theCHIVE is holding an exclusive advanced screening of TED in Los Angeles

So this is kinda' cool. Universal Pictures has asked theCHIVE to host an advanced screening of the new comedy 'TED' starring Seth MacFarlane, Mark Wahlberg, and Mila Kunis, on Monday, June 25th in LA.

The film doesn't drop in theaters until June 29th so this is badass.

I personally can't wait to see this film because it actually looks fucking hysterical. So here's the deal:

The first 250 Chivers to RSVP to tedthechive [at] gmail [dot] com will receive a ticket to this screening. You can request a +1 if you like. You MUST receive a confirmation email to attend. This screening is first come first serve, so please plan to arrive early to secure a seat.

All of theCHIVERS will be in attendance except for Mac, who will probably show up anyway. We're all looking forward to sharing some lol's with our fellow Chivers so get to your email, go!


John n' Leo

Screening Location:

The Landmark Theater

June 25th, 7PM

10850 W. Pico Blvd., Suite 520, Los Angeles, CA

Theater 7

This is an R-Rated film so you must be over 17 to attend.

  • flybirdsfly

    I can not wait to see this movie.

    • hootie

      that makes 1 of us, this piece of crap will be a massive flop-

      • Pete

        I don't know, it does kinda look like fun. Stupid fun, but fun.

    • yup

      I'm guessing…. on the level with Bucky… The Chive is a bit of a whore for ad money it seems…

    • justsomeguy

      yeah, no a movie with the guy who "could have stopped 9/11" and a shitty animated teddy bear is going to be awesome.

      i will watch this if i sneak in jack and coke and someone buys my ticket… otherwise its a torrent. either way the only thing that will make this funny is alcohol… i wonder if they will eventually make fun of this movie in a family guy episode..?

      mila kunis is in it… the only plus.

  • MarthaJeane

    Makes me wish I lived in LA.

    • LucretiusCarus

      Nothing has ever made me wish I lived in LA.

      • tito1223e

        LA Is The Best

    • MattKL

      F'real, yo!

      But on the other hand, this DOES give me a chance to take this cute girl out that I've been talking to. So overall, this is a win.

  • JOHN

    Seth McFarlane is a massive tool.

  • dantheman7

    Seth McFarlane is a cool motherfucker. and John^ sucks dick.

    • dantheman7

      I seen him

  • SpacemanSpiff

    Well I'm out…seeing that I'm from Aruba

    OR! I have a better idea! You guys can screen it here and make a Caribbean get away out of it… it's a win win situation

  • gus_g

    seriously … a piece of my soul died when i saw the preview for this movie. its beyond horrible even a brain dead zombie won't be able to watch this pile of crap. Seth McFarlane was awesome at one point but now he is a total tool with stupid show.

    • anonymous coward

      i thought the same, but then i watched the redband trailer and changed my mind

    • Anon

      This movie looks pretty damn funny dude, but I guess hating on every movie the Chive is even mildly involved with is the cool thing to do. Sure Bucky larson was worse than something my dog could write but this looks like good stuff.

      • barry

        and "that's my boy"(which, huge surprise, was a flop). but no anon, you're right, anyone points out that a movie like shit can't POSSIBLY MEAN IT……..

        • barry

          *looks like

      • Blunt

        Stewie — a child who talks like an adult. Brian — a dog who talks like an adult. Ted — a child's toy animal who talks like an adult. Seth MacFarlane is a genius!

        • oh my

          exactly blunt, now pass dat shit-

  • Martin_McFly

    Sooo.. even if you are accepting a limited RSVP list, you still have to "secure a seat"??? Seems… a bit off. Better have a backup plan for the night then..

  • rob

    This honestly gives me a very strong feeling that I need to use up my air miles and fly down to LA for a night just to see this movie. I've been pumped up for it when the trailer first came out and I thought it was a damn April Fool's joke…

  • Marty

    Anybody get RSVP's yet?

    • Jeremy DeAnda

      not I

    • karen

      i’m still waiting for my confirmation. :/

    • Gina Lazzari

      I did! It took 24 hours….I gave up hope, but just got it and I think I jumped up and down for 20 mins straight.

  • chris coleman

    I would love to see it…. But I live in Ireland and i haven’t got a ticket…. 😉

  • Macro

    Damn, I'm jealous. That movie looks incredible.

    • Ha.

      Incredibly bad.

      • hootie

        I mean you just have to wonder how phucked some1's mind has to be to think this retreaded pile of shit actually looks like a good film…

        • Macro

          So much anger in here. It's not a classic "film", it's just a funny f**kin' movie. Relax you dirty hipster.

          • oh my

            I hate hipsters, and I like comedies. This flick is obviously just a retreaded, big stinking pile of shit.

          • Stewart Griffin

            you can tell someone is angry over text? amazing. anyway, people like and dislike things. welcome to the real world outside the basement.

  • laurie

    we all love it but wow…LA only, sucks…going to see the movie anyway, taking my teenage son because it's a teddy bear and omg wow…wishing i was in ireland…

  • parlay

    my friend worked post on this film, for what it's worth she told me it's fucking hysterical

  • finer

    LA doesn't really suck. I've lived here my whole life. I love the ocean, hiking, the wine. why do people generalize an area. I love Milwaukee too, but i'm sure there's a few assholes there too.

    • Jeremy DeAnda

      I think she meant it sucked because it was "LA only"

  • maxwell

    I'm not going to hate b/c the chive is getting me into a movie that I want to see for free, I'll take it

    • maxwell

      'Cause I got no standards. Food in the trash? Least it's free…….

  • dirty toe nail

    I can almost picture the Fonz strappin on his water skis. RIP TheChive.

    • maxwell

      this comment just after a video of a Taylor Morris using his prosthetic hand to eat a brownie, the chive helped raise $250,000 for him. RIP Chive?

      • dirty toe nail

        Apples and dollars my friend, apples and dollars……

        I gave every cent I could spare to Taylor. It didn't take a thinly veiled marketing ploy to make me do so.

  • Armed Ann Dangerous

    If Ted was playing in my back yard, I'd pull the blinds.

    • Awesam


  • Betsy

    Pick me!!! Pick me!!!

  • damn


  • Nickn

    Can't… Stop… Send/Receive…must get confirmation…

  • Phil

    The Chive selling out for a piece of shit movie, no surprise there. Where'd all the "That's my Boy" banners go?

    • Fuck Off Phil

      You sir are gay

      • Big Hairy Frank

        Fuck Off Phil, get back here and finish sucking my cock.

  • shane

    anybody get a confirmation yet?
    I am in LA for that night only.

  • Jimmy

    How about they hook you up with an extended trailer of stuff we haven't seen yet!!!

  • PubicJones

    It is "kinda" cool. Don't let this shit go to your heads Chive. You're still average guys.

  • whosyopapi

    Check out the picture of Bill Murray down beneath the Cat's Cradle… something interesting is available for those who are curious 🙂

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