• KeepinCalm

    "Dat mutherfucka is a demon". lmao xD . and that folks is why she's working at McDonald's, strike that…was working at McDonalds

  • Sapper33

    2:17 is actually pretty hot.

  • Sam

    Why is there only white people that work at chic-fil-a?

  • hark1985

    That mother fucker is a demon! bahaha. how he did dat?

  • Trayboon

    I love this
    All blacks working at a fast food joint, of course
    All dumbfounded by a god damn string
    LAWDY it must be the DEVIL fa sho

  • Saoeig

    Invisible thread used by magicians….

  • chaosd

    I am amazed at how many people are dumbfounded by a piece of string.

  • NoFatties

    People are dumb

  • Like their #4 combo

    One that worked at chik fil a was hot

    • Tony

      She was real cute. Nice smile

  • souquarianfan

    the real trick is that dude isn't 600 lbs after filming this

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    "Dat muthafucka is a.. Demon."

  • Prof. Large McHuge

    im surprised to see all the negative comments posted to a joke video.

    insult attention-seeking girls who spend their time taking pictures to be put on a website- not ok with chivers
    insult people having a little fun at their otherwise monotonous, low-paying jobs- chivers all for it

  • joe testarosa

    Why do you think David Blaine always goes into the hood to do his shows. Just sayin.

  • thrillho

    2 lb. fishing line is amazing shit

  • Anon

    Wow, the chive community is a bunch of racists.

  • Bob

    The last one is what I would have done the whole time. LOL. Great trick.

  • SGT_Fati

    2:15 Chic-fil-a girl. FIND HER.

  • jeff donuts

    "its magic" wtf lol

    no wonder there working at a fast food place

  • https://www.facebook.com/jayy.copeland Jayy Copeland

    Please find the girl at 2:15 mark…
    FIND HER!!!!

    Side note, you can tell its string, as its swinging

  • Inconsiderate

    "thanks for playing" what the fuck are you some game show host. Fuck off.

  • Canadian Chiver

    "You don't know what to do? Grab it and put it back down!"

  • nickolaaas


  • LuvsHorror

    Ha ha! Must be possessed.

  • Shoon

    Jesus, people, its a cup with the lid glued with a piece of fishing line attached to the ceiling. He switches the cup when they are not looking. he doesn't move his hand over he cup. He waves his hand in front of it next to the string fast. From their angle it is appears he has moved it over the cup but has not. lol. morons.

  • Manpitt

    Must Have been done in Atlanta………………..because of chikfila you racists

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