Some people should not be photographers (24 Photos)

Check out more horrible photography at youarenotaphotographer.

  • CHI_Dave

    #12 I do not recall these characters from Back to the Future.

  • BeauMcFaggyPants

    Bad pics make my pants mega tight!!

  • Matthew Fiorini

    #5 Someone needs to use the lawn mower on her hair

    • ColaChiver

      You misspelled face.

  • SolidusSnake420

    #24 Dear diary, I didn't make any friends today at school, I even showed them the super cool picture of me flying. Sometimes diary, I feel like you're my only friend.

  • Brad

    #19 I'd tap that

    • Joe

      Looks like someone beat you too it.

    • luke

      bet she was hot before she exploded

  • neXx

    – #11, seems like a bad acid trip.

  • Pwnapotamus

    #12 On the first night of his adulterly he was visited by the ghosts of weddings past.

  • JtaM3

    #13 Asshat……

    • sleepysteve

      beat me just barely..ASSHAT… bwaaahahahahaha

  • 36524

    Oh my god, I'm loving these godawful photography collections. XD

  • ale

    #5 Photoshop done right.

    • Duuuhhh

      Aye. You can barely even tell.

  • glenn

    selective desaturation should be illegal… along with shitty sepia toning

  • Mr_Cellophane

    #13 Ahhh! Now I get it!
    Ass Hat!

  • BigHeadEd

    #1 Is this "pro" using the built-in pop-up flash?

    • iamfred

      The pop-up flash can be used as a trigger for other lights – but you're right – if you're really a pro you generally have the right tools for the job.

    • Fish

      He must be a professional photog, cuz he's got
      a ponytail.

  • Beverly Washington

    I see photography as an opinion of the mind.

    • Lunch_Box

      Same with art.

  • mrmcfeely

    this just proves how dangerous photoshop can be in uneducated hands…

    • Lunch_Box

      You should give yourself more credit than that.

  • Pictures

    See Sexy Pictures


    nice work asshat

  • prpl

    #20 Why on earth would a man need 3 bowling balls?

  • Maoam

    Well, #19 is actually pretty awesome


    #2 are you saying this wasn't on Tim & Eric?
    #14 when did Powder go to prom?

  • French Toast

    #19 Looks a LOT like my Ex…..

    • Motofoxe

      If she looks a LOT like your ex, then maybe she IS your ex. Better get a job and start paying child support.

      • French Toast

        Already crossed that bridge. Kid wasn't mine

  • Mutt

    #10 Reminds me of when I lived in the middle of Michigan. You could have cut off everyone's electricity, stopped sending food to the grocery stores and cut off all communications form the rest of the world…..but Bud and Bud Light are sacred, almost holy items that were due reverence.

  • WaikikiWayne

    #2 Britney Spears has really let herself go…

  • celticsquid

    #13 Ready!!!

  • WaikikiWayne

    #11 Meanwhile in Vietnam…

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