These men share my affection for tree-houses and built one of their own (27 Photos)

  • boobman


    • library of comgress

      Not high enough up.

    • boobman

      And thank god I'm first!

  • Thomas Binzel

    No finished pictures?

    • sixdeadelves

      we want more pics when its done

    • optimus_lopez

      yea, why no completed pics? i wanna see what it looks likes

      • kidn

        "why no completed pics?"

        probably because it isn't completed.. just an errant thought.

  • echogeo

    Talk about your Man Cave. A place to go fishing close by too. Bonus! #23

  • Pope

    That's freakin awesome.

  • r@f

    I assume they're still not done building it

  • _Moose_

    That was a little anticlimactic. It would have been cooler to see the finished product instead of closing out with asbestos. #27

    • st33

      Dammit, I hit thumbs up before I read you entire comment. Sir, asbestos has not been used to insulate houses since the 1970's.

    • slany

      Asbestos hasn't been used in insulation since the 50's.

    • Karl

      Not asbestos any more hasn't been for a while, now its formaldehyde.

      • u mad

        To be More exact fiber glass batt insulation

        • SJay

          Those ones being used are known at "Pink Batts" for obvious reasons. >.> also come in yellow.

    • TheAndy

      I agree with the anti-climax – but that is definitely not asbestos. Asbestos insulation is typically loose white crap that kind of looks like dirty cotton balls.

      The more you know.

    • _Moose_

      * fiberglass. You're right st33. But I was born in the '70s, so I still think of asbestos when I see that shit.

    • aav

      People haven't used asbestos for insulation since the 1930's.

    • cole

      I think you mean fiberglass.

    • stains

      Clearly its cotton candy

    • Yo Yo Ma

      Haven't used asbestos insulation since the 1880's.

      • Munyshot

        it's so funny when you put asbestos in diet coke. o.O

    • no doors

      I'm still not exactly sure, do they still use asbestos?

    • Meh

      People haven't used asbestos since 1861. That's what the Civil War was about. Know your history, people!

      • Admiral

        That comment actually made me laugh out loud. Well done sir…well done.

    • msee

      Doug would not approve. He has… mesothelioma

    • Chuck Norris

      People haven't used asbestos for insulation since the 500 B.C. gawd.

  • Larry

    Looks great on the outside, but what about the finished inside?

  • who?

    Ur mom

  • Alex

    im not going to say something arbitrary since i purposely skipped down the pics real fast so i could be first ^^ lol

    • Drew

      And yet you failed. You're, like, 9th.

    • Xela

      That's awesome Alex! And also, fuck you.

    • 13Aliens

      and how did that work out for you, Alex?

      • Alex

        lol too easy

    • Rick

      Maybe you should try looking at and enjoying the pictures like MOST of us and not be a fucktard. Oh yeah, go kill yourself. Keep Calm and fist yourself

  • NIXem

    you can get a lot done when your not getting laid

    • freddy boy

      Maybe, but guess what. Now they're gonna laid all the time.

    • Bill

      Maybe you can work on grammar while you're not getting laid

  • Mike

    Where is the final result???

  • Ryan

    Google "How to build a treehouse"
    These guys probably should have.

    • Ryan
    • darpaderp

      about to say the same thing, I've looked this up before for my own treehouse and when I saw they bolted straight to the tree I knew they were fucked, silly fucks will have a busted up house in a year or two

    • SARmedic

      "How to fail at building a treehouse."

  • passwordistaco

    #24 #27 Looks like they were doing this over the winter, why no finished pics!

    • Applefish

      Maybe they never finished.

    • Nervous

      The tree died from all of the bolts they put in it and it fell to the ground…

    • _Moose_

      Maybe all of that asbestos (#27) immediately gave them mesothelioma? Although I've been told they haven't used asbestos since the 1800s.

      • Wow

        If you're stupid enough to think Owens Corning is Asbestos do the world a favor shoot yourself in the face ok. Thanks

        • _Moose_

          Lima Charlie.

          Also, if you don't mind, before I shoot myself in the face, I'd like to write a note apologizing to Owens Corning. Please let me know if that's OK with you. Thanks.

          Otherwise, good luck with whatever it is you do.

  • Sal

    Make sure to send the finished product. Great work guys

  • ReadChristopher

    i was hoping to see how the outside looked when all was said and done. It'd be a shame if they went through all that hard work to leave a press-board exterior.

  • whyme1973

    Now that is kick ass! Great job, guys!

  • CaptainInsano

    Doesn't that hurt the tree??

    • Brady

      No because its a tree

    • Josh

      GTFO hippie!

    • fast freddy

      really? thats what you got from this post ? Does it make you mad when you can hear your parents bumping uglies from your fold and fuck in the basement?

  • Faust

    Two problems…trees grow…6X6s do not.

    • shane

      that's one problem

  • Doomed

    In 5 years that tree will grow big enough to buckle the floor, if the holes they dug for the footers didn't destroy most of the roots. If that doesn't destroy it, the other trees flexing in the wind will tear the joints apart. Fun for a few years, but a bit waste of good lumber and materials on a structure that's doomed to fail

    • 2Dogs

      oh ya, good points we all know you cant change everything around the trees….idiot

      • Simon

        Pardon? Isn't he concerned that part sof it are strapped to a growing tree, whilst other parts are put into concrete?

        Or are you saying that you rework it every once in a while to stop it falling over?

        Hate to say that I'm a bit meh about this. It's a house on stilts strapped to a tree that may or may not just be in the way. Either put the house in the tree or not at all. Maybe if there was a purpose or soemthing, I don't know. Sorry.

        • jordan

          go carve your name into a tree and come back a few years later. the tree has grown many feet taller and for some reason the carving is still the same height. crazy….. its because a tree gows from the top, not from the bottom. so i dont think the house will lift much. and also have you ever had a tree with a strap around it for a swing or anything, if the line is tight, the tree will grow around it, same with the 2×8's

    • boobman

      Thank You Mr. buzz kill, you must be a blast to party with!

    • stupid

      They could have fixed their failure with google… they just need a joint that flexes. doomed is right

      • Trig

        Have you never seen a tree grow around a strand of wire? And as long as you dont destroy the tap root, which you wont without mining under the tree, you can damage 2/3 of a trees root system and it will hardly effect the tree before it grows them all back.

        • stupid

          look it up, just like any real construction job there are actual rules we have collectively learned that keep things from falling apart, tree growth is the least of their problems, trees bend in the wind, shrink and grow in heat or cool weather

      • stupid is does

        If you look closely at the construction, you will see that the floor joists float on the anchored supports. I think they know what they are doing.

        • stupid is duhs

          unless they're using rubber-drywall, they still be fixing cracks on the windy days

          • duhs is stupid

            Unless they planned for the trees swaying. Like not taping the corners.

    • 2Dogs

      these comments only strenghten my need for beer in the morning…I really like the buzz kill comment rock on bro!

  • 2Dogs

    Awesome idea guys…starting mine in scottyland now!

  • Jezdezpez

    Is there a lake nearby for fishing?

    • The_Dood

      #23 No.

      • Brutal_Deluxe

        That's a shame. It would be cool if there were a lake like in #23.

      • Jezdezpez

        Damn, I wonder what they will do for food. Is there woods near by for hunting then?

    • Kristen

      You, Jizz, are an ingorant fuck-twat.

      • Jezdezpez

        You, kunt, err Kristen… are a load that your mother should have swallowed. Please do not reproduce.

  • @JDS2041

    That pretty awesome! I always wanted a tree house! sadly the biggest tree where i live is a weed 😦

    • not-so-rasta

      Weed grows pretty tall…

    • Brutal_Deluxe

      How IS Iceland?

      • Mini Chewy

        I'd smoke it then

  • Melissa

    I am so glad it wasn't just me who wondered what will happen when the trees grow an the one post does not.

    • Trig

      Trees dont grow like that. If a tree grows next to a wire fence it will grow around the wire, with out changing the wires height. They grow up from the centre of the tree and out from the middle of the tree. If that makes sense:s

      • stupid

        trig, stop misinforming people, research tree houses then try and teach people, moron

        • stupid is stupid

          Sorry stupid, Trig is right. Research trees then try and call smarter people morons.

  • stageczar

    Heck of a deer stand…

  • chopper

    FIRST!!! YEAH!!!! I'M SO AWESOME!!!!


    • ,mdf,m,df


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