• Ralphehh

    2:17 find her pls
    also 2:27 kinda looks like Zoe Saldana.. or is it just me?

  • https://www.facebook.com/brian.wanueka Brian Wanueka

    Fast food workers R SO FUNNY!!

  • ouchie

    In the words of a famous comedian, it's not a stereotype if it's always true.

  • jeppa

    3:02, you can see the string

  • xyz

    "that motherF…..er is demon " LMAO

  • http://www.facebook.com/ann.eurysm.7 Ann Eurysm

    Come on guys, look better! I can clearly see the line at 02:57.

  • yeah

    How am I being judgmental? Did I say anything negative at all? You're the one being judgmental by assuming that I'm putting them in a negative light. There's a reason they have fast food jobs – because they like to get paid. There's a reason they have fast food jobs – because they like to work with the public. There's a reason they have fast food jobs – because they're contributing to society through hard work and by paying taxes. YOU'RE the one that's assuming the negative condemnation of the workers. ok, of course I'm only joking…we all know what I was implying, but if you're saying that I'm being racist in any way…then you can just go fuck off because there were some very stupid people of various races in that video and my stab was at stupidity in general, not at any one race. Honestly, what logical person would say something like "It's a demon", or "OMG" and run away?. Most of us (I hope) would just smile and say "wow, that's pretty cool, how are you doing that?" and probably look for the obvious thread holding the cup. We know how magic tricks work and we don't believe that a cup would really be floating in mid air. If that's being judgmental then I'm 100% guilty as charged. After all, the most intelligent, educated, and well spoken people in society today often aspire to become fast food workers. I should toss my degree and career in the trash and go cook fries for $6 an hour.

    Did you even watch the reactions on the video?

    • This

      Noone will read your comment fully man, sorry.

      • yeah

        Don't feel sorry. If you want to spend the whole minute it takes to read it, it's no sweat off my sack.

      • Ed

        And I bet everyone reads your comment fully just after giving up on the great wall of literature above it like I did lol.

      • huh?

        Who is Noone?

    • Jon

      stop being a dick. You know exactly what you meant when you said "There's a reason they work in fast food." You were just being a dick, and then when you got called out on it, you copied your ready-made response from Word into the reply box. D-bag troll.

      • yeah

        Nice to see that you read my response…you know… where I actually said "OK, OF COURSE I'M ONLY JOKING…WE ALL KNOW WHAT I WAS IMPLYING". Yep, the people in this video are fucking idiots. Are you going to argue that they're not? Apparently plenty of people agreed with me.

        Not sure what you're talking about with the "ready-made response" statement. I logged back on later, and typed out a response, simple as that. How could that be a ready-made copy/pasted response if I'm talking about my original post? It wasn't just a generic paragraph that got posted. Again, work on those reading and retention skills. Dumbshit

        • Jon

          Good luck with all that nonsense.

          • yeah

            Interpreted as: "I have nothing better to say since what you said is correct." Notice how you couldn't really argue against any of the points i made….

            • Indeed

              No, it's because you can't argue with stupid.

            • jamey

              yeah, your life must be going swimmingly for you to have the time to write out all those long bullshit comments. now get back to taking orders at the drive-thru. 🙂

  • Max

    you're still a faggot

    • DrunkSkunk

      Wow. An even wittier comeback.

      The scintillating conversations you must have.

  • HaHa

    Black people are so dumb lol they really are it doesnt matter they can't read, speak correctly, dress appropriately, or figure out a simple trick… Their brains stay at a 1st grade level forever… Dumb nigs

  • Scott

    Your one of them people from the startrack.

  • amplidudes

    wait, a floating trick and they crack up? what the hell is wrong with you over there? :-/

  • Ken

    rections are hilarious. if you pause it at 2.59 you can clearly see the white string or wire it's attached to. An old trick but a good one !

  • adventxero


  • Mike

    a small helium balloon will do that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BiggBailey Bigg Bailey

    yOU CAN clearly see the string if you look closely. at the end of the video. You can seee the light shining off of it, i'm guessing it's a piece of fishing wire, or sum kind of other clear string.

  • Guy Manningham

    "Dude, I think I just filled the cup."

  • Dana

    this is fake…there arent fast food girls that hot

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