A few beautiful beaches that you should get away to (40 Photos)


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    suck me dry

    • R.A.Dickey

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        Honestly, your comment is worse than the first.

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          I think thats the point of his comment. Suck me dry has been doing this for days now and he is the antithesis of a chiver

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    • You're cool


  • http://thinkrandomness.blogspot.com beserker


    i sooo need a holiday now!!!!!

  • friend

    #12 Creative…

    • that guy

      shopped, one of the trees missin :P)

    • AssHaterson

      Are these the same tree from the Corona Christmas commercial?

      • AssHaterson


    • Katie

      What happens if one dies, do they rename the resort?

      • Jeff

        No resort by that name, nor is the beach actually called 6 Palms, just Waikiki, one of the shittier beaches on Oahu..

  • joob

    #1 Sadly, this beach from the movie "The Beach" is now overrun by tourists on island-hopping tours.

    • Kschafs

      I went there last year, I couldn't even see the beach there were so many people and boats. Apparently they are trying to work out a system so limit the number of visitors

  • Kayln

    Been to 8 of them..sickk

    • Milfhunter

      thanks but fuck you (sigh)

    • Milfhunter

      Actually why do u have to brag. Yussus, do you have a boyfriend. take me with!

  • Chicago Sean

    #5 Paradise.

    Also, thanks for all the location names attached to the photos so I know all the names of the places I'll never be able to afford to go to!

    • http://www.wagonmusic.com Mo'Phat

      Stayed at the Pearl Beach. Amazing.

    • mathieu

      Work and/or study harder then!

  • A2_tha_MFK

    #40 is my home beach! Turimetta AKA Little Warriewood beach, Northern Beaches of Sydney.

  • BritBerrier

    #14 I've been here. Visit sri lanka, its so beautiful!

  • chiver82

    Thank you for posting locations!

    • thom

      Need these in HD.

  • edslerson

    I want to kill myself more everyday

  • adam p

    i've been to #10, amazing, i suggest walking the trail

    • Jason

      Most scenic hiking trails on earth. I actually got engaged after a hike to Vernazza. Sad that last year, 3 of the towns were wiped out in landslides. They are trying to rebuild.

    • lifeisbliss

      I've been as well, wow, what a trail!! I think Cinque Terre will definitely be a place we'll visit again.

  • Tedesco


    This place you call Paradise is Fernando de Noronha – Brazil

  • dubya

    joob, actually tgehe islabnds of ko phi phi are two, lay, and don. where the movie was shot (pictured) is the uninhabited one. the other is the tourist destination. iI went about 10 years ago, awesome place!

    • sawatdeekaa

      10 years ago, that may have been the case but joob is actually right. koh phi phi lei is super packed with tourists on day trips and they even allow camping overnight in the centre of the island.

  • Stacey


    Spending a week there in April next year… Can't wait!

    • lisa

      was there last october. This is just an average picture of one of the beaches there. There are so many though it is hard to choose the best. It is an incredible island. Hope you like rum. 😉

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    • Kristen

      Nobody cares, fuck-head.

      • 09487

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  • yeah

    I can vouch for #11 and #36 Boracay, Philippines. It's really an amazing place although it's becoming quite touristy over the last few years. Crystal clear water, white sand, cheap drinks, and a beach full of lovely Pinays in bikinis…paradise found!

    • smoke

      Boracay is overcrowded, I'd prefer El Nido there isn't too much tourists and a 45 minute flight from Boracay.

      • yeah

        It is getting crowded. My wife and I went to Palawan last time and it was well worth the trip.

    • GVLSCChiver

      My sister has been going to Boracay for years diving and still raves about it, but then again she does know all the locals so it is like going home.

      • Kristen

        She fucked all the locals…because she's a whore.

  • Retired Navy

    Been there!!!

  • cels0_o

    #32 is truly an amazing sight. We took a raft expedition out there and word's cant even begin to explain the beauty.

  • Static

    Chive… I hate you for this.

  • Ssparks

    I agree with chicago sean

  • http://www.facebook.com/carlos.moreno.754570 Carlos Moreno

    My wife and I are headed there for our honeymoon mid July.

    • Your Neighbor

      I fucked your wife.

      • who cares

        she gets around

  • Raptor

    Cheers for including the names, it makes it much easier to daydream!

  • winnisquamsndbr

    White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, BVI, home of the Soggy Dollar and the world famous "painkiller"!!!!

  • dave

    thank you for posting the names of the places!!!!!!

  • Zrock76


    Looks like it used to be called 7 Palms

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