seeking a location that holds at least 500 people."… Isn't that a little low? I'll be flying in and I'm hoping not to only wait in line..

  • jeff

    what about saratoga ny? its like 15 mins from my house..its SARATOGA SPA PARK..its awesome as can fish,have cookouts,hangout and DRINK

  • Mexigun

    Houston meet up!! Yes it's hot as hell down here but our beer is always cold!!

  • Anton Berisha

    Anyone want to be my friend? I give a good massage.

    • Anton Berisha

      2 people don't think so!

  • Bobby_B.

    oh hell yes most definately going to be there. dont care my flight to cali is the next day just gonna kcco lol

  • Jimbo

    One location for 500+ folks? How about Zuccotti Park?i recommend a Pub Crawl along The High Line, along the lower west side…Normally over-run with trendy walk-ons, but there are many bars and restaurants in the area, allowing for spilloever crowds and staggered appearances for you, including a Beer Garden somewhere…

    You can even start early way north near The Intrepid, and work your way downtown to The World Trade Center. Wait, that's too much walking. Occupy Jeremy's Ale House instead/south street seaport. Good luck!

  • Ali

    Can't wait!! I'll be there!!

  • Natalia

    Can't wait!

  • Dakotah


  • Anthony

    Come to philly

  • BR&Y

    San Antonio, Texas
    San Antonio, Texas
    San Antonio, Texas
    San Antonio, Texas
    San Antonio, Texas

  • John Q

    Whats wrong with San Antonio,TX?

  • Kimon Sakellaris

    any chance that you guys are going to come to Europe or just Holland?

  • dragon2777

    Don't care where it is I am in

  • Mabelle

    Possible Fort Lauderdale/South Florida meet up? Lets make it happen!!

  • Do it

    Brooklyn Bowl right next to Brooklyn Brewery

    • Wait, where?

      In Brooklyn, obviously

  • Guest


  • eddie

    dude there is going too be way more than 500 ppl ..i would get a bigger place so you can fit everyone …there are bars that are three stories in the city should look into that

  • stepanie

    come to philly!

  • choppystyx

    In for an Orlando meetup!

  • Yuko

    So there! Sorry hubby, I'm going 🙂

  • daddy john

    Hey Mexigun, I just nominated you to head up an unofficial Houston meet-up. We will pack a bar and take some pics to send in to The Chive. This way they will know we don’t fuck around and we’ll get an. OFFICIAL meet-up. Yea. That’s it.

  • nothanks

    How about penisville, asstown, USA.

  • Kyle

    I'll be that person to suggest someone set up a facebook event for this. Thoughts? Yes, No, I'm a tool?

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