The hottest Cosplay girls of 2012…so far (35 Photos)

  • Houdini112

    Hi, i am from the Netherlands and we don't have anything like this at home. I was wondering what cosplay actually means. Do they play a role in a game or is it just for the photos?

  • hangoverman

    #22 Find her

  • Jchive

    Chiver to #32. Over.

    Identify yourself. Over.

  • Super mario

    #21 idk who she's supposed to be but I like it

  • akuma308

    these girls need to stop eating Bat Shit for breakfast

  • Sasha1378
  • Jason

    This girl is a friend of a friends and she is currently working on her amazing cosplay from Final Fantasy. Can't wait to see it. She is a got gamer too!

  • Anonymous

    But I’m calling BS on a few pix…same girl featured more than once in the same exact outfit!…

  • Toney Tapia

    All of these look GREAT! For more cosplay hotness you should all check out:

  • baddy

    who is the #12 girl wats her name !

  • Danny

    Dude, where is anything from Ani-Mia. So freakin' hot.. And super funny too.

  • Raffi

    Thanks so much for the feature!

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  • Scott

    Any man who doesn't like a girl in costume is a faggot

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