• liien

    smart hyena

  • jbjb

    Thats one ugly ass dog

  • http://twitter.com/feelingsofwhite @feelingsofwhite

    it must be a smart dog because its so damn ugly

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.jungwirth.5 Steve Jungwirth

    Am I sick? I was waiting for a gunshot off screen at the end.

  • Bruce

    Easy fix.. Get rid of black chair or the dog

  • http://Simple-pleasurez.org Pootus

    Hey chive. Add the original name of the videos so I can YouTube them. Your videos never want to load on my cell.

  • tinyonwirk

    That thing is disgusting!!!

    • mcfadinj

      What in the world have you done to deserve a reputation like that? IIRC, that's worse than Paulas, which I never thought anyone could have that.

  • Desi

    The dog is just being a dog. The owner, though, is a fucking asshole.

  • Bushwick Bill

    That dog is ugly as fuck! Is that a midget chupacabra? !

  • MikeyP

    Dobby is a free elf and will have his supper!

  • Bread Brizzle

    What a nasty ass shitty worthless dog!

  • r151

    Technically, all his meals are free. That's probably the hardest that ugly little troll ever had to work for food.

  • Smiley_Ohio

    wtf kind of gremlin is that? don't let it breed.

    • guest

      Where in Ohio

      • Smiley_Ohio

        21/male/Hilliard. I hang out in the Columbus and Grandview area too. how about you?

  • https://www.facebook.com/sykofun Madcap Laughs

    bad, bad puppy but he deserved the food after all that

  • Tedskin

    why did the dog jump of the counter when it was eating the food and then jump right back up?

  • KCCO_Savannah

    thats one ugly dog

  • Dan

    Why does this guy have a bunch of really nice high resolution cameras in his kitchen?

  • Meh...

    I like how her turned the camera's off right before beating the shit out of the dog for jumping on the counter.

  • Mr_Taco

    Gotta hand it to that ugly little critter, he/she earned every bit of that meal.

  • Brian

    Ugly little thing, isn't it?

  • Canadian Chiver

    When you're that ugly you need to learn to turn tricks.

  • Maytrix

    Dog looks stupid as shit, but is clearly smarter than he looks

  • Tayo


  • Shadowwight

    Those Chinese Cresteds are ugly little things, but they can be darned smart.

  • aleksandri

    This dog is smarter then half my friends

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