Chive Everywhere (80 HQ Photos)

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  • scchivette

    Yay, that's us! #34

    • scchivette

      Only, the boys got to go home and not me 😦

      • Beaker

        #34 My attention to detail sometimes does a disservice to girls…sorry scchivette

        • scchivette

          If you're referring to the nice accumulation of pit sweat, that would be due to the fact that it's FUCKING HOT in Kuwait. It was about 113 that day. 🙂

          • Beaker

            I get it…regardless you are beautiful!

          • Beaker

            I'd love to suck your nipples and give you a shocker sometime maybe!

            • scchivette

              Congrats on being the biggest tool I've seen on the internet today! That is quite a feat, sir. 😀

  • Kodos

    I want to see more of you.. please?

  • edgarallanboh

    #56 GO O's!!!

  • insanely great

    #21 my home town.. best photo ever on Chive..<3 [besides any of lovely Paula of course]

  • Rich

    #65 You Ain't Tracks – You Ain't Shit!! YAT YAS from a former AAV Platoon Sergeant… keep up the good work and stay safe boys. Semper Fi!

  • haydenhancock

    #57 I met you at the Grant Park Farmers market last weekend. I was offered a shot but declined 😦 Welcome to Atlanta!

    • Woop

      Is your name for real?

  • tree

    #9 photo bomb of guy in background is hillarious

    • Mark Poli

      Didn't even notice that until i read this comment. One of the best photo bombs ever.

  • JD Marsh

    #9 Photo-bomb of the week

  • Sam Carr

    #57 Throw on your KCCO and go to a Braves game and you'll never want to go home.

  • USAF


    The Cactus Moon, Tucson, AZ
    Used to be my favorite bar when I lived there!

    • Jake

      Cactus Moon! Not as good as it use to be, but still loving the Tucson Chivers!

    • Sarah

      YAY I made it! Love Cactus Moon! KCCO

      • ChiveOnAZ

        Apparently the AZ Chivettes (& Chivers) are either in Tucson or the Grand Canyon… looks like we may have to plan our meetup down south… or @ChiveOnAZ

        • Sarah

          YES! TUCSON meet up! Or even Phoenix, I'll travel for a huge Chive party!

  • Kyle

    #62 Where'd you get the KCCO patch? That would be sick for deployment.

    • Joe

      any haji mart can whip one up for you once you get there.

  • wkdfrog

    #3 Latino pumped Leonardo Di Capirio?!

    • mopar_man

      He looks terribly thrilled to be there.

  • Big Tigger

    We could conquer the world!

  • btrips

    #62 sweet 'stache bro

  • Ciera Schoen

    Congrats boys… finally made the Chive, Love ya Bros!!! t'was an epic night for bfm #64

  • AtlChiver

    #57 Welcome to Atlanta! Chive on!

  • girth

    the i'll stand at the back loookin all derp mac photo's are getting old. also running hoaxes to gain fans is damn right low dirty im not lookin anymore and also if that snaped #43 she would be cut i two just like justice will feel when she see's the siz of this.

    • That guy

      English please.

  • Jester

    #47 Awesome

  • Alex

    #59 I want one! a black KCCO one! How much? 🙂 Great work seriously!

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    #75 101st is badass.

  • Emi

    #12 To all the Military Chivers, thank you for all that you do. I need MOAR of the seriously sexing smiling man in picture 12. MOAR please!!!

  • jode72

    #7 So do the right thing and stamp his passport so he can get out of the friendzone.

    #75 Doing it right.


    #27 Moar of the hottie on the left!!

  • Chiv3On


    Find the brunette!


  • Secret_Frog

    #72 I'd chive on her twin peaks!

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