Scientists have discovered the crazy gene and it’s called: women (36 photos)

  • vorpal

    #16 and #30 I don't see a problem here……..

  • WaikikiWayne

    #16 OK, my turn…

  • WaikikiWayne

    #18 Brain-Freeze Level 120

  • 556shooter

    #19 I don't care how crazy this one is, I would hit it!

  • bwkisley

    #21 seen this like 5 times on here so far….

  • Exp



  • M4jestic

    #16 what the hell u think ure doing…

  • lol'd

    Put this on while looking at #10

  • Hedonista


    what's wrong with that ?

  • FarmBoy

    #6 Can I get a slice of that?

  • Scott

    I see nothing crazy about #16 and #19. The other women are all fucking nuts.

  • @IsSheADaughter

    I think #21 is the creepiest photo ever. If a girl had that room and then wanted me to have sex with her in it I think I could have to call the police. That's serial sex addict written all over it.

  • Jin Jung

    #14 I want to see the pic from the taller building across the street.
    #18 Gives new meaning to – I just creamed of her face.

  • lost in time

    #5 that's probably the only tight part of her body

  • bob

    #6 is all kinds of CUTE find ad MOAR please

  • Diane

    The title to this post sets the feminist movement back 20 years.

  • hehaha

    #16 3>

  • @StAiChiLLin

    #16 & #19 these two are just amazing.

  • mike

    #16 suckin down on farts! outrageous fun!

  • redeye

    33 sexy

  • Mark

    #8 Bukkake shield

  • WhinyMen

    Scientists also discovered the solution to the problems these whiny impotent men and it's SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO FUCK A HOE!

  • Toroi86

    #12 Okay so am I the ONLY one who thought about how that would feel for a second? Im horrible. . . I know

  • dennieyo

    #23 now thats wut u call a serious PET! RAWR!

  • fev

    Is #5 Katy Perry? If so I think I like her even more…………..

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