Photographer Michael Hughes brings souvenirs to life (32 photos)

Check out Michael’s website HERE

  • boob_cuddle

    Boring rich guys art is boring.

  • CollinsAlissa

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  • imbizzle

    What the heck.. wheres the one where I whipped out my penis and made it look like leaning tower of Pisa?? I'm an artist, don't censor me!!

  • paul c.

    fucken get a job!!


    #7 #21 are the trippiest

  • drbman

    #12 scrolled quickly went back to Jessica!

  • Troll toll

    I farted, should I take a photo???


    Soooo…this guy travels the world just so he can hold cheap souvenirs up in his pictures? :-/

  • NIXem

    #1 , wtf , your not even pinching her ass, girls like their as pinched , not their head

  • Cool story bro

    #3 is impressive

  • unsold

    so he's got a hobby…which i would not say is the work of a great photographer. his REAL work on his website is faaaar more interesting and engaging.

  • Daniel L. Miller

    This has got to be the dumbest posting on CHIVE ever! I must say, I am a little disappointed at TheCHIVE for wasting our time with this one. 😦

  • G Dubya

    Until the US government flew a couple planes into the towers? ….too soon? Or are you too thick to realize the truth yet?

  • Jeanraconte

    #30 #22


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