The hottest Cosplay girls of 2012…so far (35 Photos)

  • matt

    suck me dry

    • matt

      7 people can suck me dry

    • bubba

      And then go make me a sandwich

    • matt

      anybody want a sandwich… i have 7

  • KennyKen

    Whats this, first and no first comment?

    • Steven Ray Kenney

      Dumb Ass…

    • Vent187

      Double fail.

  • LaKangaRue

    Hope to see mine on here later in the year, I'm cosplaying for PAX Prime!

    • dodo

      LaRue. you are some damn cute

    • Curious

      Did you ever find out who submitted your pic?

      • LaKangaRue

        I didn't! I'm curious to know.

    • TJ73

      Send it to me, I'll verify it's likeness.

  • myself

    #1 Jessica doing Juliet right. #26 Not doing Juliet right. I don't care how FLBP it is, cover the body and it looks like a guy.

    #40 Probably not cosplay, but great nonetheless.

    • Tony Giap

      first one if jessica nigri.. doing the lollipop chainsaw cosplay. and last is suppose to be mario. noob

      • Chorel

        Cospay is more accurate. She wasn't a fan dressing upas Juliet but was hired by the developers to dress up as her to promote the game.

    • ShawnW

      I was gonna say that she's cosplaying Lollipop Chainsaw but I saw that I was "Replying to myself". Well played sir.

      • myself

        She is Juliet Starling. If she was Lollipop Chainsaw she would be the game box. Also you are the first person to get the replying to myself thing.

        • StevieB

          Well he was the first one to point it out.

    • spliggs

      #26 is hot, as in "My eyes are melting, that guy's so ugly"

    • Smuggler

      Sara Jean Underwood needs to do Juliet.

    • Rubberbandman

      Tht's a helluva bod if it's a guy…wht a dumbass

  • Tim

    #11 knows how we like our women…big guns and little clothes

    • Torden

      More importantly she knows about Gurren Lagann, she must be found!

    • Nick Parsons

      #19 can't hold a gun right but I don't care… #39 I claim her for my team!

      • Nick Parsons

        Damnit… #18 edit

    • Notknowing

      …and the funny part is: the geeks who create these games with their dream girl in mind…Then see the girls who dress the part and show up to these conventions. Priceless. Why didn't I think of that.

  • Attaxia

    #32 Not a lot of costume but I like it anyways

    • Elbie

      Bleach Cosplay, I guess.

      Thanks to Japan, some cleavage-heavy cosplays are actually acurate!
      32 is an example, same as #21

    • RGH

      Don't you know your cosplay characters? That is obviously hot naked girl.

    • Michael

      Nipples? NIIIIPPPLEESS!!!??!?!? Where'd you go?

    • bdg

      Pull your hair into a ponytail and retake!!! Thanks

    • JohnMcClane_


      I could get behind her portrayals…or in front of them…or on top of them…or under. You get the drift…

  • third and long

    #32 yep yep yep need me some more

    • Eddie

      and find her

  • Travis Mahoney

    is it bad that i can recognize half of the anime that these are from

    • Flox

      Asked myself the same question. Came to the conclusion that knowledge is power and as such there's no bad or unnecessary knowledge. Alas, good job, Sir.

    • Dan

      I recognized the Mario girl. Still, these girls are hot!

    • ChaseTheWalker

      Yes, the answer is yes.

  • 6655321

    #6 Streets Of Rage. Awesome. I love nerd girls.

    • Chiver

      … She's from Final Fight.

    • lolzor

      wrong : Poison from street fighter and/or final fight

      • salute my shorts

        She's also transgender according to the devs. Look it up, i'm 100% serious.

        • Dingle

          True story. They had to justify beating up a girl so they said it was a actually a guy in drag. "Much better." said the guys in charge.

    • dudeness

      Final Fight?

    • Freddy Mercury

      not nerds.

  • Giants Fan

    #20. Lilu Dallas Multipass.

    • djjacobb

      …… she knows its a multipass….

    • Zoey


    • TheJesus


    • kruwreka

      Big Badda BOOM

    • Juna

      Leeloo* 🙂

  • Patrick

    #1 and #44 Jessica Nigri: A perfect way to start and end a post

    • _Like_a_Boss_

      Simply bangn.

    • DaNaRCHy


    • John Kenny

      #44…I'm gonna need a bigger pokeball…

  • Frank M

    #1. Jessica Nigri looked hotter in the alternate pink Lollipop Chainsaw costume from Pax. It was so hot that it got her banned from Pax! Here's a link to the pic:

    • Alex

      She wasn't banned btw, she was asked to change outfit, which she did, sadly 😛
      But yeah, the alternate pink Lollipop was damn hot.

      • Samhedi

        That would never have happened at PAX West, but unfortunately Boston has the puritan stick so far up it's ass it looks like a thanksgiving popsicle.

    • Matrim

      I think my boner just exploded…thanks for the link

  • Paul Cramp

    #40 Holy Turtles, who is that! MOAR!!!

    • Attaxia

      I believe its Mario

      • Matrim

        I believe he meant the model

    • James

      I'd drive down her rainbow road.

    • Jay

      Yes! Definitely need moar of her.

  • Frank

    Is a dude….

    • Grand Rapids

      Has a bigger johnson than Mac

    • Cristian Fabian Bustos Beckenbauer

      her name is Rosanna Rocha

    • yup

      still would..

    • alister

      you're a tool.

  • Wickedslick

    #33 "Anime babes make think the wrong thing…"

    • Somedude

      Barenaked Ladies reference! Love it!

  • RealZoo

    #2 #13 #18 #41…Let the games begin!!!

  • that guy

    #32 Sweet mother of God! MOAR! If she is trying to do Lilu, she has made Milla Jovavich comparatively unattractive.

  • Any

    I love #40!!! So awesome

  • Alex

    #24 #27 #28 I can't remember her name but she's from Soul Calibur I know that. HOT

  • John Hopkins

    Not enough Asians

    • Bob

      To many Asians!

      • Bob

        *Too (stupid phone)

        • Freddy Mercury

          no one cares.

  • Schnizz

    #1 & #21 all day long!!!!!!!

  • Chicago Sean

    #4 Best Lara Croft on this post

  • RichG.inIN

    Maybe one day I will get around to checking this cosplay stuff out, but not a big fan of these weird hair colors or wigs for that matter.I can understand it when acting but prefer natural hair and blonde, brunette or redhead. Getting past that all of these women are beautiful. Chive, you need to do posts of these women in more natural settings. Show us who they really are and what they look like outside of cosplay.

    • Rich Graff

      The pics I like from this post are #4, #6, # 13, #14, #32, #37 and #41.

      • Ass

        So what..

    • hootie

      3 words: Shut the fuck up you lousy blabbermouthing douchewashing toolbag and go sit on a railroad spike while sucking an egg-

      • kigero

        That's 18, or 17 and a letter

    • @McBeastie666

      half of them seem batshit crazy.

    • CedarLamb

      Oh no everybody back up! This spoiled pussy is unhappy! Stop the whole show cuz this douchebag is not pleased. Please kind sir, throw yourself off a bridge and shut the fuck up. Whiny little bitches like you will be the reason I rip someones lips off today. Fuckin pansy thinks the world should revolve around your sensitive ass. Fuck you and your kind. Pull that tampon from betwixt your legs and be a man.

      • 0948

        lol chivers are such kind and accepting people. unless you express an opinion they don't agree with…..

    • VASHtheCHIBI

      The thing is, for (some) of these girls, this is their natural setting. They love to dress up and pretend to be someone else for a few hours. They are probably more comfortable in these costumes than they are in a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt where they have to hide their hobbies from the world because others look down on them for it.

      This is no different than most of the posts on this site where women wear next to nothing at all. You can't tell me that that is their "natural settings". There is no way on earth that most of the girls on this website would walk around town wearing nothing but a tee-shirt that they have to hold down to stay modest. At least these cosplayers aren't ashamed to be seen in public in these outfits. In fact, they are proud of the hard work and effort it takes to get themselves to look like that. Many cosplayers spend hours hand making their costumes, figuring out how to fix their hair, and how to put on makeup. It's an art just as much as drawing or professional makeup for movies.

      It's like most other hobbies or lifestyles, you can't knock it until you have tried it. These girls are bearing their soul through their art. There is nothing more natural than that.

  • Alisa

    Photo #14 Emma Frost image by Bryan Humphrey. Costume and modeling by Alisa Farrington. Glad someone liked the picture but it was shitty to crop out the watermark that gave any kind of credit.

    • JerseyGuy

      Yeah, much as I love the Chive, they do that kind of thing a lot. Kind of an a$$hole-ish thing to do really.

    • JerseyGuy

      PS You look fantastic!

  • Slade Garrison

    #38 is on deviantart at

    #14 is Alisa Kiss, google her, you'll be happy.

    #9 is the duo of as Super Girl and as Power Girl

    • kigero

      #38 Once you go green you never go… uh… damn it!

      • Juan Guillermo Chaves F

        Hello Meagan!!

    • Jonathen

      I googled Alisa Kiss and you're right. I am happy. Thank you.

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