Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • Bill

    FIRST! HA!

    • Chuck D

      You are first, you win the prize!!!! (the prize is an award for excellence in faggotry)

    • Tom

      You seriously just sit on your computer refreshing your browser over and over again just so you can click a link to type the word "first" into the comment section of a website that hosts funny pictures?

  • ur ass

    fuuurst anus lickers

    • Euhhh

      Actually lolled at the name and comment

    • Chopsticks

      But you're not first. Thus making you an anus-licker.

    • Dr_Batman

      You are literally too stupid to insult.

      • dick head

        just like your mom

    • Titty Twister

      I am so gonna Fuck Your Mother.

      • ur ass

        just like i fucked ur dad

    • Bill

      HAHA! You got more negatives than I did,… DOUCHE!

  • MattKL

    #1 Thug life, yo.

    • 650

      Question: Is that kid a hologram?

    • Kodos


    • Dr_Batman

      He'll put a cap in yo ass…right after his nap.

      • snotrocket51

        dont you think its funny that "tupac" backwards is "caput"?

  • diggle


    • Bill

      Um,… no. That was me. HA!

      • DaddyD

        Double douchebag. Once for posting. Once for gloating.

    • Toenail

      Your card is the 8 of diamonds?

  • http://www.facebook.com/rromero17 Ricardo Romero Moreno

    why do people like them breed?!?! I feel terrible for the kid.


      It would be easier to tell what the hell you're talking about if you'd type # + a number, before or after your comment.

      • Drew

        It's probably a perfectly fine question in general context. 😛

    • Glib

      agreed. that shit's messed up.

    • 6655321

      True. I feel for you dude.

    • thedude325

      Perhaps you mean #7? But I can't really tell.

  • Rollout25

    #15 The girl in black is clearly not impressed

    • R-Dub

      She also clearly has great jugs.

  • Shitcago Blackhawks

    Morning People. Go Whitecaps.

    • SamBizzle

      You from Galveston?

  • cookie


    • Thatcray

      Dylan photobomb.

    • Livin' Legend


    • epropst90

      "daaaafuq you lookin' at over there buddy!!!"

  • cookie

    #1 thug life.

  • Rafiki

    #23 Rodney Mullen Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, anyone else remember that?

    • Jon

      Best of all time I love Rodney.

      • https://www.facebook.com/jessbartman Jess Bartman

        That's gotta be none other than Rodney Mullen

        • David

          From globes movie opinion. Ahhh the good ole days.

    • Rawsker

      hell ya man but not from tony hawk! dopest skater all around bra

    • plok

      not even the most impressive clip in the video

    • Vent187

      Hopefully everyone remembers. If you don't, you haven't lived.

    • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

      Mullen vs. Song, round 1??

    • imnotabaseballfan

      this exact clip is on his video when you beat tokyo competition, mullen for mayor

    • trae

      couldnt tell ya, some of us were outside actually skating instead of playing videogames wishing we knew how to.

  • B rex

    Too bad #9 aint Bieber

    • Chuck Norris

      you guys can't go a single post without letting your weird obsession with justin bieber show, can you?

      • B rex

        Sorry Chuck Norris 😦

        • Bill Boner

          Since when did Chuck fag Norris started liking Bieber?

      • Nuck Chorris

        For chrissakes, seriously. All of the Bieber-hate by dorks on the internet is pathetic. His music is for 12-year old girls. YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO LIKE IT. Get a life and stop talking about a teenage kid, you weirdos.

        • B rex

          Sorry, Nuck. Forgot trying to have a laugh with people that share the same sense of humour makes you a dork. I should start giving off to people that do….

          • JESSE

            you spelled humor all Britishy. That's enough of that.

          • 98437

            it's the same joke over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. we get it justin beiber sucks. so does twilight. shit's old. retire it.

    • The Bandit

      …and if it would be Bieber it should be a hammer or an axe

    • Brandyman

      Poor Regina. When did that happen?


        It happened last Tuesday, around 8:30. Oh wait, no never mind, that's when I recorded your mom imitating a blue whale as I widened her asshole for her.

        • Bill Boner

          Oh hi. How is your asshole?
          Still hurting from the other night?

          • Fuang

            Former Nashville Mayor, Bill Boner? Looks like you can still go all night.

    • smoke

      I would have thrown a hand grenade

      • Flummox

        At Regina Spektor, really? Why? Of all the people making "music", at least her's is just weird and not out right annoying.

  • cookie

    #2 good for you!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dantheloser

      Oh, I'm sure that's what they want the most: random people going "good for you!". Possibly in a puppy-voice.

      • cookie

        ha that was totally not my intention with that comment. but i see your point.

    • Kris

      W-wow, what a g-g-g-great audience.

    • imnotabaseballfan

      thats fuckin nuts, and i dont care who think this is in sarcasm, good for you bro. that probably takes more work than any of us will know.

  • Cam

    Looks like Rodney Mullen doing a darkslide.

    • mom b*nger


  • Anjin-San

    #20 want
    #16 A**hole

    • G_Had

      keep calm, jogi löw gave the ball back just where the gif stops 😉

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      Take out the numbers..what do you want?

    • QEASDA

      So now you are an asshole for joking with a kid? wow the internet is a lovely place sometimes

      • Colin

        how is he suppose to know he was joking, from the gif it looked liked there was no joking involved

        • ColaChiver

          Except for the big fucking smile on both of their faces… pay attention or take a lap.

    • stonewall_79

      Shit man that kid never wash that shoulder again I can assure you he wasn't mad at J. Low.

  • Elbie

    #16 love the german troll football coach

    #30 is the right followup for #29 !

    • Jimmy_Recard

      Thank you for explaining the joke. No one else could possibly have pieced that together.

    • Sweet Doogs

      You Don't Say – Nick Cage

    • Dapper_Dave

      It's almost like they planned it that way….

  • N8orius

    and how exactly was the picture in the background hung?

    • insanely great

      maybe glue or double sided tape?

      • alex

        or maybe a complicated network of zip-ties, rubber bands and gum?

    • matt89


    • Chuck D


      • thatguy

        Alien semen.

        • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

          hahahaha alien semen! haha

    • Dude

      3M makes an adhesive that is good to hang pictures. When you are finished, you stretch it and it comes right off the wall, no holes or marks.

      • TacoTacoTaco

        I don't know why you got thumbs downed. I love this shit. I've used it all over my apartment.

      • hangoverman

        Good enough to hang pictures but apparantly not a small speaker!

    • Lisa


      • habsfanx

        aliens semen glue tie wrap !!!!!

    • Levian

      Billy Mays' mighty putty!

    • yup

      Couldnt find Black zipties, or just stupid and lazy?

  • A.E.

    Any chicago chivers?!

    • ewdeziel

      Yea, why do you ask?

    • Bob Lee Swagger

      What, do you want to meet up with them so you can blow them as they look at yet another average "Chivette" gallery of nearly nude pics which she sent in because she hates herself inside?

      • Guest

        You're an asshole.

      • Average Chiver


    • Vent187

      Waste of a first page comment.

  • A.E.

    #15 ftw

  • MattyDeuce

    #1 Not necessarily my favorite genre of music, but thankfully some parents are at least going to encourage their kids to listen to real hip-hop music. Growing up in the 90's, at least we had Biggie and Pac!

    • Stevie Jay

      Yes… this kind of behaviour needs to be encouraged. There's not nearly enough faggotry in the world as it is…

  • jonar777

    #20 Cool but still not interested in ping pong

    • Gnole

      You know how I know you're not Asian?

  • Mark G.

    <img src=http://www.mobilediscount.info/hotels/nxs.jpg> #8 #30 Little Tiger and this guy's expression are the shining point of today, really funny lol<img src=http://www.mobilediscount.info/aquarius/bho.jpg>

    • AlMart

      "this guy" is sitting in front of Stringer Bell…he should be thankful he's still alive. Marlo wouldn't have put up with that shit.

      • dmh

        You don't fuck with Stringer Bell

  • Cutta

    #11 it's all down hill from there brother!

    • joeybastardo

      I dont know, looks kinda like the bottom of that hill. weeell until they make a fat ugly toddlers and tiaras lookin like baby jabba,super-imposed in a barbie doll night terror. and I'll just bet they toasted thier vows with mountain dew.

  • dumb americans

    A tour guid in Paris asks one tourist:
    – Do you want to hear one funny story about stupid Americans?
    – Hey, guy, I'M AMERICAN!
    – No problem, I can tell this story twice, if you don't understand at first.

    • American Farmer

      Suck my big hairy American balls, Frenchy!!

    • Toenail

      A simple guide to moronic comments, #1 I have no original thoughts of your own #2you can simply tell the difference between all of the Pokemon characters by sight, #3 Mommy keeps repeals your accounts to Minecraft

      • giggity

        English Mother f***er, DO YOU SPEAK IT?!

    • Wogsamatta

      its funny coz its true.

    • SC Chiver

      Can you tell me again, but this time spell *guide correctly. Thanks

      • DC Chiver

        Put a *period* after "thanks". Thanks.

    • USA

      Please stay off this site you smelly French douche.

    • http://twitter.com/feelingsofwhite @feelingsofwhite

      this comment and the corresponding down votes are the biggest laugh i've had on the chive all day, lemon porn notwithstanding

    • Dr_Batman

      As soon as he said that a German tourist set off some fireworks and he surrendered to him.

    • Red

      Re: WWII

      You're welcome.

  • What an open goal

    #16 kid should've elbowed him in the snaze

    • SC Chiver

      And get a yellow card!? You sir, are an adventurous thinker

      • QEASDA

        So now the give out those to none players, damn I should really start watching my language when watching soccer.

    • Flox

      Yes, cause fun is futile!

  • IlyaJ

    #23 I remember watching that video over and over in high school. Deawon Song Vs. Rodney Mullen. Epic.

    • mrjimmyos

      Wasn't that video the one from Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3?

    • JOHN

      YOU ARE OLD.

    • Chet_Manly

      = mind blown.

    • mtpuckhead

      Rodney Mullen is a god.

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