Before they were supermodels, they took yearbook photos just like us (21 Photos)

  • joe shabadoo

    i have no idea who half of these people are…..

  • Guest

    Moar Miranda Kerr!

  • MforMadison

    #1 beautiful then and now

  • Dave

    #21 Good call on the rhinoplasty Tyra. Good lord!

  • Joe Kroger

    Quit being lazy. Put their names underneath the pics.

  • kdbruceintx

    #15 still one of the most beautiful women ever

  • CaptUnderpants

    First thing I'm doing once time travel is invented is going back to like 2000 and wifing up Miranda Kerr before she gets famous. Hopefully the time travel device allows you to pick the age you are when you go back though. I'm not trying to go to jail.

  • http://dadsonvacation.tumblr Duh

    This is crazy… you're trying to tell me that gorgeous women were beautiful when they were 18? My world is crumbling around me

  • epomerance

    plastic surgery, makeup and a new hairstyle will do that.

  • Cory

    #19 before picture looks like tony Montana's sister

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