Mind the Gap! (43 photos)

  • NOFD423

    The Chive needs to come have a party in NEW ORLEANS!!!!! And a dating portion of the website just for chivers and chivettes….

  • car

    what about appreciation for the girls that might not be as skinny with no thigh gap ? , there are some damn sexy girls out there that arnt very skinny and there thighs may touch but there still damn sexy .

  • bob

    GR8 GAPS CHIVETTES!!! Love Mondays

  • JoeyW311

    #8 hi

  • Anonymous

    12 sexy like a chocolate strawberry. Keep smilin

  • bob

    #24 Has such sexy legs, gr8 gap-
    #33 with those panties- so sweet

    Thank you Chivettes –

  • TJO12082

    #21 I love pink too….

  • burdman10

    #19 Thanks for your photos…beautiful.

  • Michael major

    Don’t know why you’re down on yourself. But I can’t see a reason why you would be. YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL.

  • MunMun$

    #23 I miss Penalty Kicks as well.

  • Highwater Henry

    #12 Absolutely flawless. I wanna see MOAR!! This time, show us what you look like feeling UP on yourself instead of down.

  • MrPickle

    #12 I'm feeling the "down on you" vibe also, all-of-a-sudden.

  • https://www.facebook.com/shazi.roxx Shazi Roxx
  • Jemike5

    Chivettes make Mondays amazing. Keep sending in your photos ladies. Don't let the internet trolls get to you. Remember that you have triple the amount of actual Chivers that know your beautiful.

    #38 Call me. Maybe? Moar Please

  • adonisallan

    #1 to #43

    MADE MY DAY (maybe even this week) bearable. Thank you all!!!

  • lilsparkie

    #2… simply, MOAR!!!!!

  • Eclectic Brother

    Be still my beating heart…. #12 and #19 We need to see MOAR of ya! Definitely poetry in motion!

  • kav

    lets get a chicago meet up going!

  • Beeneverywhere

    Holy mother of the god of pudenda! Wow! An embarrassment of riches. For the first time there is a three-way tie! #17, #22 and #34 would all prove to be TV pillows. But if I had to pick just one pudendum from the trio, it'd have to be #22, and I'd definitely show up with a bib!

  • anky

    #19 You are amazing.

  • John Robert

    Any man could easily make a case for this woman being the hottest woman ever.
    How in the world did she get so hot? And, more importantly, where was she when
    I was single?

  • fresh.ta.death

    #3. Sweet Jesus!

  • mopmonkey

    #28 Big fan of the gap,and what's above it…please come back often.

  • David

    #12 Don't feel down on yourself, I will go down on you instead.

  • bz1

    #12 Down? Why? Very attractive, great body! MOAR!
    #31, #33, #38 Lovely! MOAR, please!

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