Chivettes bored at work (29 Photos)

Are you bored at work? Do you feel like procrastinating? Send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  • OgreKing

    #24 You rock!

  • greg

    Need more #24

  • slmlmn

    #7 on the left is blazin hot #18 cute #27 tasty cakes

  • commonsense

    why can't I work with attractive people?

  • Steve_dwyer

    #23 I'm livin the nip rings… Had my done last summer grils love it

    • Elle Land

      yeah, I am not gonna lie, my fiance LOVES them. 😀

  • Brian Swagtastic Howard

    #29 Is beautiful, expecially since shes showing Detroit some love with the cup. GO TIGERS

  • ohboy

    1. no black girls ont his site ever
    2. racist chive
    3. email me chive is rac ist@gmai
    4. these girls aren't really newly single, just looking for attention
    5. these girls who post at work shoudl be fired, vapid and ugly
    6. chivettes are lame
    7. chive is not philanthropic, just gross 40 year old cree pers who post pics of underage girls, only white girls
    8. chivettes only want attention, get a life girls
    9. where are the black girls and mi norities?

    • Hunter

      You are obviously a cunt !

    • mejh77

      Tell you what, blacks have their own colleges, so why doesn't someone take the initiative to start a website with black and minority women if it pisses you off so much. Using the term "racist" is incorrect.

      • Adam E Runcie

        @mej….freaking THANK YOU.

        #1 – "Black is Beautiful" posts…look em up.
        #2 – No?
        #3 – Can I spam you? I'm totally sending you penis enlargement emails. And how to get rid of sand in your V.
        #4 – Some are, some arent. They're hot. Who cares?
        #5 – vapid and ugly aren't verbs, so start a new sentence.
        #6 – Based on what data?
        #7 – Ask that Taylor kid who got his arms blown off just how Philanthropic the chive is. When was the last time you donated $250K? Also, John isn't 40…yet. Even if he was…not seeing too many underage girls on here chief.
        #8 – Don't we all? That's sort of one of the most basic of human needs. Clearly, you're into it.
        #9 – Atlanta.

        • Adam E Runcie

          So did not mean to attach pictures to this….oh well.

        • You_have_downs

          I down voted solely on the fact that you fed the troll, and then made a VERY lame attempt at trying to be that "intelligent troll", who thinks he's clever, but isn't.

  • Chris

    #10 Casey Anthony?

  • Chris

    #10 Casey Anthony!!!??!!!???

    • Will

      YES IT IS ***i called it first page nine boyee

  • Carlos

    #27 I'd love to spank that naught bottom! Made my day seeing that

  • Chris

    #10 Casey Anthony

    • Will

      Thankyou dude this is fucking Casey Anthony

      • Chris

        100% if not it would be a miracle

  • Treybo1

    Please make a MOAR regular feature. My fave feature. Love bored at work Chivettes.

  • gfypls

    #24 is fucking gross

  • fargoman

    hey chive is #4's first name yaldak?

    • fargoman


  • Brian

    #29 GO TIGS!

  • TheProfessor

    #9 yes, employees MUST

  • Craig

    #17 beautiful!

  • @LAGrayson


    I want this woman above all other women.

  • jarhead10

    #10 I hoping for those buttons to bust.

  • bwkisley

    please le me work with one of you!!!!!!!

  • MunMun$

    #27 I like her facial expressions. 1st one: "Mmmph… I do have a great ass."
    2nd one: "Uh huh… I do look great naked."

  • r dawg

    #24 in love fo sho!

  • Chuckleberry

    #9 Sign says "Employees must show boobs before returning to work" #27 DATASS

  • Rob

    #15 going to wear my kcco next time I go in hopes of actually finding a SoCal chivette

  • bdg

    #14 #24 and #27!!!!! Moar-HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!
    #21 hot but illiterate!!!!

    • bdg

      #14 Soon (followed by maniacal laugh)

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