Products made in the country of W.T.F. (21 Photos)

  • togaen

    #17 Where do I get one?

  • jjj

    Currently sold out, but you can have them notify you when it is back in stock:
    $9.95 for a two-pack.

    • togaen

      Baller status. Thank you.

  • Dan

    #6 Hey, I work for Keystone Fireworks and we sell one called "Mighty Midgets". Sure not as dirty but I was still a little shocked when I saw it on the new product list.

  • WildjavSir Appears

    Mmmmm mmm

  • Daver

    #11 needs "gasoline spilt on the driveway"
    And "on the bass boat". And maybe " stripclub VIP room"

  • vorpal

    #21 could actual come in handy. no pun intended….

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  • Damien Loki

    #7 oh…I thought they were something else entirely

  • Nishtai

    #21 Sounds… salty

  • Isa

    I guess #14 is funny if you're too goddamn stupid to realize that (gasp) some objects have text in TWO DIFFERENT LANGUAGES on them… which I'd like to think any person of even moderate intelligence would be able to figure out around age 4.

    I look forward to the swarm of morons posting indignant replies to this comment, since I will never, ever be back. Have fun, guys.

  • Joe

    I was just a few feet from you Becky. I saw your wonderful shell arwtork, and took a picture of it, but you were away at the time. It was cool. It must have taken you a while to collect all those shells.

  • graham

    #15 was in half the rinks ive ever played in

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