Soooo…. your dad got wasted (26 Photos)

Happy Father’s Day!

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  • bigD

    If #6 has an attached "fleshlight", it would be so much funnier

    • chiver

      and functional

  • blackbird163

    Happy Fathers Day! 🙂

  • abbedm

    Happy Father's Day Chivers! My father is a bear but he's like an irritable teddy bear.

  • ALP0211

    #2 Lmfao! Happy Father's day to all you young at heart dad's and especially to MRPJR…my dedicated chiver hubby. You deserve a day just for you. 🙂

  • Pooty

    Wasted dads are the reason most of you exist.

  • B Dub

    #10 I can tell from here….. they sound awesome! Probably…. Regardless, Keep Calm and Karaoke on!

  • Tiz Guy

    Happy FD!! Just called my dad but.he's asleep.

  • EllisJohnnie

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  • Dan

    #25 Oh Yeah! Mac's grandpa, now it's a party!


    The shit we did when we were teenagers would not be tolerated by the law nowadays 🙂 Happy Fathers Day to all you dads. Chive on.

  • Keith

    #12 – Ditka?

  • Carlos

    Its obvious #24 is in Puerto Rico land of beer and rum!

  • treyjo31


  • Ahmed

    #6 I was about to say "way to go" to this Dad…

  • AC87

    #23…. please tell me this doesn't actually exist out there.

  • Taco_Depot

    idk. #14 just made me giggle a whole lot.

  • reed bossacker

    im 17 n i dont get the first couple comments references. n thats fucked if u dont have your dad… im too young for this haven

  • Toby Ulery

    #3 I think those kids might be underage. Good work, dad 🙂

  • mambo

    #17 thats not your husband is it? youre way too beautiful to be spoken for

  • Joe

    #23 Dad I am disappoint.

    So many things wrong with that.

  • Bradyized

    #8 and #12 Hahahaha

  • Rob

    What's up with emo dads knock off BFM shirt. Looks more like foo man choo

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