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Women shedding the lbs. is more than a little impressive (35 Photos)

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  • rocklesson86

    You guys just gave me even more motivation to loose the weight.

  • MoreDoHigh

    They didn’t need to lose any weight. All very sexy BBWs

  • Just a fella

    I'm trying to do this as a dude. Shits rough but I'm haning in there. Chive posting these type of galleries just pumps me up even more.

    mark my words Chive you will have a before and after from me as jeebus as my witness. I will have a before and after and I really credit Chive for helping me find the extra gear to get my arse in motion.

    • Rosho-Meng


  • Michael Lewandowski

    Props to all these gals!!!!!! 😀

  • Ian

    #16… Triple-bra tit-crusher??? wtf lol

  • Alan

    Congratulations on not just losing weight but keeping the muscle tone. Many people who lose a lot a weight suddenly have flabby, loose skin. Which is grosser than being overweight.
    Not trolling, just saying.

  • Kenny

    Congrats to all you ladies!!!
    #12 You look like a supermodel!!!

  • Erica

    Wow not only did #14 lose the weight but it also seems like she got younger in those 3 years too and put her prom dress back on. Great job to the ones who lost the weight but a few of these got there before and after mixed up.

  • Tao Thoma

    Big shout out to all of these women to taking steps to getting in shape and being healthy. It takes hard work and dedication and they all deserve a round of applause!

    This coming from a FFA memeber (former fat ass), used to be 252 lbs and 30% body fat, down to 175 lbs and 5.6%. Proud of all of you!

    • Tao Thoma

      for taking steps*

  • Eddie Olazaran

    All of these are amazing!

  • iaintcreepin

    #25 I'd really love to know how you lost the weight so fast.

  • Dusty32

    GREAT JOB GIRLS!!! Way to put BOOTS-2-ASSES!!!

  • Helen


  • nic

    tell us how all these lbs were lost!

  • Jpadawan666

    A big round of applause to all these girls… and #10 … MOAR!

  • Mr. Pianoman

    # 25, u r absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • Rheiniel Del Rosario

    #21Chubby or slim is still beautiful to me :))

  • Rich1988

    Very impressive but why did #15 become a robot?

  • Brett Butler

    Congrats ladies! You all look great!

  • Ryan B

    #3 you're doing it right!


    #21 looks the same. Congrats to all the ladies in this thread! NKOTB does not like fatties.

  • Tamara Garcia

    I'm next…and what's so funny is, I started going to the gym because of TheChive. I was so sick and tired of seeing all the women on here looking good and it actually made me feel like shibb….so, I started the gym in April of this year and I gave myself a year to become a Chivette…..Look out…already down 20 1/2 lbs in two and half months….See you next year Chive….

  • gingergreek

    You ladies are nothing but KICK ASS!! Well done that is pure awesome. I myself are currently in the process of losing weight. so far I have lost 90 lbs in the last 6 months KCCO!

  • ⚜ NOLA Man Blog ⚜

    Good job! Now only 175 million women left to go in the United States!

  • Lauren

    All these women are gorgeous! Such hard work went into losing all that weight! Great job girls keep up the great work!!! I want to tell my cousin to post a picture she lost over 50 pounds! Such a hot chica now!!!!

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