Chivettes bored at work (29 Photos)

Are you bored at work? Do you feel like procrastinating? Send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • Freddy

    Damn we need to see more of #27 she's got ass for days

  • togaen

    #24 mOoOoOoOaaarrrr

  • tnrchr

    Im digging #3, #17, #27 & #29

  • Jason Boyd

    # 10 you are smoking hot! By the way you look nothing like Casey Anthony. Haters gonna Hate!

    • Will

      That's her dude stop hangin out at the bizaar and pick up some SA!!!

  • C10v3

    #27 MOAR!

  • Jarhead03

    #27 moarrrrr :')

  • Howard

    MOAR #24

  • Mcb

    #5 you're drop dead gorgeous!!!

  • Mike

    #26 You have a GREAT rack.

  • DocBri_Guy

    #14…….Coursey or New Orleans Happy's???

    • Shabooms


  • ohno

    noone will read this. but. all these bitches need to get back to work.

  • MC Robins

    #10 I would never be late to work if you were my boss haha

  • CF Ninja

    #7 on the left, find her

  • Jake

    #23 nice nipple piercings! Makes you even hotter, let's see clit piercings

    • Elle Land

      haha, yeah,,,, chive will not show those….

  • ohboy

    1. no black girls ont his site ever
    2. racist chive
    3. email me chive is rac ist@gmai
    4. these girls aren't really newly single, just looking for attention
    5. these girls who post at work shoudl be fired, vapid and ugly
    6. chivettes are lame
    7. chive is not philanthropic, just gross 40 year old cree pers who post pics of underage girls, only white girls

    • Jake

      If u hate life that much jump off a bridge, chances are everyone hates u too since ur so pathetic u have to bitch about half naked women

    • Trish

      Before you say "no black girls on this site ever" or "racist chive"

  • padres

    #17 i will happily keep you entertained tonight!

  • Kenny

    #1 #14 #27 #10 #12 – Beautiful!!!

  • steelers4385

    27 has a absolute to die for ass.

  • man

    #27 and #18 bringin the heat. smokeshows for sure

  • coope116

    Moar of #12 and #18 please!

  • WildjavSir Appears

    Sweet baby Jesus!
    I obviously choose the wrong job!

  • Colby

    #4 is "skip-a-beat" gorgeous.. and #24 has an epic shirt and cute as all get out! 🙂

  • James Leach

    #1 Is hands down the best! More, More, More, More please.

    • @AnyaMercedes

      Gracias 😉 KCCO

  • TjRauch

    #3 and #12
    Can i take you out!? papapaplease

  • Mack

    #24 you are epic purp's, so nice… Also, doing it right.. Also, MoRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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