Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Ruffieg

    Chive, you rock my world!

    • Usa retard nation

      You like your little american cunts (to be pregnant pretty soon) stripping down on the internet everyday don't you.

      • Dumb Americans

        go USA! you're #1 in everything! including obesity and prison population! merica!

    • like me

      no# 48 Rape Time

    • pervyman

      You need to get a life.

  • richkeenan

    #38, He's just sea lion' around by the pool

    • Swagger

      You are a fucking idiot.

    • piehard

      See more at izismile.com…original content ya tard.

    • REDDIT


  • Whoopi_G

    #6 MOAR!!

    • zoom

      Please add #6 to the T-shirt design team.

      This photo shows multiple qualifications.

      • Anony

        Should make chive towels

        • JustAnotherGuy

          Bed sheets too.

      • http://twitter.com/krisskross1605 @krisskross1605

        She's wearing it properly.

    • steve


  • HOOK

    #6 Hot!!

  • BOB

    The chive is gay

    • Snork

      What do you want, a cookie?

    • BOB

      I suck dicks as a hobby, and jack off to naked clowns

      • Guest

        You have no friends.

        • BOB

          I'm sorry. Posting under other people's names is how I feel special. That and when John blows his load in my mouth.

    • vegetarian

      Reddit is nothing but a bunch of chauvinistic Atheist. If you believe in god on reddit you are shunned and told that you are a fool. They basically bitch about creationist being assholes, but they are just as guilty. Also /r/gonewild aint got shit on chivettes. FUCK REDDIT

      • Tyler

        Haha, funny you should dis reddit considering everything on here comes from there and the only original thing you may have is "chivettes." I come on this site because it's funny sometimes but it became a habit and after I discovered reddit, every DAR is a giant repost. Oh and r/gonewild is better.

        • You know it.

          I'm dissing reddit because they are a bunch of elitist asshole's. The whole community sucks. They literally think they invented the internet. Take for example Daniel Tosh's Tosh.0, at the end of every episode someone from the crowd yells something ignorant. This season some one yelled "I saw that video on reddit first". To claim reddit does not borrow from other sources is absurd. To say reddit is filled with smug, looking at the mirror while they jack off, assholes is true. Also they are bigoted towards anyone that believes in god. Also r/gonewild sucks.

    • TheAutomaticMan

      i support this.

    • mike

      Dude, the chive is like a low budget filipino stripper. Its funny to look at and something to check out when youre bored as fuck. Plus we all keep coming back cause, fuck, tits and ass. But if you dont like it, why are you still here shoving singles in her g-string? Idiot.

      • Kip

        your mom is like a low budget filipino stripper.

    • OutThere

      You just harshed my morning mellow

    • https://www.facebook.com/ashley.mayfieldcowan Ashley Mayfield-cowan

      You do realize the irony in your statement. You say the chive is gay, but does that mean you're gay to for going TO the website? Just sayin'….

      • https://www.facebook.com/ashley.mayfieldcowan Ashley Mayfield-cowan


        • Dano152

          No. He was right. Too = also or as well.

          • Dano152

            I mean, you were right the first time.

  • Whoopi_G

    #22 Sorry, but that truck is dumb as fuck.

    • FTFO

      cute girls tho

      • strplayr11

        Looks like the one all the way to the right has a mustache

        • Franklin1138

          GOB: "Oh, Nagarmat, you’ve got a mustache. I mean you’ve got milk on your mustache. I mean, you’ve got a milk mustache."
          Michael: "Yeah. It’s adorable. You look like one of those “Got milk?” models."
          Narrator: "But GOB. mistook Michael’s basic human decency for a romantic interest, and felt a competitive urge to step in."
          GOB: "You know, it’s beyond adorable. Exotic. I find you very attractive."

        • AFoz

          I was gonna say the same thing. The Chivette is hot as hell, but the "girl" on the right leaves a bit to be desired.

          • Bill Murray

            false. both suck. every chick on here that's a chivette is "hot as hell" according to you people……

      • SockMoney17

        Trailer Park all the way

      • dickCOCK

        ya, the dude on the right is HOT as FUCK!!!!

    • Enigo Montoya

      You should see the other redneck crap that comes out of the northwoods of Sconnie. Sheesh.

      • Lo From Wisco

        Hey now, we have plenty of hot bitches in Wisconsin, too!

    • fact

      So is your crude expression, "Whoopi".

      • Whoopi_G

        Fuck you.

    • Keith

      I was thinking the exact same thing. So ugly it was hard to notice anything else

    • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

      How the fuck did they go back to 1990, when that shit was "Popular"?

    • Anon

      I like the KCCO part of the truck

    • https://www.facebook.com/matt.poole.524 Matt Poole

      Agreed, but the chick in the Slayer shirt is hot as fuck

    • jjj

      The overly forced smile is a little scary too.

    • MattyDeuce

      I think our Chivette is hot at least. Rock chicks are my favorite.

    • jon

      hot chicks that wear slayer shirts are hot

    • Tabby70

      There was a truck?

    • mickey

      The last photo is shopped, you ninnies!

    • Dr_Batman

      Anyone else think the "chick" on the right is a dude?

      • 6655321

        Thank you! I thought the second picture was a dude. Well, still do. I've seen 2 seasons of RuPaul's drag race, so I know what's what.

    • You know it.

      Almost as dumb as those chicks in the picture. They look like keith 'the ultimate douche" stone's girlfriend.

    • Mikerhinosisgay

      ……and then we all tag teamed him! Because, you know, he likes The Chive too. That's soooo rare.

      • HopeMarie8998

        Yeah…pretty sure the one on the right has a penis…

    • rob willchuk

      ur a depressing loser dude someone fuckin post a pic having fun and u have to run them down with your rude mouth i think that truck is great and those girls r hot. get a life whoopie

  • http://theChive.com Gary

    #49 – I think it was Shakespeare who said it best, “Gimme that donkey butt and them big ole legs, I ain’t to hard to beg” MOAR

    • DrGarnicus

      Old Billy was right!

    • Enigo Montoya

      Yes, Gary, Shakespeare did have a way with words. I believe he also coined the frame "Can't trust a big butt and a smile." Prolly after the donkey butt years.

    • Keith

      Her legs are so f*in sexy

    • 40YrsYoung

      I love #49 in an unhealthy covetous kind of way.

      • Larry

        Great song. Better picture.

      • http://www.thechive.com GreyGhost9

        looks slightly like Kate upton

    • JAX

      BWAHAHAHA… oh man… nice

    • Mike


    • Cardno

      Agreed, more must be given!

    • Skadoosh

      COTW please!

    • Lotus

      Corsets definately need to make a comeback

    • mopar_man

      Nice gap on her!

      • Her Boyfriend

        i had a nice fap on her!

    • Falthor

      Saw the first picture and thought, Damn that's hot, the second picture was pretty good, but the third picture knocked me unconscious with the amount of awesome it held… I haven't look at the fourth picture for fear of my life…

  • Lisa

    Got a BFM today, hopefully in time for Canada Day. KCCO, Chivers & Chivettes!!!

    • derp

      Awesome! I picked up one of the 3D's!

    • Tfuhr0Canada_eh

      Cheers to that, KCCO!


      I got a special black KCCO yesterday! Also, FUCK YEAH CANADA!

      • Saskguy26

        Got myself 2 greens and a BFM, on top of the 2 blacks that i got 2 months ago (took them a month to arrive)

    • Ben Dover

      Don't get your hopes up.I've gotten shirts on 2 occasions and it took 3 weeks to get them in Alberta.

      Canada Rocks KCCO Canada

      • Lisa

        Boo-urns! I'm in Edmonton! Well, I managed to get a KCCO Black and it shipped out last Wednesday so I hope I get THAT one by Canada Day weekend at least. KCCO indeed!!!

        • That Guy

          I'm in Edmonton too and the last time I ordered a KCCO, it took over 3 weeks…..at least it came though! Now just gotta wait on my shiny new BFM!

          • Trav1121

            In RD here and each of my shirts took at least 3 weeks to arrive. Good luck tho and Canada 4tw! (specifically Alberta!)

            • lyle

              I managed to get a KCCO black today now just gotta wait for it to get to edmonton.

    • http://www.facebook.com/steven.sheret Steven Sheret

      Got to love the Edmonton chivers! Got my black KCCO shirt in yesterday and my green one is all packed up for houseboating for Canada day. Hope to see you all on whyte one day!

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    Who fucking cares meow anyway.
    I'm soooo not sorry for neglecting you my dearest minions…. Your beloved Paula has been really bushy the last few days.

    – Fan testimonial: "Isn't there a way for the chive to ban this a$$hole? – Tired of her $hit"

    • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

      Bushy? I'll fire up the Poulan….

    • Billy

      Shut up Bob………………..

      • Stan_Dalone

        Open letter to the Chivers

        How is it a troll who is intensly hated by most everyone somehow gets 154 votes up? When what she says, has little or nothing of any value.

        Especially when her goal is to reach a plus score. So how is she managing to do that? Well I did some research, it turns out you can buy a plug

        in on-line for 45 dollars american and it by-passes the Perma-Link. So you can effectively keep voting yourself up. The only other way is if you

        OWN the site and you can by-pass it anytime you like. After a several hour confrontation with the people who run paula this is what one of them

        had to say: "Chive guy • 3 hours ago iIf you knew who Paula really is it would blow your feeble mind". So the boys in the office run paula,

        isn't that right LG?

    • Jackie Treehorn

      Paula cracks me up. Everyone just keeps loving everything all the time. Paula does the opposite and its refreshing. Suck it Trebek

      • walter sobcheck

        love the name, buddy.

    • Paula oinks

      Go fuck yourself with a cactus, you fat pig.

    • jbreezy

      Your efforts are bad and you should feel bad

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        Oh I feel bad allright… I'm so bad… I need to be spanked right meow.
        C'mon little Chiver, spank me already. Spank me. SPANK ME!!! MEOW!!1!

        – the one you love to hate

        • Dr_StrangePants

          • Breaking Bad

            that show sucks.

            • whore

              fuck ewe

    • https://www.facebook.com/ashley.mayfieldcowan Ashley Mayfield-cowan

      So glad to have you back, Paula. Been wondering why the hate's been spreading around to everyone else.

  • miss lisa

    #36 – Was super happy to see you return to the show in last Sunday's episode, John! I may have had a bit of a fan girl moment…just sayin. πŸ™‚

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      I prefer Jessica ❀
      Last seasons finale… Little Red Ridemegood outfit… OMFG……..

      – Really, OMFG….. ❀

      • miss lisa

        That outfit was pretty incredible. Deborah Ann Woll is absolutely gorgeous! I've had a girl crush on her since that sexy school-girl-esque outfit she wore at the beginning of season 2 in her "bad girl" baby vamp phase. I'd make out with her in a heartbeat!

        • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

          You mean girls making out with girls?
          Yecch, that's gross.

          -the one you love to hate

        • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

          I'd rather think of John wearing Jessicas red lingerie…

          • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

            Nice work Paula. You just ruined the image of Jessica in red lingerie for me forever. C'mon!

            • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

              Awwww, not you….
              I will help you.
              Just imagine John wearing that lingerie.

              Meow imagine Jessica againsies….

              Meow, who is sexier?

              -the one you love to hate

              • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

                I do love me some baby vamp in red…. Okay, now what filthy link are you going to give me to ruin it all over again?

                • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

                  How about something out of season?

                  – Fan testimonial: "Every time I read your posts and it has a "meow" in it, it reminds me of "Super Troopers"….wahooo to the funniest movie ever! And thank you Paula! You're the best! πŸ™‚ – ShakeyTheMoyle"

                  • ShakeyTheMoyle

                    o.0 Must remember not to make drunk posts.

    • Jack o' lantern

      For this idiot?? I bet if you send him pictures of your tits he'll make you a star

    • bulldogger

      Get back to work fuck-tard. The site is slipping!

  • Alvin

    #2 Sexy Chivette

    • DrGarnicus

      Great smile!

    • Tommy Pickles

      Meh…she's a 6.2161118 at best. Pass.

      • Wunderbreadz

        meh, more like a 7.4. i'd jerk on her face.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mtbiker124 Nick Parsons

      She looks amazing! Probably a really nice girl, too…

      • Heat bribe refs

        You are a loser, Nick.

    • http://www.facebook.com/james.ramos.355 James Ramos

      id like to see a chivette of the week ok her for sure!

      • James is a dork

        I'd like to see you play in traffic.

    • skm

      newly single

  • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666


    • Piss Button

      Funny how the Chive Admin deletes a comment that makes them look like D-Bags. Way to prove the point, guys.

      • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

        they made themselves look like douchebags……by being…you know……..douchebags.

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        They hardly ever do. Trust me, I'm the expert on this.

        – Fan testimonial: "Every time I read your posts and it has a "meow" in it, it reminds me of "Super Troopers"….wahooo to the funniest movie ever! And thank you Paula! You're the best! πŸ™‚ – ShakeyTheMoyle"

    • Lisa

      There is no fucking way I'm going to read all of the comments in this thread. I don't have that kind of patience or interest. I will say this. The ilovereddit original poster and those posting imitation style under that name, all y'all need to get the fuck out and get laid. Sheesh.

      • Lisa is acunt

        Lisa, the fact that you are commenting means you are just as dumb a bitch as the rest of these commenters.

        • Lisa is acuntisacunt

          Why so mean?

        • Jake

          Dude. Have you seen her gun? She's a cmilf (Chivette Mom I'd like to F) if ever there was one. Reading her comments gives me the strangest boner sometimes.

          • Lisa

            Um. "Thank you" is the only appropriate response to being a "cmilf" I suppose. πŸ˜‰ As for my guns…they are things of beauty. You don't have to worry about them though. It's my knives that should have your attention…lol

  • http://alwayscivil.blogspot.com BostonRugger

    #8 I whip my hair back and forth

    • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

      Because you're worth it.

    • Big Poppa

      because you're worth it, lol-real.

      • MBChiver

        You mean Th'oreal

    • MattKL

      You dare deny the mighty Thor, the Odinson, his conditioner?!?!!

    • pie

      See more at izismile.com

    • ernest seemann
  • Swagger

    YES! I love "Chivettes", who are really just girls with low self-esteem who strip down for strangers on the internet for attention…. It's OK honey, we'll give you the attention Daddy never did!

    • Swagger

      And I'm a douche.

      • Lebron loves c0ck

        LOL you typed his username and then replied calling him a douche LOLOLOL you're so cool.

        • Swagger

          I'm sorry. I'm just cranky because John hasn't given my asshole a good stretching since he dumped me for Mac.

        • Lotus

          Wow the fact that this has so many thumbs down… how retarded are the commenters on this site? Wait a minute (dramatic pause) I'm a commenter on this site!

    • ProudChivette

      I'd call it confidence, dude!
      This girl is gorgeous, pretty sure she knows it. Coming from another Chivette, who has had a couple pictures posted, I have self esteem, and confidence. I posted for my bf, cause he loves the site, and what his Chivette has to offer. Personally, I don't care if other guys like me or not. I love theCHIVE, love my man, and have no problem showing it off. At least we aren't out whoring around. Its all in fun. Lighten up, and Chive on!

      • Swagger

        I don't belong here, sorry.

      • Daddy Nectar

        No, if you "didn't care" about other guy's opinions, you would have just GIVEN or TEXTED the photos to your boyfriend, rather than post it in the hopes that thousands of strangers will see you. TRULY confident women don't need to hope TheChive will post them. You don't have to lie to kick it, girly! Just admit you need the approval of strangers.

        • ProudChivette

          He gets the ones in texts that aren't as PG as theCHIVE would post. He enjoys seeing his girl on here, and I like giving him that satisfaction. If I cared what people thought, I'd care what you have to say. And I don't. Nor do I need your acceptance or approval. So kiss my ass, bro!

          • LeBron James

            You say you don't care, yet here you are endlessly typing. If it wasn't already clear that you're a loopy, needy bitch, it is now!

        • Franklin1138

          Oh, don't be so self-righteous and condescending. Shut up and enjoy the boobs.

      • http://www.facebook.com/evening.s.barron Whiskey Rose Knight

        Exactly! Also, what is up with the daddy issue? Not all of us have Electra complexes dude.
        Proud Chivette!

        • Rodi

          He him self probably has low self esteem so he has to put down a beautiful girl on the internet to make him self feel better.

          • Rodi is a cunt

            Yes, that must be it, Sigmund Freud. It simply couldn't be that he is stating fact.

          • John Lydon

            right on, Rodi. no way he could be right, that's just not possible. derp.

            • Rodi

              so sensitive on here KCCO girls……relax LOL

      • 9892

        keep telling yourself that. that makes it true….

    • moose_nutz

      Gotta love 'em!

    • Keith

      It's the sad truth

    • Anon

      I think it is a good thing daddy didn't give her the love that those of us here that appreciate her form would.

    • its_forge

      Who cares, tits.

      • Bill Murray

        Guys like you give men who don't think their dicks a bad name.

    • Truth

      I am just waiting for this trend to develop over the next few years, so I can stop paying for porn sites. Girls will always try to outwhore each other as seen by how much more skin has been showing on TheChive since it started.

    • Twitch11

      Go browse reddit gonewild for a lil bit then and see how many attention seeking 'whores' post on ur beloved website. They activly post nude shot of themselves doin all sorts of R rated stuff with the titles 'gimme some love reddit', 'feelin down today, pick me up reddit', 'show a "curvy" girl some love', 'my last post didnt get enough attention, lets try again'… That my friend is attention seeking!
      Not postin hot pics in bikinis tellin fellow Chivers to KCCO.
      It couldnt be more obvious that you are a lowlife, lonely, probably overweight and underage scroller that between jerking off to WOW, desides he might pop around to other sites and try be a troll for a day. If you dont like it, dont fuckin come here simple as that!
      Your comments were unneccesary and hurtfull so go be a fuckin dick elsewhere!
      Fuckin assclown…

    • Frosty93

      sounds like someone has a mom issue. maybe you did'nt get enough attintion from your mother…. just because the girls take pictures of themselves in the mirror and theyare beautiful doesnt mean that there your ex girlfriend that cheated on you cuz you could'nt satisfy her and had zero respect. Maybe some of the girls are looking for some self confidence but it doesnt mean it blankets every one of them
      have some respect and humanity man
      if these girls didnt take these photos then you most likely would'nt visit the chive
      my hands clamp for all the chivettes
      thank you all

      • Tim

        So why all this "Proud Chivette" business? What are you proud of? The fact that you look at some website? This site would be a LOT better without all the KCCO nonsense.

    • Dr_Batman

      Says Chivettes want attention. Posts an intentionally inflammatory comment for attention.

      • Swagger

        So I'm an attention whore too. So then we're both attention whores. Your point?

  • Whoopi_G

    #11 Delocated?

    • flosen_one

      well, as a reporter you can´t just simply walk into christiania…

    • James

      He's "Basher Henrik", a Danish popculture phenomenon. He has some anger management issues?!? B)

      • http://www.facebook.com/j.n.jessen Jesper Jessen

        not exactly a phenomenon … he's a comedian named Magnus Millang … and he's not very funny πŸ˜›

    • magic mike

      what kind of magic is this??? turns a mic into a bag of chips???? that's AMAZING!

  • AtlChiver


    Looking good Chloe. KC&CO!

    • LDAUS

      From another Aussie Chivette, keep strong sweetheart! Thinking of you and your family and sending good vibes your way xx

    • cl33per

      chole, glad to see that you back on your feet kcco

    • http://www.facebook.com/danmcg Daniel McGrath

      Too much brain to contain is a great way to look at it. KCCO Chloe!

      • Douche McBaggins

        I got too much brain to contian….in my pants

    • scottyb

      Good luck – hope everything went well – stay strong! It's all about the strength you have inside. My beautiful wife was diagnosed back in 1996 with the same issues & it's amazing how far the treatments have come since then!

    • ernest seemann

      KCCO, I love you outlook, you are going to kick this and be out in no time. The the Chivers and Chiveetts want to see more of your smile and gumption.

  • Rodi

    #46 – Good luck sweety! Show us the scar later πŸ˜‰

    • Bump1972

      Good luck hun πŸ™‚ KCCO

      • https://www.facebook.com/melissa.oraghallaigh Melissa O'Raghallaigh

        Thanks! Home today! Will update tomorrow with a pic!

        • Rodi

          Awesome!!! Glad to hear it went well. Get your rest Chievette. πŸ™‚

  • tim

    I don't understand why everybody is so obsessed with humping reddit. I prefer theChive because they have a much more user-friendly format. Get the fuck over it or stay on reddit

    • ilovereddit

      I think you mean "ad" friendly. Everywhere you look is more and more ads

      • ilovereddit

        I'm a sad sad kid, but I love Trolling.

        • ilovereddit

          lol yes! You are so original πŸ™‚

          • ilovereddit


            • ilovereddit

              I don't know why you think that is funny?

              • AnyoneForCoffee

                How narrow do these posts go?

                • AnyoneForCoffee


                  • AnyoneForCoffee

                    Minor headaches now but still going……

                    • AnyoneForCoffee

                      Pressure continues to build. Losing vision in my left eye but still going….

                    • AnyoneForCoffee


                    • AnyoneForCoffee


                    • ...........


                    • beatingadeadhorse

                      I'm still curious how narrow it goes….

                    • ...

                    • dexter

                      why stop now?

                    • iheartboobs

                      Its a trap!

                    • Andy Valentine

                      What's a reddit?

                    • trololol

                      idk, a red dimwit? makes no sense to me

                    • boll

                      comon guys we can do this

                    • 13Aliens

                      you can get smaller!!

                    • ...


                    • Willie


                    • Fuang


                    • Kirgeek

                      smaller?!!?!?!? can it be done?

                    • shitty


                      All pics are posts are from there too.

                    • http://www.facebook.com/joe.goffman Joe Goffman


                    • luke

                      this is getting re

                    • why

                      oh yeah…

                    • one

                    • fortinet


                    • I Get It

                    • Arcona


        • therealguy

          and you're gay, in a bad way

      • myself

        I can tolerate ads if it's far less of a hassle than Reddit, which it is. Quickly respond with another reason why TheChive is bad. The you can espouse about how you are on a quest of good.

        • ilovereddit

          It's not like chive is all evil, they just steal and to some people that is enough. Yes the internet is all about stealing but at least on reddit you can see where the originality comes from.

          • Just Askin'

            If you could explain the stealing concept. I was under the impression that they may not be great with giving credit all the time, but is do they steal content that is copyrighted somewhere?

            • ilovereddit

              "but is do"? lol, learn English and then I will respond. πŸ™‚

              • Thanks

                If you could explain the stealing concept. I was under the impression that they may not be great with giving credit all the time, but do they steal content that is copyrighted somewhere?

                • ilovereddit

                  No they don't steal copyright material, they take pictures other people create and then slap a "posted at Chive" logo on it. Again, not everything they do is evil or anything. I just find it sad that the 40% of things that are actually funny on here I already saw days ago on reddit. I prefer the source or at least the site higher up on the chain, but if you prefer to be a bottom feeder go ahead. The world still needs them. πŸ™‚

                  • therealguy

                    *GO AWAY ALREADY!*

                  • Redditer

                    How long do you plan on hanging out on this site that you hate so much? Oh and that wasn't really a great response, but I appreciate your opinion. Would you be brave enough to disclose your age and if you have any original content that we may enjoy?

                    • ilovereddit

                      25 and no, why would I want to share after making everyone angry. You think they would view my content subjectively? I think not.

                      I actually had a nice long break today and this is funny, so probably a few more minutes before I head downtown.

                    • Redditor

                      Cool. Probably right about content. You really trolled the hell out these poor people. Way to go!

                    • ilovereddit

                      hahaha thanks! It was fun πŸ™‚

                    • Redditor

                      I was kidding friend. You've been on here for over an hour trolling, I'm embarrassed for you. Just let people enjoy what they want. It's not hurting you. Go grab a beer!

                    • ilovereddit

                      How can something be embarrassing when no one knows who you are. This is funny and making me laugh. No one has to read this or comment themselves, it is their choice.

                    • jesseDubya

                      logic win.

                    • celticsquid

                      Mmmmmmmm…… beer!!

                    • https://www.facebook.com/david.s.whaley Seth Whaley

                      he has no friends to drink with…

                    • Mark

                      So you've made people angry on purpose. Are you proud of yourself? Do you think you are cool? Do you think you are funny? Frankly if you are the only one laughing, that makes you seem pathetic.

                      And before you come back with something stupid and unoriginal like: "are you mad bro?" Don't worry mate, I'm not mad. I just want to call you out for the loser that you are.

                    • ilovereddit

                      Appreciated. I hope no one is ever PROUD of anything they put in comments on a website. Do I think it is funny? Yes, very funny. Do I care if anyone else is laughing? No, not at all. What I said is the truth, the fact that everyone gets so mad about it is really funny to me. I didn't say it to be funny, I kept responding to the comments because it was funny πŸ™‚

                    • Rufus

                      do you know what subjective means?

                  • Danai

                    Seems to work, you're still here. Why? Cause you KCCO!

                  • Everyonewithabrain

                    OH MY GOD SHUT UP. One enjoyable thing about The Chive is the comments. But you are so fucking boring that you have ruined the comments for this DAR. CONGRATULATIONS, MORON

                    • Tru Chiver

                      i know right? the main reason i come to the chive is to read "moar", "i have the strangest boner", "seems legit", "sexy girl is sexy", "awesomeness". comments don't get any better than that, srsly

                  • http://4chan.org 4chan

                    Aww… your cute.

          • Childerz

            Considering TheChive has been around longer than Reddit… well you can put the two together!

            • Dimitris

              TheChive (2008) longer than Reddit (2005)???

              • ilovereddit

                Damn you beat me to it!

          • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

            It's not stealing dumb ass. nothing belongs to reddit. except the website, nothing here is water marked "reddit" therefore nothing is stolen. i don't spend all day on the internet looking at every photo blog, but it seems like you do. but hey you can do what the F@#$ you wanna do. keep on trollin

            • Dimitris

              So….Lets take the example of theoatmeal comics then. When TheChive put their logo on his comic, without ever any recognition, is it the moral thing to do??? . Anyway, this the Internet. Information (photos, news etc) is reposted and it should. However, when you have an original content, you ought to give the owner/author some recognition.

            • SumCat

              I don't care whether something was on reddit or chive or 4chan or wherever, but just as a general PSA; watermarks are just labels. They have nothing to do with copyright. An image is copyrighted the moment it is created. If a person uses an image without permission or license (credit or not), it's technically against federal copyright law. USA that is…not all countries have the same copyright laws, so simmer down 'Merica bashers.

              Anyway. The point is, that unless it's original content created by reddit; they stole it too.

              Cool story right?

      • its_forge

        Wow, you don't know how to block ads, you must be diabolically fucking stupid.

        • ilovereddit

          You don't need to on sites that don't throw more ads than content at you. Plus when you design your website to not have ads everywhere then the intended look and feel of the website is kept intact instead of having to try to get around annoying things like ads.

          • Dumb Ass

            Lol, learn English and then I will respond.

          • Mir

            You are retarded. Either you are unemployed or you have a job that means shit to the world. Who the hell cares where pictures come from? They're funny and that's why we are here or some other website. You're a loser, being a website snob. Good luck getting anywhere in life. Don't bother standing up for yourself, you would be wasting your time.

      • ColaChiver

        Then why the fuck are you here if it inconveniences you so much? Quit bitching or stay on reddit and izismile.

      • Shay

        If you have adblockplus then you won't see any! I don't see one ad… it all looks nice and easy to read!

    • press

      Agree, tim. There were search engines before Google, too.

      Chive's superior design kicks reddit to the curb. It's a tough world.

      • ilovereddit

        LOL superior design?? Half is covered in ads and they are not open source while reddit is the opposite. Reddit is worth 420 million with an Alexa rank of 119 while thechive is worth 42 million and a Alexa rank of 1148. Numbers don't lie, reddit is way better in every way.

        • Hilarious

          I admire your stick-to-it-ness.

          • ilovereddit

            thank you πŸ™‚

            • Hilarious

              I was kidding.

              • https://www.facebook.com/david.s.whaley Seth Whaley

                this kid is like AIDS, not HIV… but full blown AIDS

        • Seabass

          TheChive gets me laid! Reddit gets my sloppy seconds.

          • Dimitris

            Really??? Even if it is true,which I doubt though, still it is sad…

          • Red

            wow. that's sad……

        • jreddy23

          *an Alexa rank of 1148

          • ilovereddit

            Damn! Good catch, my bad 😦

          • Mir

            Is that like getting Interet Money?

        • ghostofmlg

          Who the fuck is Alexa?

        • Hassel Shattnerhoff

          Not to me it's not. Nuff said.

  • Binx_

    meh… i dont mind waiting 2 days for the chive folks to wrap it up in a neat little post for me

  • Daniel_Tosh

    Well, this is accurate.

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Roofies. Same effect, less destructive.

      Aw fuck it, who cares. Kill the bitches.

      -the one you love to hate

    • Shockerdyermom

      At first I thought that was your car, but then I realized it says "girls".

    • Lev

      Disgusting. I mean really, who puts bumper stickers on their window?

  • Heat

    Let's go HEAT!!

    15 down, 1 to go

    please don't hate. the chive is not full of haters

    • Heat

      before anyone tries to say anything, remember this.

      If OKC was going to take a game, it would've been game 4.

    • Swagger

      Another bandwagon Heat fan…congrats on that. BTW, you do know the past 2 games have been won by the refs rather than LeBron, right?

      • Heat

        Um, actually I am not a bandwagoner at all. I've been a Heat fan since before Wade joined the team. Good job on that accusation. Blame the refs, how original. If OKC had won, no one would say anything about the refs. Did the refs tell Westbrook the foul Chalmers? No he did it on his own, to be fair Wade said he didn't know the rule either but besides the point lost the game.

        I hate bandwagoners, i told everyone to jump off it after Game 5 of the ECF. They all came back for some reason. I digress, Heat will win

        • Lebron loves c0ck

          Even Miami fans know the refs have HEAVILY favored Miami, you fucking idiot. You can't be within 10 feet of Lebron or he gets to shoot free throws, whereas you could bring a baseball bat onto the court and hit Durant with it, and the refs would "not see it".

          • boo the refs

            i just got called for a foul… LBJ will start the game off shooting 2 free throws before tip off!

            • Heat

              haha funny joke….wanna hear something else.

              Lebron wins and shuts your dumb hick ass up

            • Daddy Nectar

              Lebron just told the refs that Durant looked at him funny during the last game, so Lebron is going to be awarded 10 free throw shots during half time tonight.

              • Heat

                good luck with that.

          • Heat

            such hate over something you aren't even apart of.

            As Kevin Hart said: "Is your team in the playoffs? No? Then Stop Talking shit about Miami"

            Home Teams are generally favored by the refs 20% usually but again OKC 20 fouls, MIA 18
            pretty close to me. go hate on something else man

            • https://www.facebook.com/matt.poole.524 Matt Poole

              Don't come on here talking about how great the Heat are if you don't want people to disagree with you dumbass

              • Heat

                I came on here to say what I wanted to say. Every single day, i see on the comments section "Thunder Up". Its called freedom of opinion. I prefer the Heat because I grew up and live in South Florida.

            • ZacHart96

              Thunder Up from an OKC Chiver!

      • Truth

        I like how it's bandwagon to like the heat, but it's not bandwagon to hate lebron. If you're not from Cleveland, gtfo.

        • TheDT

          It's not bandwagon to hate a guy that acted like an immature prick when he left his team. People tend to hate people with no class. Truth.

      • Heat Champs 2012

        eat your words

        • Heat refs get money

          Do the referees get rings too, or just money from The Heat? How does that work?

    • boo the refs

      if they win, should have some ***'s out beside the trophy and give their crappy refs rings

      • Heat

        original discussion. good job buddy

        • boo the refs

          you cannot honestly tell me that you dont think that the officiating has been LOP sided towards Miami.

          • Heat

            Only during home games and not by much. I forgot, Harden with his open looks missing was all the refs fault. You said it, damn man. CONSPIRACY. Go hate someone else

    • Heat Fan?

      It has been more of a 8 on 5 matchup series.

      • Heat

        The Heat are playing better, that is it. Not the refs but the team. Like everyone has said, the Heat are playing Team Basketball, OKC is playing one on one

        • Michael Jordan

          Look at you, trying SOOOOOOOOO HARD to defend the flopping, ref-bribing Heat to strangers on the internet. Could you be any more pathetic?

          • Heat

            how about someone putting their name as someone else. "Michael Jordan". troll

            I don't need to. Oh yes, the refs were bribed, you said it. Clippers are the biggest floppers in the league

            • Lebr0n l0ves c0ck

              You are too fucking stupid to be allowed to live. Is your name "Heat"? Because if not, you are a troll by your own definition. Christ, you are a fucking idiot.

              • Heat

                its my username, yours must be lebron loves cock? for someone who is such a hater, you are putting a lot of effort into it. good luck with your life. I'm the idiot? jeez, pathetic

            • LeBron James

              Even I know we haven't really won these games…thanks to Pat Riley for bribing the refs though!!! LOLOLOL

              • James Hard-on

                I can believe I keep missing all those shots! This beard is building up so much pressure. We can go whine all day to the refs. wahwahwah

    • ghost fan

      Dear HEAT,

      Just agree that the refs have kept the heat ahead of or within reach of the thunder. Every time OKC has made a run off of transition the refs slow the game down, thus benifiting lebron n wade. So go cry in a corner by yourself with your "trophy", still nobody likes you. Thank David Stern for the championship.

      • Heat

        your 100% right, especially when in Game 4, OKC was up 17 points and what happened? I don't remember the refs intervening, Norris Cole hit three right before the end of the 1Q. He sparked the comeback. Don't get pissed, your not a heat or okc fan. Please go back to your cave

        • real talk

          the heat are a disgrace to basketball, if the teams from the 80s were to see all the shit they pull in games back then they would be ashamed. everyone knows they cheat there asses off so quit acting like there all good and shit.

          Flop City!

          • James Hard-on

            harden wasn't a flop artist huh? eat your words

    • Leroy Jenkins

      I've been a Heat fan since the beginning. Lived in Lauderdale back in '88. I have seen more games at the old Miami Arena than the AAA. They have old fans like me. Fuck the Haters! Kiss my old nutsack. LETS GO HEAT!!

      • NBA Champs 2012

        You said it best!

    • MSM

      How bout Kobe…4 Rings. Way past this dumb shit. Glad I have been a lifelong Lakers fan so I can sit back and enjoy the Chivettes

      • Heat bribe refs

        If you were a "lifelong Laker fan" you would know that Kobe has FIVE rings. Not 4, you fucking idiot.

    • Dr_Batman

      For the love of God if you want to ride Lebron's dick go to ESPN. No one gives two shits about basketball, especially on a DAR post.

      • Heat Champs 2012

        go eat your words

      • suck me dry

        suck me dry

    • jbonik

      You guys are fags, basketball is fucking gay

      • Heat bribe refs

        you are a fucking loser. Go play in traffic.

  • wht you here

    #48 For real?

    • b4coffee

      whach u talkin bout willis?

    • thedude325

      Bitch you be trippin'

    • Hold Up

      So someone I don't know wants to give me 65 cents a day???

  • Barnaby Jones

    #41 Not the hoverhand….noooooh grab it

    • Dave

      I don't think its hovering. The strand of hair makes it look like there space there, but look closer…

      • Dave

        Oh yeah, NOW KISS!

        • Dave

          Ok, I'm a little slow today, distracted by boobs… #41 #42

    • http://www.facebook.com/jretrac Jason Carter

      Don't squeeze the … err what am I sayin' … do eet!!

    • JFrost

      We need MOAR of both these super hotties!

    • Ryan

      MOAR! of the hot ginger!

  • zach

    #41 Hover hand action

  • Derp


    should be in every inner-city library… LOL j/k inner cities don't have libraries

    • Frank

      or dads…. πŸ™‚

      • Rickyrick

        Fathers day, the most confusing holiday in the hood.

        • James

          this all made my day

    • Dr. Dre

      That's so wrong!

    • smallchinaman

      Check out the customer review for this book on Amazon, somebody had a bit of fun with it.

    • Douche McBaggins

      I can't tell… Is that rabbit black or hispanic?

      • Chicago Sean

        Let's just call him brown to cover all bases

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