Cat Saturday (26 Photos)

I was listening to the Top Gun theme while I put this Cat Saturday together. I don’t know if that changes anything, but it happened.

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  • Frenchgirl

    #18…I think that with those colors they are most of the time Dudettes 😉

    • Cliffwbush

      I know, but I just did it spur of them moment…never thought Mac would see it or post it

  • Bollyver

    Dude, you got killed already?

  • joe shabadoo

    #1 how many times is this gonna get reposted? We've ALL seen it by now

  • English_Rob

    My cat had to be put down this week, but cat Saturday makes me feel a little bit better.

    • ispankninjas

      That's terrible!! I (and I'm sure everyone else) am very sorry. 😦 ……KCCO…….

    • stonewall_79

      Sorry to hear that man.

    • Gallus

      My sympathy, compadre. I know the feeling, and it hurts. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of great kitties looking for loving homes. When I lost my best buddy half way through her 18th year, I lasted about a month before I could no longer stand myself or my home without a cat. I found two siblings at the local shelter, a boy and a girl. That was about eight months ago, and they are a complete joy. – Hang in there!

  • Engine 7

    Dog Sunday!!! Nothing helps a hang over like Dog Sunday!

  • unstablegirl

    #10 Great pics this week. Thanks, Mac!

  • marcussam

    Seriously cures depression…

  • marcussam

    I would really love to know the actual story behind #1..

    • B Dub

      It was the unveiling of the new Mac Book Pro. Someone just photo-shopped the Mac Book out and put the cat in. The trouble is, the people taking the photos look so dorky that it's a very believable pic!

      • marcussam


  • Justin

    It's weird… I love humps, gaps, redheads, and crazy Russians but for some reason, cat Saturday is my favorite gallery every week.

    • Definitely

      Probably a sign that you are very gay?

  • Nora


    • JRB

      Photoshop. It's an Adobe photo editing program, widely used on the internet to make funny pictures.
      Now you know.

    • B Dub

      It was the unveiling of the new Mac Book Pro. Someone just photoshopped the Mac Book out and put the cat in. The trouble is, the people taking the photos look so dorky that it's a very believable pic!

  • freddy boy

    #7 What every man has thought at least once.

    • insanely great

      * what every man thinks *all the time* excpetion- just before sex then you can pretty much say whatever you want……

  • Utah Chiver

    #16 Puss in boobs

  • crazydog

    #6 I didn't know choda boy was into metal…..hamster style!!!!

  • Mammy

    I was watching Top Gun when I looked through this post… True story.

  • boob_cuddle

    Most of us have a sack right? So we need to have a post on man's best friend.

    • Bob

      man's best friend is #16, under the cat.

  • poopstainsonyourmom

    #18 Mac… get new towels

  • Bob

    #13 methinks a new category – cats with gaps and/or FLBP. Seriously, who wouldn't want to bury their face in that soft, tender, underbelly?

  • danke

    should be a cats and boobs gallery

  • Ro'

    #25 This cat looks just like the cat at my house.

  • MamaQ

    #18 such a cute kitten! Hope it's doing well! Send in more pics as he gets older!

  • Jiggamahwigga

    Wtf is with the stupid sayings like "is yous on teh internets lokkin at other kats" that shit is lame. Its not clever, cats arent babies and why would they over pularlize things to begin with? I dunno. Im not feelin it. It seems wack everytime. Love everything else.

    • mcfadinj

      You seem a little late to the party, considering cat photos have had captions like that it seems since before computers were even invented.

  • Justin D.

    #17 had me cracking up.

    • AJ22


  • Quinton

    #5 is funny

  • Cindy

    We just got a new addition of the kitten variety this week! As an fyi, Austin Animal Center is all cats (and dogs!!!) for a $20 adoption fee for the month of June only! Maybe my new Luna will cool enough for cat Saturday in the future!

  • Kenny

    #19 Holy Crap, I never want to see that at my window!

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