Before they were supermodels, they took yearbook photos just like us (21 Photos)

  • kake

    Photography.. I mean Computers have come a long f'n way.

  • Lars

    #13 Axl Rose?

  • PinkMember

    Who is #3

    • hilljay

      Bar Refaeli

  • bradyblackman
  • Euroranger

    I don't know who #9 is but that one and Nikki Taylor looked better back in the day.

    • Fish

      Shannon(?) Seymour, the one that Axl Rose used to beat up.

  • Jimbeezy

    21 fake noses

  • Mjmchiver

    #16 is hotter in her yearbook pic than in te recent one

  • salmon

    #13 moss fugly in both pics everyone else stunning in both pics! If u didnt know they were gonna be hot u had no game.

  • Nanook

    Kate was a FLK (Funny Looking Kid) and has not changed. #13 Yuck

  • @IsSheADaughter

    hahaha when I get famous I can't wait for people to check out my middle school picture. It's priceless. – We're a Comedy Website!

  • ColaChiver

    #13 She's always been ugly as fuck to me. Seriously don't know what people see in her besides the fact that she's famous.

  • Lunch_Box

    #13 Have never figured out why people think she is attractive.

  • Steven B

    idk who half these people are

  • Mido

    I really think Brooklyn Decker is the most beautiful of all… #2

  • Jim Ritchels

    Hey Chive! Why you no put names with the pics!? I only know 4 of those women, and 2 of them have names in the yearbook pic.

  • Verbal_Kint

    There are so many gorgeous and talented women in this world, I'm convinced being an actress or supermodel is 99.9% luck.

  • Ballen



  • oilfield bill

    There all beautiful no matter what n if people had there money Damn sure they would have face lifts n ect. Done n don't hate!!!!

  • whitetieaffair

    Miranda Kerr was still the best looking even in high school, gosh she isn't fair.

  • reaperACTUAL

    #21 hahaha nope. no plastic surgery there at all!!

  • mathieu

    #13 am i the only one who thinks that kate moss is actually very ugly?

  • tejas

    #20 anytime 😀

  • TheseBcrazies

    Holy shit. Somebody had some work done to her face. She went from ugly as hell ghetto child to banging chocolate candy!

  • max


    one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever seen. Saw her with her kids in SOHO and I was floored. she's gorgeous.

  • bruce

    #12 is Amber Valletta

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