Fit girls for the win (44 photos)

  • deleted4270934

    I'd like to "fit" something in #4!!!

    And by something, I mean my penis.

    • Josh

      Thank you Ned for the clarification….I thought you meant a couple knuckles

    • ProfessorDumbledore

      Same with #5!

  • Seasick Steve


    MOAR OF 4!!

    • kevin

      Find #4

    • ProfessorDumbledore

      Same bottoms, though, right?

  • mikienike


    • Jason M Donaldson

      ^^^^^^ D BAG

      • chance

        double extra d bag ^^^^^^

        • StevieB

          Theoretically this can be extrapolated indefinitely.

          • tru man

            no shit, sherlock.

    • R.A.Dickey

      I find your post to be informative and witty. Go on…..

    • Tom

      Yeah, but the first comment was either gonna be some jackass typing the word "first" or some other guy typing a number and the word "MOAR!". Either way, they're both kinda pointless.

    • fucking asshole

      Your IP should be tracked and banned from the internet.

      • vinnychase420

        FAT CHICKS FTW!!!!

  • Sick350Z

    #3 I do.

    • jreddy23

      "Don't tell me you forgot to grab the tapper!"

    • tBaynes

      Here we go

    • bird

      form meets function

    • Ian

      yeap, I am in love

  • Tmux

    # 9 baby's got back!

  • Tmux


    • Koont

      Nice recovery!

    • sfb101

      FOR THE WIN!

    • 88 cents

      I'm a man of few words… Well said.

    • Smitty

      Baby got photoshop. Bad photoshop at that.

  • HOOK

    #7,#28 Gorgeous.

    • SC Chiver

      I don't even need to see a face on #31 cause from the look of those ass an legs, I'm in love

  • Munyshot

    #26 for the win

    • BSmike

      Jamie Koeppe

    • truth

      fat ass

      • jreddy23


    • 98043

      hot and all but why the hell do they stand like that??

  • Curtis Vineyard

    #3…need her at my partys

    • Jeff

      Hopefully her name isn't Here We Go.

      • ColaChiver

        Fail … the name was WeGo

    • LitteringAnd?

      On second thought, I think it's better for the flow if you put it over THERE.

  • Larry

    #9 #11 #25 Yer all doing it right

    • Vyle

      Y u no work out at my gym?!

    • guest

      Good eye mate!

  • Breau mc faggy pants

    Tight pants

    • Whoa

      That's fucking brilliant. Please go on.


    #8 I would hot oil wrestler her.

    • 1911

      and probably lose 🙂

    • hwath

      Yes please

    • Randy

      Jessica Burciaga is tasty

  • Mikey

    Love me some Fit girls! Just wait for the Crossfit Games!

    • Jen

      i fuckin love the fitgirl posts. inspires me!

  • Cool story bro

    #11 ….. yeah

  • HOOK

    #1 thru #44 Chive you nailed it.

    • Ned_Ryerson

      especially #12. had me cracking up pretty good. almost seamless..

      • HOOK

        Damn, complete miss on my part.43 out of 44 I guess.

  • ColaChiver

    #3 …Oh look, she brought me my mug. She wins.

  • Jeff

    Yes, #23 I'd love to do some hip circuits with you! They'd be far more enjoyable.

  • KyleGoldstein

    #3 go ahead and put that in my room…i will get the door

  • Kevin

    all beautiful bodies and would be happy letting them work me over

    • ColaChiver

      Not #12…

      • Kevin

        sure, who knows what she is holding on too that is making her smile

    • Cecil

      Another stupid man boy who supports the notion that violence committed by women is somehow acceptable. The terms salve and child come to mind effortlessly. Aren't you the same genius who spews such gems as "Any holes your gaol." and "worth a case of herpes"?

      • Chalice

        Agreed. What a bunch of herbs.

  • James Ramos

    List got too long! #11 #13 #28 🙂

  • ac chives

    Scrolled this while eating fries

    • Unfkngblvbl

      LOL, sausage, egg and cheese burrito for me.

    • Paula sucks

      I'm gonna fap then go eat.

    • Bordertown

      Scrolled while fapping

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #4 Nice toe

  • Se7eneightnine

    #7 is perfect and #21 is too much

    • Adam

      #21 Is Erin Stern. That picture doesnt do her justice, look up other pictures or videos she's actually a very attractive lady.


    Fit girl booty just may be the best booty
    #9 #11 #26

  • CowboyChiver

    #29 Wow, I didn't know Utah could grow 'em like this…

    • jun

      Further proof that SLC has the hottest women on the planet. I'm so happy I live there.

      • Whale

        That pic doesn't prove shit. Haaa…SLC hottest on the planet…

    • TestaDensa

      Little known fact: people in SLC selectively breed sexy with sexy. Hot women there indeed.

      • Tony Monte

        Provo area where there are tons of college students. Good grief, I love it there.

        • TestaDensa

          Now that it's hot, take a float down the Provo river through the canyon. Eye candy galore!

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