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We need three LA Chivers with long hair! (Callout)

Hey All,

We're looking for 3 (male) Chivers who live in the LA area who would be willing to donate their hair to charity. This is not a shave-your-head situation, we're teaming up with Axe Hair to give your head a makeover of sorts, so you might actually come out of this looking good!

Disclaimer: You might not actually come out of this looking good.

You must have more than 8 inches of disposable hair.

Submit a photo and contact info to thechivehair [at] gmail [dot] com.

You'll be hanging out with us all day at theCHIVE offices, and we apologize ahead of time for that, there's no excuse for us.

  • Ted

    Knowing how most Chivers are, you're going to have guys with 3" long hair claiming it's actually 8". You might want to post a picture of what 8" looks like.

    • 88 cents

      Haha! This is true. Still measured anyways lol

    • Yoga Pants 2012

      Hey, it's not the length of your hair that matters… It's how you use it. 😉

      • Lisa

        Um. I disagree. Length does matter. Thickness of the hair matters as well. 😉

  • miss lisa

    This has the makings of a gong show written all over it and I can't wait to see the pics. 🙂

  • anony

    taste it dont waste is lisa

  • whoknew

    Bummer use to live in the LA area, not any more. Hair is 12+ inches measured at the base of my neck.

  • ColaChiver


  • Blobby Hogg

    Do pubes count? Because i got the manfro from hell going on down there. Will i need to take the braids out of it first?

  • 0331

    Shame this isn't happening in B-town, I have two years worth of growth. Last time I cut my hair was three days before I buried my father in Arlington. Cancer.

    • Iknow

      I know where a coming from,
      Lost my sister and my brother 5 months apart starting Feb 16, 2011 sis, then bro., both from complications due to diabetes. Let my hair grow for my sis and growing a beard for a year for my bro.. Gonna donate the hair when it gets long enough and shave the beard the day after my brothers death anniversary……

      • Iknow

        Sis was 59 and bro was 65

        • Blobby Hogg

          oh well, pfft.

      • Shivam

        fuxake! A minimum of eight years!! is that all!!!!!If I had mudrered all the people who pushed my buttons I dont suppose for a moment that I would be given the courts leniency. I am sick to the teeth of judges and juries condoning the heinous actions of men who show no control, effectively men are being given a pat on the head for murdering women.

  • Grodon

    Too bad has to be in LA. Been growing my red hair for 2 years on a bet and was just about to get a cut. 11" long and don't care how much is left after the cut, it's too damned hot! Want a Canadian for the show? Pay my way! 😀

  • SadeShadz

    Disclaimer: You might not actually come out of this looking good. xD

  • OneClownShoe

    I've given 10" of hair to "Locks Of Love" 4 times now. Still farming the last couple of inches for number 5.

  • johnny

    dang, i emailed you guys some pictures of the 13.5" i donated a while back….Y U NO POST?

  • Dakota Moore

    sorry chive, i'm only packin about 7" at best

  • Cesar

    Have about 8 inches of hair if I live in the west coast I would have done it

  • Chris Borga

    Sorry, saving mine for one hell of a comb over

    • Name

      I think I might be in the same boat. You should look into Finasteride.

  • whosyopapi

    Can we get a post of all the craziest looking hairdos submitted that didnt make the cut?

  • Viktor

    I was hoping you were having a private Slayer concert and needed people too headbang. I would have been there in 15 minutes.

  • AWBguy

    Damn, i've been growing out my hair to donate it to charity, but it's not long enough yet, maybe next time :/

  • Hancock Walter

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  • Daniel axery

    hey! fuckin uh um ..,, uhh so, how do i fuckin go there? hey!… fuck… man, dude fuckin um we need a go through security or what?

  • Snoopy Pham

    I wish I could help with my 80cm hair but I living in Asia so that impossible

    • Blah

      I think you mean "impossibru"

  • edwordrules

    Awww you poots!!! I would have totally done it if you had this like 3 months ago. But i still donated it anyways. Would have been fun going thru a few Pre Game Party Packs!

  • Nikhil

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