Have you ever had that impulse to tightrope walk over Niagra Falls? Yeah, me neither (23 Photos)

  • http://twitter.com/nickinwarcal @nickinwarcal

    the harness makes it meh

  • Adam

    Watch "Man on Wire" and you will cease to be impressed.

    • manilovefilmsdylan

      Just rewatched it last night, actually – yeah, no offense to this guy, but it makes his feat a lot less impressive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lexbarron2007 Lex Williams

    and not to take much away from the impressive feat, but being the first person allowed to attempt it does make it less of a meaningful first

  • JustTrollin

    He cheated — he was attached to the cable. Not as big a feat as it was hyped to be…

  • Jezdezpez

    Not a big deal…. he was harnessed and connected to the cables. This is nothing more than a slow and steady ferris wheel. I'd do this, all day long pussies.

  • Whatwhat

    The fact they made him wear a harness is bullshit, but regardless I don't see any of you up there. you're all safe behind your computers. Get up there on the high wire, or Gtfo

  • Tiger

    All of these comments about "he was wearing a tether", is just people that wanted to see him die. Bunch of morbid bastards.

  • jamesnl

    My jaw hurts from dropping into the floor too hard.. Respect

  • http://twitter.com/timchipp @timchipp

    Awesome pictures. As someone who was there and covering it for the local newspaper, it was everything any of us hoped it could be, and I hope some of you guys reading this decide to come check out the Falls sometime. The pictures, believe it or not, don't do the things justice. You won't see Wallenda walking on a wire, but the sites are worth a trip themselves.

    Also, hey Chive, you spelled Niagara Falls wrong in the headline. That's like saying Chcago or New Yrk City.

  • Jamie Fehr


    These guys do things at least that crazy and without harness…

  • tom

    Real easy to make stupid comments when your feet are on the ground

  • Sean

    Surprised the weight of his gigantic balls didn't throw him off

  • freddy boy

    One word: nofuckingwayjose

  • Tommy Boy

    I live just down the road from the falls and 5 years ago there was a guy with no harness doing that every Friday night. I dont understand the new found hype!

    • YahYou

      Not across the falls. Maybe the gorge, but not across the middle!

  • -k9

    Next skydiving…… With a parachute! Or maybe diving with a scuba tank, nice harness pussy.

  • Paulforprez

    Unimpressed. He had a safety line, and was walking on a cable the size of my dick.

  • Gallus

    Count me out. If I want an adrenalin rush, I'll get into my old Corvette and put the pedal to the metal.

  • steve

    not impressed at all, first you got a harness second the cable is 4inch wide come on. i slackline on 1inch climbing webbing and its not even pulled tight. anyone that can put one foot in front of the other could do that

    • Shay

      The cable has to be thick, the distance would snap the cable!

  • Shay

    People aren't getting the concept of the walk. Niagara Falls has had a ban on tightrope walking for over 125 years. The last person to do it in 1896, James Hardy, walked across the gorge, not the falls.
    Nik Wallenda had to jump through hoops for years, fighting in court and getting sponsors and petitions to be able to do this walk. This is a huge historical event. Maybe because I live an hour from NF, it may seem more to us in the vicinity, but any child watching an event like that is inspired. His dedication and drive to achieve his goal he set when he was 6, is admirable. Yes he had to make sacrifices like the tether, but in the end, he didn't need it nor did it make it less of an event to watch.

  • Anonymous


    7-year-old Roger Woodward accidentally went over the falls wearing only a life preserver and survived in 1960

    this guy is a pussy

  • boston


    7-year-old Roger Woodward accidentally went over the falls wearing only a life preserver and survived in 1960

    now look at the pictures of the falls this guy is walking over

    look at the water going over

    a 7 year old took the plung and lived

    who's the bad ass now?

  • Tyson

    He was made to wear the harness because they were filming in live and would not risk air such a tragedy if it happened and all the networks that were sponsoring said they wouldn't air it if he didn't wear one he didn't want to buy was made too.

  • Chris

    y u wear harness? No balls. Now the guy that walked across the World Trade centers back in '74 walked across that shit with no safety bull shit had balls of steel. This guy failed.

  • mattricky

    How about no.

  • GuinessHangover

    How does he keep his legs so close together with nuts the size of bowling balls?

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