theCHIVE is holding an exclusive advanced screening of TED in Los Angeles

So this is kinda' cool. Universal Pictures has asked theCHIVE to host an advanced screening of the new comedy 'TED' starring Seth MacFarlane, Mark Wahlberg, and Mila Kunis, on Monday, June 25th in LA.

The film doesn't drop in theaters until June 29th so this is badass.

I personally can't wait to see this film because it actually looks fucking hysterical. So here's the deal:

The first 250 Chivers to RSVP to tedthechive [at] gmail [dot] com will receive a ticket to this screening. You can request a +1 if you like. You MUST receive a confirmation email to attend. This screening is first come first serve, so please plan to arrive early to secure a seat.

All of theCHIVERS will be in attendance except for Mac, who will probably show up anyway. We're all looking forward to sharing some lol's with our fellow Chivers so get to your email, go!


John n' Leo

Screening Location:

The Landmark Theater

June 25th, 7PM

10850 W. Pico Blvd., Suite 520, Los Angeles, CA

Theater 7

This is an R-Rated film so you must be over 17 to attend.

  • ibs2pid

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, I wish I lived in Cali. I want to see this so bad!!

  • absolutcarcrazy

    well fuck me for living in NC.

  • elninja

    Anyone get a confirmation yet? I'm in Los Angeles, would love to go!!!!! Pick me chive! I'm the chiver in South Central LA!!!!!

  • Hawras

    Black KCCO Active!

    • Daniela Anderson

      Tell me what to click. Can't find it!!

  • Jake Barba

    I emailed!! I'm dying to see this movie. I haven't received confirmation yet but I will post when I do. I think I made it in time. Thanks Chive!!!!!!!

  • Thomas A. Hennigan

    Stewie — a child who talks like an adult. Brian — a dog who talks like an adult. Ted — a child's toy animal who talks like an adult. Seth MacFarlane is a genius!

  • Dee

    One of my friends sister is in this movie, Chanty Sok is her name. She is the Asian hooker sitting on the couch with Ted.. She was also in the movie Fighter. Its going to be a good movie.

  • patty_cakess

    oh shit oh shit oh shit… cant.. type. fast. enough

  • Ruckus

    The Chive has a horrible track record picking movies. Remember the nonstop promos on here for Bucky Larson (now ranked as one of the worst movies ever made)?

  • Jimmy

    I live less than a mile from the theater… I really hope to get a seat!!!

    • Simon Peter Hui

      it'll still probably take you an hour to get there!

  • Matt

    Don't care at all. Best thing about it will be that the Ted-shilling on Chive will eventually come to an end.

  • spencer

    I live in phoenix I got to see the pre screening on the 7 it was hilarious!!! Love this movie.

  • Tito1223e

    How Can All These Losers Be Hating On The Movie When It's Not Even Out Yet? You Guys Don't Really Know If It Suck…

  • AWBguy

    same day as the yellowcard music video filming also in LA! AHHH!

  • Marty

    Still no confirmation! I sent in my email right after this was posted.

  • Chuck

    Wait…they must be showing different previews for this movie in California if you think this is even remotely cool.

  • NichNeil

    Has anyone gotten a confirmation yet? I know I emailed them within 30 min of posting. I hope I got in…

  • workingbruin


    • HotBruin

      Take me?

      • nellie

        Call me maybe?

  • Gina Lazzari

    Thank you so much for the tickets!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to see this movie!!!! I might have to post a booty pic to show my appreciation 😉

  • dave

    thanks chive for the free tickets!

  • Simon Peter Hui

    thanks for nothing =(

  • Joe

    Has anyone received a confirmation yet?

  • nuccabay

    so, can i just pick up my BFM shirt from you guys and not have to pay the shipping? lol

  • Joe

    Still haven't received an email and the screening is tonight…What's going on with this??

  • Simon Peter Hui

    im still waiting for my email confirmation… when's the movie?

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