The NYC Chive Meetup update: Looking for new venue!

 The NYC Chive Meetup update: Looking for new venue!

Last month, we announced we were going to have a grand meetup in NYC at the end of June. The meetup is still on like Donkey Kong, our plane tickets and hotel rooms are booked; we’ve been day drinking for weeks to prepare… but we need your help!

We’ve outgrown the location we booked previously. After thousands of Chivers showed up for our San Diego meetup, we realized we’re going to need a bigger boat. We’re now seeking a location that holds at least 500 people.

I’m going to book the location today and announce it on Monday (I hope) so if you’re a bar or club owner in NYC contact us at thechiverules [at] gmail [dot] com as soon as possible. Your bar must be available on Thursday , June 28th!

Note: Bar owners/ managers only, please don’t email us if you ‘know of a place’ or you have a ‘friend that runs a joint’, we’ve got to finalize this today and we need to talk to somebody who understands what’s about to happen.

This is going to be our biggest meetup ever and we can’t wait to raise a glass with our Chivers. More info when we have it on Monday (fingers crossed).



  • Kate

    I agree. Either Beer Garden's in Astoria would be the best spot!

  • RealityCheck63

    Actually have a request for the chive editors. I sent an e-mail and don't know if they read it.

  • Jess

    How bout hitting up the windy city? Nothing beats the chi in the summer time!!!

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