Animals that don’t suck (40 Photos)

  • Bradyized

    #9 #15 Hahahaha. Superb.

  • _Like_a_Boss_

    #39 If you have ever owned one (or two) you totally understand.

    • kruwreka

      I miss mine.

      • _Like_a_Boss_

        Very sorry for your loss, they are so special.

  • @JDougE09

    #28 he's got the right idea haha

  • REid

    #28 MOAR of this girl please!!

  • Louie A

    #28 FIND HER!!!

  • Reign_Maker

    #40 LIKE A BOSS!

  • WORB

    #23 Newfies rule! Also, MOAR of the chick!

  • NewfFan


    Your Newfies are gorgeous! I grew up with a Newfie myself. And the girl is pretty cute too.

  • joe


    I heard you guys had eskimo pies

  • jeff donuts

    damn i want one of these little suckers

  • _maxPain_

    —-Topper Harley ?
    _Once perhaps,now I am called Tooka Chinchilla !
    —-What does it mean ?
    _Giant fluffy bunny feet !

  • DB Conor

    Gold Leader: It's no good, I can't maneuver!
    Gold Five: Stay on target.
    Gold Leader: *We're too close!*
    Gold Five: Stay on target!
    Gold Leader: [aaaaaayyyy!]

  • DB Conor

    #38 Hello humens. how are you? fantastic. Look at your dog, now back at me. Now back at your dog, and back to me. Sadly, your dog is not me.

    …Look in your paw, what is it? I have it. It's a tennis ball with two cookies in that flavor I love. Now the tennis ball is kibbles. I am chasing a squirrel.

  • DB Conor

    #40 Dog pinata!

  • Loewe

    I would need new shorts after this moment.

  • Gallus

    #12 is not the smartest thing to do. Those critters can do some serious damage to a hand.

    #25 would have me totally freaked out!

  • Littlet

    #39 -SOON

  • MrHat

    #28 It took me awhile to find the animal in this picture. Too busy looking at.. The pool.

  • Alexandru Chitimus


  • Ahmed

    #38 "Sup…"

  • NoHope4Some

    #20 I iz ready for battle

  • James

    "Hey whats the deal with Global Warming, should i panic?"

  • gieldb

    #7 like a fox!

  • Jenny Torres

    All these guys are awesome….but # 11 has won my heart! ♥

  • Eli

    #4 is that a rabbit on freakin steroids

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