It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (22 Photos)

  • Kristin Morton

    #1 pandas are omnivores, they eat both veggies and meat…….

  • Travis Excalibur Smith

    #11 Vinegar Strokes!

  • imbizzle

    #9 is designed to shoot that way also.

  • wkdfrog

    #14 What film is this from?!

    • Joslin
  • TylerDurdenUMD

    Obviously the creator of this has no knowledge of the recoil reduction methods that Barrett uses in their weapons. That there fancy triangle thing is just for decoration. #9

  • big damn jake

    Either way, there is blood in the water…

  • marcussam

    #21 Mind=Blown

  • LuvThatJoker

    Dislocated shoulder in 3,2,1………

  • Stacey

    #8 Apple fanboys all over the world are raging right now.

    • MrHat

      Hate on Macs all you want but I'll still get the last laugh because I don't have to worry about viruses or those massive error blue screens or Windows Vista.

  • Francesca Barna

    I have ALWAYS called my week, "Shark Week" – another fun trend is instead of saying "that's what he/she said", replace with "Sound like my first time…" LOL!
    chive on!

  • Adam


    Best parenting skills come from the intrawebs

  • anil507
  • melindu

    Its from that one porno with uncle fester in it. he can turn on more than just light bulbs with his mouth

  • Hawk

    Well done

  • Bill

    Good job chive

  • amplexus

    #13 Slut stalker lever 1000

  • Joe

    #9 it should be noted that Barret .50 cals hav very little recoil due to how well they are made to dampen that effect.

  • boston


    not for nothing but my daughter lives in Al and last year 10 tornado's came through her area in one day, knocked the power out for almost 2 months and fucked the place up real good

    she said after all the devastation the only ones who really weren't effected and still had cold beer were the rednecks

    i know the majority of people think rednecks are just ignorant morons but after meeting a lot of them in my daughters area i came to the opposite conclusion.

    most are pretty god damn ingenious when it comes to dealing with a difficult situation and if the county were to collapse the one part of the population that would go on as if nothing happened would be rednecks.

    • Sgt. Hulka

      Lighten up Francis

      • twoscrewsloose

        WOW! HOLY SHIT! that was the most awesome come back EVER!

        The Chive need to give you your own posting every day for being so original in come backs

        they can call it……..

        Awesomely Spectacular One Liners or "ASOL" for short and they can put your face on tee shirts and shit with "ASOL" underneath it.

        you're awesome

  • bkfrijoles

    #13 fucking creepy

  • experience regina

    #2 yeah because I love blocking all my other USB Ports. when they make a master sword one u can try and motivate me then.

  • ymgctmp

    #13 – wahhhhh?! #15 – awesome caption!

    • unknown


      excuse me sir i want to talk to the boss

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  • Jeebs

    "Eh yup. I still don't understand. You sayin this circle is voddoo? – I think we better inform the sheriff."

  • WildjavSir Appears

    You ma'am have been mother trolled

  • fred

    #21, better known as terrible tuesday

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